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Sensors and Camera Systems for Scientific, Industrial, and Digital Photography Applications V
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Volume Number: 5301
Date Published: 7 June 2004
Softcover: 47 papers (462) pages
ISBN: 9780819452047

Table of Contents
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Automatic analysis of images
Author(s): Victor Sergeyevich Abrukov
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Thin observation module by bound optics (TOMBO) with color filters
Author(s): Shigehiro Miyatake; Rui Shogenji; Masaru Miyamoto; Kouichi Nitta; Jun Tanida
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Electronic compound-eye image sensor: construction and calibration
Author(s): Richard Hornsey; Paul Thomas; Winnie Wong; Srdjan Pepic; Kevin Yip; Rubakumar Krishnasamy
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Micro-optically fabricated artificial apposition compound eye
Author(s): Jacques W. Duparre; Peter Dannberg; Peter Schreiber; Andreas Braeuer; Andreas Tuennermann
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CMOS image sensor array for surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy
Author(s): Jehyuk Rhee; Dong Wang; N. J. Tao; Youngjoong Joo
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CMOS focal-plane-array for analysis of enzymatic reaction in system-on-chip spectrophotometer
Author(s): Dong Wang; Chanki Ha; Chan Beum Park; Youngjoong Joo
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A 16 x 16-pixel retinal-prosthesis vision chip with in-pixel digital image processing in a frequency domain by use of a pulse-frequency-modulation photosensor
Author(s): Keiichiro Kagawa; Tetsuo Furumiya; David Cheong Ng; Akihiro Uehara; Jun Ohta; Masahiro Nunoshita
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Two-phase full-frame CCD with double ITO gate structure for increased sensitivity
Author(s): William Des Jardin; Steve Kosman; Neal Kurfiss; James Johnson; David Losee; Gloria G. Putnam; Anthony Tanbakuchi
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A new sensor alignment method for an 8k x 4k-pixel ultrahigh definition camera with four imagers
Author(s): Takayuki Yamashita; Kohji Mitani; Hiroshi Shimamoto; Miho Shirakawa; Fumio Okano
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LBNL four-side buttable CCD package development
Author(s): Hakeem M. Oluseyi; John H. Bercovitz; Armin Karcher; Christopher D. Hernikl; Tom Miller; Michela Uslenghi; Natalie Roe; Chris Bebek; Stephen E. Holland; Michael E. Levi
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Characterization results of 1k x 1k charge-multiplying CCD image sensor
Author(s): Sachihiko Ohta; Hiroaki Shibuya; Izumi Kobayashi; Toshio Tachibana; Takahiro Nishiwaki; Jaroslav Hynecek
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Curved CCDs and their application with astronomical telescopes and stereo panoramic cameras
Author(s): Pradyumna K. Swain; Don J. Channin; Gordon Charles Taylor; Steve A. Lipp; David S. Mark
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Improving the sensitivity of a vision chip using the software A-D conversion method
Author(s): Daisuke Takeuchi; Shingo Kagami; Takashi Komuro; Masatoshi Ishikawa
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High-dynamic-range active pixel sensor
Author(s): Thalis Anaxagoras; Nigel M. Allinson
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Pixel-level stochastic arithmetic for intelligent image capture
Author(s): Tarik Hammadou
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A 14-megapixel 36 x 24-mm2 image sensor
Author(s): Guy Meynants; Danny Scheffer; Bart Dierickx; Andre Alaerts
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A large-area CMOS monolithic active pixel sensor for extreme ultraviolet spectroscopy and imaging
Author(s): Mark L. Prydderch; Nick R. Waltham; Quentin Morrissey; Marcus French; Renato Turchetta; Peter Pool
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Infrared and ultraviolet imaging with a CMOS sensor having layered photodiodes
Author(s): David L. Gilblom; Sang Kuen Yoo
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Biomimetic sampling architectures for CMOS image sensors
Author(s): Faycal Saffih; Richard Hornsey
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NIR-enhanced image sensor using multiple epitaxial layers
Author(s): Bart Dierickx; Jan Bogaerts
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A novel CMOS digital pixel sensor for 1D barcode scanning
Author(s): Mei Yan; Gianluigi DeGeronimo; Paul O'Connor; Bradley S. Carlson
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An ultralow-noise high-speed CMOS linescan sensor for scientific and industrial applications
