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Industrial and Highway Sensors Technology
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Volume Number: 5272
Date Published: 8 March 2004
Softcover: 44 papers (408) pages
ISBN: 9780819451613

Table of Contents
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Pharmaceutical process applications of Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Stuart Farquharson; Alan Gift; Wayne Smith
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Low-cost OP-FTIR spectrometer for workplace monitoring
Author(s): Julia H. Rentz; James R. Engel; David L. Carlson; David J. Mansur; Robert M. Vaillancourt; George J. Genetti; Peter R. Griffiths; Husheng Yang
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Development of a phase diagram to control composite manufacturing using Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Stuart Farquharson; Jessica Carignan; Victor Khitrov; Antonio Senador; Montgomery Shaw
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Tunable diode laser sensor for multiple species monitoring in harsh atmospheres
Author(s): William A. Von Drasek; Shawn Wehe; Mark Allen
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Grating-assisted operating-point tuning for fiber optic Fabry-Perot interferometric sensors
Author(s): Bing Yu; Gary R. Pickrell; Anbo Wang
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Improvement of thermal sensitivity of FBG sensors by combined cladding etching and polymer coating
Author(s): Jinu Paul; Liping Zhao; Bryan Kok Ann Ngoi; Zhong Ping Fang
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Accurate wavelength interrogation of fiber Bragg grating sensors using Michelson interferometry
Author(s): William Gornall; Tony R. Amarel
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Small form-factor PANDA-type HiBi fiber for sensing applications
Author(s): Mansoor Alam; Douglas Guertin; Julia Farroni; Jaroslaw Abramczyk; Nick Jacobson; Kanishka Tankala
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Fiber coupling of 405-nm laser diode with μlens technology
Author(s): Yi Zhang
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Computer-controlled tunable fiber laser
Author(s): Joel Escalante; Felix Nunez-Orozco; Juan Hernandez-Cordero
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Performance evaluation of fiber Bragg gratings at elevated temperatures
Author(s): Jeffrey Juergens; Grigory Adamovsky; Bertram Floyd
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High-sensitivity pressure sensor based on a fiber Bragg grating
Author(s): Hao-Jan Sheng; Ming-Yue Fu; Tzu-Chiang Chen; Chia-Min Lin; Wen-Fung Liu; Sheau-Shong Bor
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Development of fiber-type surface plasmon resonance sensor for protein detection
Author(s): Woo Seok Ko; Se Baek Oh; Soo Hyun Kim; Yoon Keun Kwak
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Self-calibrated fiber optic transflection probe for NO2 detection
Author(s): Shelly John Mechery; Jagdish P. Singh
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Novel optical fiber relative-humidity sensor with optimized parameters
Author(s): Sunil K. Khijwania; Kirthi L. Srinivasan; Jagdish P. Singh
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Study on the online operation of microspectrometer and liquid drop analyzer
Author(s): Zurong Qiu; Xinyu Guo; Guoxiong Zhang; Xingfei Li; Haixiu Chen; Qing Song
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Fiber optic sensor integration system and measurement technique
Author(s): Kelly L. Stinson-Bagby; Michael A. Marcus; Robert S. Fielder
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High-spatial-resolution fiber optic distributed force sensing with synthesis of optical coherence function
Author(s): Kazuo Hotate; Kohji Makino; Mitsuteru Ishikawa; Yuzo Yoshikuni
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Localization of a loss-inducing perturbation with variable accuracy along a test fiber using transmission-reflection analysis
Author(s): Vasilii V. Spirin; Francisco Javier Mendieta; Serguei V. Miridonov; Mikhail G. Shlyagin; Anatoli A. Chtcherbakov; Pieter L. Swart
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Novel fiber optic contrast-based sensor
Author(s): Mieczyslaw Szustakowski; Norbert Palka
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Design of fiber laser and sensor systems for gas spectroscopy in the near-IR
Author(s): George Stewart; Gillian Whitenett; Peter Shields; Joanna Marshall; Brian Culshaw
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Investigation of nonlinear dynamically induced instabilities in a Brillouin fiber ring and their stabilization schemes
