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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5293

Color Imaging IX: Processing, Hardcopy, and Applications
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Volume Number: 5293
Date Published: 18 December 2003
Softcover: 51 papers (510) pages
ISBN: 9780819451965

Table of Contents
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Selection of filters for multispectral acquisition using the filter vectors analysis method
Author(s): Gianluca Novati; Paolo Pellegri; Raimondo Schettini
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A subspace matching color filter design methodology for a multispectral imaging system
Author(s): Du-Yong Ng; Jan P. Allebach
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Did Jan van Eyck build the first photocopier in 1432?
Author(s): David G. Stork
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Workflow modeling in the graphic arts and printing industry
Author(s): Chris Tuijn
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Printing consumers' digital files
Author(s): Reiner Fageth; Wulf Schmidt-Sacht
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Evaluation of raster image compression in the context of large-format document processing
Author(s): Cedric Sibade; Stephane Barizien; Mohamed Akil; Laurent Perroton
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Reproduction of colored images on substrates with varying chromaticity
Author(s): Phil J. Green; Boris Oicherman
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Color reproduction on inkjet printers and paper colorimetric properties
Author(s): Jesus Fernandez-Reche; Joan Uroz; Jose A. Diaz; Antonio Garcia-Beltran
Six-color separation for improving graininess in a middle tone region
Author(s): Chang-Hwan Son; Yun-Tae Kim; Cheol-Hee Lee; Yeong-Ho Ha
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How scalable are gamut mapping algorithms?
Author(s): Phil J. Green; M. Ronnier Luo
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Dot-for-dot proofing: how to zoom in to the dots without losing the big picture
Author(s): Stefan Livens
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A modular procedure for automatic red eye correction in digital photos
Author(s): Raimondo Schettini; Francesca Gasparini; Fadi Chazli
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CMOS CFA database under varying illumination for benchmarking of face detection algorithms
Author(s): Sara Bocchio; Fabrizio Beverina; Alberto Rosti; L. Castelli; S. Dominelli
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Scanner show-through reduction using reflective optics
Author(s): Xiao-fan Feng
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Single-spectral image obtaining and processing of argon-helium mixture arc
Author(s): Chenming Xu; Hongming Gao; Guangjun Zhang; Lin Wu
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Color-to-grayscale conversion to maintain discriminability
Author(s): Raja Bala; Karen M. Braun
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Estimation of a color reflection model using range image data
Author(s): Norihiro Tanaka; Shoji Tominaga
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An interactive perception-based model for characterization of display devices
Author(s): Attila Neumann; Alessandro Artusi; Georg Zotti; Laszlo Neumann; Werner Purgathofer
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Two-dimensional transforms for device color calibration
Author(s): Raja Bala; Vishal Monga; Gaurav Sharma; Jean-Pierre R.M. Van de Capelle
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A Fast linking approach for CMYK to CMYK conversion preserving black separation in ICC color management system
Author(s): Huanzhao Zeng
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Process control and color management implementation
Author(s): Robert Y Chung
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Gray tracking correction for TFT-LCDs
Author(s): Gabriel G. Marcu
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CRT calibration techniques for better accuracy including low-luminance colors
Author(s): Osman Arslan; Zygmunt Pizlo; Jan P. Allebach
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Some funny things about error diffusion
Author(s): Reiner Eschbach
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Channel-dependent error diffusion algorithm for dot-off-dot printing
Author(s): Hyeon Seok Seo; Ki-Min Kang; Choon-Woo Kim
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Fast multilevel vector error diffusion based on adaptive primary color selection
Author(s): Tae-Yong Park; Yang-Ho Cho; Myong-Young Lee; Yeong-Ho Ha
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Input-level-dependent approach to color error diffusion
Author(s): Vishal Monga; Niranjan Damera-Venkata; Brian L. Evans
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Design of high-performance coprocessor for color error diffusion
Author(s): Philip P. Dang
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Halftoning processing on a JPEG-compressed image
Author(s): Cedric Sibade; Stephane Barizien; Mohamed Akil; Laurent Perroton
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Visual cryptography via halftoning
Author(s): Gonzalo R. Arce; Zhi Zhou; Giovanni Di Crescenzo
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Generating stochastic dispersed and periodic clustered textures using a composite hybrid screen
Author(s): Guo-Yau Lin; Jan P. Allebach
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The 30-year evolution of digital halftoning from the viewpoint of a participant
Author(s): Charles M. Hains
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G/M dither or color dither from monochrome dither matrices
Author(s): Doron Shaked; Zachi Baharav; Qian Lin
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AM-FM screen design using donut filters
Author(s): Niranjan Damera-Venkata; Qian Lin
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A new halftoning technique to eliminate ambiguous pixels for stable printing
Author(s): Shinji Sasahara; Tetsuo Asano
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