Author(s): Boyd A. Fowler; Janusz Balicki; Dana How; Steve Mims; John Canfield; Michael Godfrey
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First use of a high-sensitivity active pixel sensor array as a detector for electron microscopy
Author(s): Nguyen-Huu Xuong; Anna-Clare Milazzo; Philippe LeBlanc; Fred Duttweiler; James Bouwer; Steve Peltier; Mark Ellisman; Peter Denes; Fred Bieser; Howard S. Matis; Howard Wieman; Stuart Kleinfelder
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CMOS active pixel image sensor with in-pixel CDS for high-speed cameras
Author(s): Toru Inoue; Shinji Takeuchi; Shoji Kawahito
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SLR digital camera for forensic photography
Author(s): Donghwan Har; Youngho Son; Sungwon Lee
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Software development for airborne imaging system
Author(s): Ray Bachnak; Rahul Kulkarni; Steve Dannelly; Carl Steidley
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Novel digital logic gate for high-performance CMOS imaging system
Author(s): Hoon Hee Chung; Youngjoong Joo
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Uses and abuses of color spaces for digital photography
Author(s): Nathan Moroney
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Comparison of the accuracy of different white-balancing options as quantified by their color constancy
Author(s): J. A. Stephen Viggiano
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Demosaicking for a color image sensor with removal of blur due to an optical low-pass filter
Author(s): Takashi Komatsu; Takahiro Saito
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A restoration and demosaicking method for a pixel mixture image
Author(s): Ikuko Tsubaki; Kiyoharu Aizawa
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Suppressing moiré with lateral dispersion
Author(s): Bruce M Radl
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Unsupervised automation of photographic composition rules in digital still cameras
Author(s): Serene Banerjee; Brian Lawrence Evans
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Double resolution from a set of aliased images
Author(s): Patrick Vandewalle; Sabine Susstrunk; Martin Vetterli
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Building a fine-art reproduction system from standard hardware
Author(s): Jeffrey M. DiCarlo; Nitin Sampat; Miheer Bhachech; Michael D. McGuire; Gary Dispoto
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Contrast sensitivity methods for acceptable limits of visual defects in CMOS sensors
Author(s): Arnold W Yanof; Karen E. Jachimowicz
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Virtual sensor design
Author(s): Roberto Costantini; Sabine Susstrunk
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UBC ScanCam: an inexpensive 122-million pixel scan camera
Author(s): Shuzhen Wang; Wolfgang Heidrich
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DCT optimization for CFA data images
Author(s): Sebastiano Battiato; Alessandro Capra; Ivana Guarneri; Massimo Mancuso
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CMOS active pixel sensor achieving 90-dB dynamic range with column-level active reset
Author(s): Yandong Chen; Stuart Kleinfelder
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4.1-megapixel JFET imaging sensor LBCAST
Author(s): Tadao Isogai; Tomohisa Ishida; Atsushi Kamashita; Satoshi Suzuki; Masahiro Juen; Tsuneyuki Kazama
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Point-by-point thorough photoresponse analysis of CMOS APS by means of our unique submicron scanning system
Author(s): Igor Shcherback; Tatiana Danov; Boris Belotserkovsky; Orly Yadid-Pecht
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High-accuracy simulation method for CCD image sensors below 2.5-um square cell size
Author(s): Koji Kikuchi; Ichiro Murakami; Toshihiro Kawamura; Mitsunori Kimura; Kazushi Kubota; Hiroe Kamata; Hideo Kanbe; Tadakuni Narabu
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Quantitative study of high-dynamic-range image sensor architectures
Author(s): Sam Kavusi; Abbas El Gamal
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Signal processing and automatic camera control for digital still cameras equipped with a new type CCD
Author(s): Tetsuro Ashida; Hitoshi Yamashita; Masanori Yoshida; Osamu Saito; Toru Nishimura; Kazuki Iwabe
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Super-dynamic-range image processing system using a new structure CCD
Author(s): Naoki Kubo; Kazuhiko Takemura; Kaoru Adachi; Toru Nishimura; Hiroshi Tamayama; Kazuki Iwabe; Tetsuo Yamada
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Spatial frequency response of color image sensors: Bayer color filters and Foveon X3
Author(s): Paul M. Hubel; John Liu; Rudolph J. Guttosch
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