Author(s): Justin Foreman; Chung Yu; Yong Kab Kim; Ridwana Khan; James C. Linford
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High-temperature fiber optic sensors for harsh environment applications
Author(s): Robert S. Fielder; Kelly L. Stinson-Bagby
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Characterization of integrated fiber optic sensors in smart textiles
Author(s): Jianming Yuan; Mahmoud A. El-Sherif; Saif Khalil; James Fairneny
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Random hole optical fibers
Author(s): Gary R. Pickrell; Daniel Kominsky; Roger Stolen
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Cubic-zirconia-based fiber optic pressure sensor for high-temperature environment
Author(s): Wei Peng; Gary R. Pickrell; Anbo Wang
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Novel single-phase fiber optic flow sensor system
Author(s): Wei Peng; Gary R. Pickrell; Juncheng Xu; Zhengyu Huang; Dae Woong Kim; Anbo Wang
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CdTe:Ti crystals: materials for optical sensors in the near-IR region
Author(s): Yuriy P. Gnatenko; Roman V. Gamernyk; Anatoly O. Borshch; Nickolai Kukhtarev; Tatiana Kukhtareva; Petro M. Bukivskij; Ivan O. Faryna; Vladyslav I. Volkov; Stepan Yu. Paranchych; Lidia D. Paranchych
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Fiber optic pyrometer and its application in hot-blast stove temperature measurement
Author(s): Weilai Li; Desheng Jiang; Weijia Zhu
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Non-destructive measurement of sugar content in Fuji apple with bifurcated fiber optic sensor
Author(s): Yibin Ying; Yande Liu; Jianping Wang; Huanyu Jiang
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Intelligent imaging systems for automotive applications
Author(s): Chris Thompson; Yingping Huang; Shan Fu
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Demonstration of alternative traffic information collection and management technologies
Author(s): Helmut E. Knee; Cy Smith; George Black; Joe Petrolino
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Highway travel time analysis using license plate image capture techniques
Author(s): Jim Kennedy; Craig R. Cantrell; Matthew D. Varney; Zbigniew Czyzewski; Brian D. V. Smith
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Smart patches: self-monitoring composite patches for the repair of aircraft
Author(s): Samuel David Crossley; Zaira Marioli-Riga; George Tsamasphyros; George Kanderakis; Nikos Furnarakis; Aris Ikiades; Mary Konstantaki
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Strain and temperature remote sensing of concrete structures using photonic sensors
Author(s): Antonio Quintela; Cesar Jauregui; Francisco J. Madruga; Mariangeles Quintela; Jose Miguel Lopez-Higuera
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Polarization-independent high-resolution spectral interrogation of FBGs using a BFBG-CCD array for optical sensing applications
Author(s): Alexander G. Simpson; Kaiming Zhou; Peter Foote; Lin Zhang; Ian Bennion
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Civil engineering transducer's interrogation unit
Author(s): Cesar Jauregui; Antonio Quintela; Olga Maria Conde; Adolfo Cobo; Jose Miguel Lopez-Higuera
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Acoustic-sensor-based detection of damage in composite aircraft structures
Author(s): Peter Foote; Tony Martin; Ian Read
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Temperature-compensated miniature cylinder pressure sensor for automotive applications
Author(s): Marek T. Wlodarczyk
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Fiber optic sensor technology for air conformal ice detection
Author(s): Aris A. Ikiades; David J. Armstrong; George G. Hare; Mary Konstantaki; Samuel David Crossley
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Cement-based electronics
Author(s): Gregory A. Konesky
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Prototype security system for Mexico City's light train crossings
Author(s): Mauricio Rodriguez-Juarez; Paulo Lopez-Meyer; Edson Gonzalez-Serrano; Luis Acosta-Mendoza; Mario Silva-Lopez; Florencia Serrania; Juan Hernandez-Cordero
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Fatigue crack monitoring in aero-engines: simulation and experiments
Author(s): Leonid M. Gelman; Ivan V. Petrunin; Chris Thompson
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Theoretical modelling studies of gas-sensing systems using correlation spectroscopy
Author(s): Paul Chambers; E. A. D. Austin; John P. Dakin
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