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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5274

Microelectronics: Design, Technology, and Packaging
Editor(s): Derek Abbott; Kamran Eshraghian; Charles A. Musca; Dimitris Pavlidis; Neil Weste
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Volume Number: 5274
Date Published: 30 March 2004
Softcover: 65 papers (616) pages
ISBN: 9780819451675

Table of Contents
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A new communication system design of M-ary PPM UWB suitable to FCC signal spectrum
Author(s): Mike Myung-Ok Lee; Byung-Lok Cho; Dae-Ik Kim
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Rapid prototyping of 802.11 wireless modems
Author(s): Ludovico de Souza; Philip J. Ryan; Jason Crawford; Kevin Wong; Grezgor Zyner; Tom McDermott
A 1-GHz differential second-order low-pass sigma-delta modulator in CMOS for wireless receivers
Author(s): Yingbo Zhu; Said F. Al-Sarawi; Michael Liebelt
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Integrated CMOS RF building blocks for 433-MHz sensor systems
Author(s): Aaron J McCarthy; David V. Thiel; Peter Lisner
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Gate-leakage-tolerant circuits in deep sub-100-nm CMOS technologies
Author(s): Sung-Mo Kang; Ge Yang; Zhongda Wang
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AC-coupled interconnect for high-density high-bandwidth packaging
Author(s): Paul D Franzon; Stephen Mick; John M. Wilson; Lei Luo; Karthik Chandrasakhar
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A new domino failure mechanism in deep sub-100-nm technologies and its solution
Author(s): Ge Yang; Sung-Mo Kang
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Quasi-3D modeling, design, and analysis of symmetric on-chip inductors in silicon-on-sapphire technology
Author(s): Wan-Chul Kong; Said F. Al-Sarawi; Cheng-Chew Lim; Louis Wong
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The design of a broadband microstrip patch sensor for high-frequency remote sensing operations
Author(s): Hedley J. Hansen; Leonard T. Hall; Tien Cho Shum; Wei Seng Seow
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2D scanning Rotman lens structure for smart collision avoidance sensors
Author(s): Leonard T. Hall; Hedley J. Hansen; Derek Abbott
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Dynamic analysis of a UMTS baseband reconfigurable digital filter
Author(s): Ronny Veljanovski; Jugdutt Singh; Mike Faulkner
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Improved techniques for monitoring the HF spectrum
Author(s): James E. Giesbrecht; Russell Clarke; Derek Abbott
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Finite element simulations of stacked crystal filters
Author(s): Jiunn-Horng Lee; Kung-Yu Tzeng; Chih-Wei Cheng; Yu-Ching Shih; Chih-Min Yao
QsRAM: the new memory technology
Author(s): Sima Dimitrijev; Herbert B. Harrison
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Ultralow-power ferroelectric memory for SoC
Author(s): Sreedhar Natarajan; Atila Alvandpour
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A 64 x 64 CMOS digital pixel array based on pulse-width analog-to-digital conversion with on-chip linearizing circuit
Author(s): Alistair J. Kitchen; Amine Bermak; Abdesselam Bouzerdoum
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Y2O3-based oxide phosphor thin film electroluminescent devices
Author(s): Toshihiro Miyata; Yasuyuki Suzuki; Tadatsugu Minami
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Characterization of crosstalk in HgCdTe n-on-p photovoltaic infrared arrays
Author(s): L. Karp; Charles A. Musca; John M. Dell; Lorenzo Faraone
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High-speed high-sensitivity low-noise scientific CMOS image sensors
Author(s): Stuart Kleinfelder
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Accurate determination of composition profiles in abrupt MBE-grown HgCdTe heterostructures
Author(s): Richard H. Sewell; John M. Dell; Charles A. Musca; Lorenzo Faraone
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The active microbolometer: a new concept in infrared detection
Author(s): Kevin Charles Liddiard
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Practical hot-wire anemometer excitation modes
Author(s): Richard J. Adamec; David V. Thiel; Philip Tanner
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Microphotonics systems: life beyond microelectronics
Author(s): Kamran Eshraghian; Kamal Alameh
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Differential optoelectronic subtractor using self electro-optic effect devices for use in sigma-delta modulation
Author(s): Tony Sarros; Kerry A. Corbett; Said F. Al-Sarawi; Bradley A. Clare; Kenneth J. Grant; Warren Marwood
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A hysteretic comparator’s influence on a current-mode ADC
Author(s): Ganesh Kothapalli
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Performance analysis of high-accuracy CMOS sample-and-hold circuits
Author(s): Hai P. Le; Aladin Zayegh; Jugdutt Singh
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Differentiators for insect vision motion detection
Author(s): Leo Lee; Said F. Al-Sarawi; Derek Abbott
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Control unit implementation for a reconfigurable ADC
Author(s): Aleksandar Stojcevski; Vidya Vibhute; Jugdutt Singh; Aladin Zayegh
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Egret: a platform for a reconfigurable system-on-chip
Author(s): Neil W. Bergmann; John A. Williams
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Harmonic distortion produced by cascaded delay elements
Author(s): Divakaran Gangeshan; Roy Milton Howard
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Process management and design for MEMS and microelectronics technologies
Author(s): Kai Hahn; Jens Popp; Andreas Wagener
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Determination of junction depth and related current phenomena using laser-beam-induced current
