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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5282

Network Architectures, Management, and Applications
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Volume Number: 5282
Date Published: 15 April 2004
Softcover: 132 papers (1124) pages
ISBN: 9780819451774

Table of Contents
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Optical technology innovation in metropolitan networks
Author(s): Loukas Paraschis
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GARP-based network device and topology registration protocol
Author(s): Zhongqing Xiang; Zhen Zhou; Ling Juan Li
Design of IP-based element management system for SDH optical network
Author(s): Junqiang Chen; Feng Zhang
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Re-examine the business case for metro optical Ethernet
Author(s): Ted D. Chang
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Multimedia and multiservice systems for home, office, and industrial networks
Author(s): Stephan Junger; Wladimir Tschekalinskij; Norbert Weber
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Priority-based wavelength assignment for burst photonic networks with limited wavelength conversion
Author(s): Xi Wang; Hiroyuki Morikawa; Tomonori Aoyama
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QoS performance of fixed-length optical burst switching
Author(s): Jiangtao Luo; Zhizhong Zhang; JunWen Cao; Huandong Zhao; Hao Chi; Qingji Zeng
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Single bit burst synchronization technology and its application
Author(s): Kai Ye; Ruifeng Zhang; Jiajun Ye
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GPON: the next big thing in optical access networks
Author(s): Oren Marmur; Eyal Shraga
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Traffic grooming in WDM networks using optical packet switches
Author(s): Jianghui Kang; Martin J. Reed
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Wavelength routing beyond the standard graph coloring approach
Author(s): Thomas Blankenhorn
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Optical monitoring for transparent and all-optical networks
Author(s): Randy Clinton Giles
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Multiwavelength optical access networks: architectures and enabling technologies
Author(s): Calvin C K Chan; Chinlon Lin
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Research on EPON survivability
Author(s): Hong Chen; Li Su; Depeng Jin; Lieguang Zeng
32×10Gb/s SDH wavelength division multiplex system: technology and project
Author(s): Zhu Yang; Ming Yang; Feiyue Chen; Yong Ding
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Toward next-generation optical networks: a network operator perspective based on experimental tests and economic analysis
Author(s): Xiaojun Xiao; Chunsheng Du; Rongsheng Zhou
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Global seamless network demonstrator: carrier grade automatic switched transport network implementation in realistic telecom field environment
Author(s): Hans-Martin Foisel; Norbert Hanik; Ralf-Peter Braun; Georg Lehr; Andreas Gladisch
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Evolving PSTN to NGN
Author(s): Liang Tai Wu
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Lagrangean relaxation algorithm for disjoint paths with different path costs
Author(s): Zeyan Wang; Li Li; Bo Wang
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Joint network design in multilayer networks
Author(s): Guolong Zhu; Qingji Zeng; Tong Ye; Junjie Yang
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Two efficient algorithms for designing fault-tolerant optical network with undetermined mesh topology
Author(s): Kwok Shing Ho; Kwok Wai Cheung
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Performance evaluation of distributed wavelength assignment in WDM optical networks
Author(s): Tomohiro Hashiguchi; Xi Wang; Hiroyuki Morikawa; Tomonori Aoyama
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Dynamic RWA algorithm based on load balance in WDM networks
Author(s): Zhiguo Gao; Minghua Chen; Hongwei Chen; Shizhong Xie
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MIS-LB: a QoS routing algorithm with min-sharing interference and load balancing based on nonlinear path distance
Author(s): Min Zhang; Xiaolong Yang; Xuefei Tang; Hui Liu
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QoS mechanisms in the intelligent optical networks
Author(s): Dongfeng Mao; Jing Wen; Xiulan Hu; Ling Yun; Wanyi Gu
The planning algorithms of ASTN architectures
Author(s): Michael M. Zhou
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Performance enhancements of the CMCC’s national mesh network using the intelligent optical cross-connect switches
Author(s): Qian Gong; Rong Xu; JinTong L. Lin
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A new search algorithm based on probability in intrusion detection