Author(s): Edward A. Gluszak; Steven Hinckley; Kamran Eshraghian
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IP validation in remote microelectronics testing
Author(s): Adam Osseiran; Kamran Eshraghian; Stefan Lachowicz; Xiaoli Zhao; Roger Jeffery; Michael Robins
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Numerical analysis of the process-induced stresses in silicon microstructures
Author(s): Vincent Senez; Thomas Hoffmann; Aldo Armigliato; Ingrid De Wolf
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Signal analysis of accelerometry data using gravity-based modeling
Author(s): Neil P. Davey; Daniel A. James; Megan E Anderson
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A modular integrated platform for microsensor applications
Author(s): Daniel A. James; Neil P. Davey; Leon Gourdeas
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Sub-5.5 FO4 delay CMOS 64-bit domino/threshold logic adder design
Author(s): Peter Celinski; Sorin Dan Cotofana; Said F. Al-Sarawi; Derek Abbott
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Comparative study on low-power high-performance standard-cell flip-flops
Author(s): Saeeid Tahmasbi Oskuii; Atila Alvandpour
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Diode UV detectors using oxide semiconductor thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering
Author(s): Tadatsugu Minami; Hideki Tanaka; Takahiro Shimakawa; Toshihiro Miyata
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InGaP/InGaAs quantum-well delta-doped-channel field-effect transistor
Author(s): Chin-Chuan Cheng; Shiou-Ying Cheng; Hung-Ming Chuang; Chun-Yuan Chen; Po-Hsien Lai; Chung-I Kao; Ching-Wen Hong; Chun-Wei Chen; Wen-Chau Liu
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Comparison between conductometric and layered SAW hydrogen gas sensor
Author(s): Samuel James Ippolito; Sasikaran Kandasamy; Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh; Wojtek Wlodarski; Anthony Holland
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DC characterization of an InP/InGaAs tunneling emitter bipolar transistor (TEBT)
Author(s): Chun-Yuan Chen; Shiou-Ying Cheng; Hung-Ming Chuang; Jing-Yuh Chen; Ssu-I Fu; Ching-Hsiu Tsai; Chi-Yuan Chang; Ching-Wen Hung; Chun-Wei Chen; Wen-Chau Liu
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The effects of vacuum baking on the I-V characteristics of LWIR HgCdTe photodiodes
Author(s): Thuyen H Nguyen; Charles A. Musca; John M. Dell; Jarek Antoszewski; Lorenzo Faraone
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On-chip interconnect schemes for reconfigurable system-on-chip
Author(s): Andy Sheng-Han Lee; Neil W. Bergmann
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Interfacing methodologies for IP re-use in reconfigurable system-on-chip
Author(s): Tien-Lung Lee; Neil W. Bergmann
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Hardware support for a real-time reconfigurable system-on-chip
Author(s): Peter J. Waldeck; Neil W. Bergmann
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Magnetoresistance characteristics of gamma-irradiated Al0.35Ga0.65N/GaN HFETs
Author(s): Gilberto A Umana-Membreno; John M. Dell; Giacinta Parish; Brett D. Nener; Lorenzo Faraone; Ramakhrishna Ventury; Umesh K. Mishra
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A new user-assisted segmentation and tracking technique for an object-based video editing system
Author(s): Hong Yeon Yu; Sung-Hoon Hong; Mike Myung-Ok Lee; Jae-Gark Choi
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MPLS switch architecture supporting Diffserv for high-speed switching and QoS
Author(s): Tae-Won Lee; Young-Chul Kim; Mike Myung-Ok Lee
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The concept of field emission devices construction on the basis of self-assembling nanostructures
Author(s): Nikolay Ivanovich Mukhurov; Sergey Aleksandrovich Zhdanok; Irina Vladimirovna Gasenkova; Fedor Vasil’evich Plevako
Dependence of barrier height and effective electron mass on gate oxide thickness and nitrogen concentration at SiOxNy /Si interface
Author(s): Chi Yung Ng; Tu Pei Chen; Chew Hoe Ang
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Pseudo-exhaustive testing using t-distribution
Author(s): Kang Hyeon Rhee
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Subband image encoder using discrete wavelet transform
Author(s): Hae Kyung Seong; Kang Hyeon Rhee
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InGaP/GaAs HBT grown by solid-source molecular-beam epitaxy with a GaP decomposition source
Author(s): PingJuan Niu; Haiyang Hu; Xunzhong Shang; Shudong Wu; Weilian Guo; Chang-yun Miao; Xiaoyun Li; Zhe Xu; Dan Qu
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Semi-automatic calibration technique using six inertial frames of reference
Author(s): Alan Lai; Daniel A. James; Jason P. Hayes; Erol C. Harvey
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Circuit analysis and simulation of an ultrahigh-frequency capacitance sensor for scanning capacitance microscopy
Author(s): Jing Yang; A. Postula; M. Bialkowski
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Toward the development of portable miniature intelligent electronic color identification devices
Author(s): Dan Valeriu Nicolau; Peter Livingston; David Jahshan; Rob Evans
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A new small-swing domino logic for low-power consumption
Author(s): Sung-Hyun Yang; Kyoung-Rok Cho
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Hardware cost-effective and low-power SoC design of DCT-based noise generation system
Author(s): Dae-Ik Kim; Mike Myung-Ok Lee; Seung-Min Lee
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Review of quantum path integrals in fluctuating markets
Author(s): Frederic D. R. Bonnet; Andrew G. Allison; Derek Abbott
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Emerging memory technologies
Author(s): Sreedhar Natarajan
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