Author(s): Jianhua Sun; Hai Jin; Zongfen Han; Hao Chen; Yanping Yang
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Data mining model and algorithm in IDS
Author(s): Tianshu Huang; Ping Xiong; Tianqing Zhu
P-cycle based protection design for IP over WDM networks
Author(s): Zhizhong Zhang; Yunlin Zhang; Qingji Zeng; Zhengfu Zhao; Jiangtao Luo; Junwen Cao
A distributed hierarchical p-tree link protection scheme for mesh networks
Author(s): Shahram Shah-Heydari; Oliver Yang
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The system of power on line
Author(s): Yang Wang; Zhen Zhou; Xu Yang; Qiu Fu Chen
The key technologies of the H.323 gateway
Author(s): Yi-zhi Bai; Yong-feng Huang; Xing Li
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Safety management of Ethernet broadband access based on VLAN aggregation
Author(s): Li Wang
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Shared sub-path protection algorithm for WDM mesh networks with traffic grooming capabilities
Author(s): Rongxi He; Haibo Wen; Guangxing Wang; Lemin Li
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Shared-path protection algorithm with differentiated reliability in meshed WDM networks
Author(s): Hongfang Yu; Haibo Wen; Sheng Wang; Lemin Li; Bing Xiang
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A novel segmentation and deflection strategy for Just-Enough-Time
Author(s): Xuelei Xuan; Hua Liu; Chunfeng Chen; Zhizhong Zhang
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Attacks and detection methods in all-optical networks
Author(s): WenQiang Chang; Hui Zhou; ZhiJie Zhou
Research of differentiated QoS routing in GMPLS-based IP/WDM networks
Author(s): YiYun Wang; QingJi Zeng; JunWen Cao
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Experimental demonstration of sixteen-channel bidirectional cross-connect transmission
Author(s): Shien-Kuei Liaw; Yi-Jiang Tseng; Yueguang Jiao; Zhengchun Xu; Hanyi Zhang; Yang-Ho Lee; Yili Guo; Xiaoping Zheng
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Controllable bandwidth allocation in optical burst-switched networks
Author(s): Jiangtao Luo; Zhizhong Zhang; JunWen Cao; Huandong Zhao; Hao Chi; Qingji Zeng
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EPON upstream traffic modeling with B-cascades process
Author(s): Xiaofei Ji; Ge Fan; Yuehua Chen; Zhen Xu
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Static algorithm based on MPLS and QoS routing
Author(s): Ting Yang; Yugeng Sun; Bin Liu
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Static routing solutions based on operating benefit and optimizing resource allocation
Author(s): Ruifeng Wang; Yugeng Sun; Yongjin Sun
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Preliminary survey with amending algorithm for DWDM wireless optical networks providing high QoS
Author(s): Ran Cai; Yu Hu; Cai Xue
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Research on NGN network control technology
Author(s): WenYao Li; Fang Zhou; JianXue Wu; ZhiGuang Li
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Superficial view of fiber to the home (FTTH)
Author(s): Xiaolin Li
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In-depth study on SDH protection
Author(s): Tao Sun; Rong Li
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A discussion on a quantum key remote distribution scheme not based on the quantum entanglement state
Author(s): Yu Liu; Changqiang Wang; Fan Zhang; Guangxi Zhu; Xiang Zhu
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The solution for RPR over MSTP system
Author(s): Zhiyong Tao; JiuMin Yang; Guohui Liu
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An efficient group multicast routing for multimedia communication
Author(s): Yanlin Wang; Yugen Sun; Xinfang Yan
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A transport level approach for TCP to support differentiated services
Author(s): Yong-Ju Xian; Yang Tao; Chang-Biao Xu
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Dynamic integrated routing in distributed-controlled IP/MPLS optical networks
Author(s): Jimin Liu; QingJi Zeng
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Improvement of CBQ for bandwidth reclamation of RPR
Author(s): Benxiong Huang; Xiaoling Wang; Ming Xu; Lili Shi
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Fairness algorithm of the resilient packet ring
Author(s): Lai Tu; Benxiong Huang; Fan Zhang; Xiaoling Wang
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The design and research of high-speed channel for volume holographic data storage
Author(s): Fei Wu; Changsheng Xie; Diqing Hu; Ming Wu
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Progress in optoelectronic devices
Author(s): Lars Thylen; Per Arve; Bjorn Hessmo; Petter Holmstrom; Petter Janes; Anders Karlsson; Min Qiu
Optical network: CERNET's experiences and prospective
Author(s): Xing Li; Congxiao Bao
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