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Wavelet Applications in Industrial Processing
Editor(s): Frederic Truchetet

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Volume Number: 5266
Date Published: 27 February 2004

Table of Contents
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Wavelet applied to computer vision in astrophysics
Author(s): Albert Bijaoui; Eric Slezak; Myriam Traina
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Estimation of anisotropic blur for the restoration of confocal images
Author(s): Filip Rooms; Wilfried Philips; Patrick Van Oostveldt
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Performances of a specific denoising wavelet process for high-resolution gamma imaging
Author(s): Annie Pousse; Christophe Dornier; Michel Parmentier; Bruno Kastler; Jerome Chavanelle
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Rational wavelet transform: application to signal denoising
Author(s): Alexandre Baussard; Olivier Laligant; Frederic Nicolier; Frederic Truchetet
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Image denoising using fractal- and wavelet-based methods
Author(s): Kai Uwe Barthel; Hans L. Cycon; Detlev Marpe
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Noise reduction in video sequences using wavelet-domain and temporal filtering
Author(s): Aleksandra Pizurica; Vladimir Zlokolica; Wilfried Philips
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Multiscale statistical image models and Bayesian methods
Author(s): Aleksandra Pizurica; Wilfried Philips
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Multiresolution hierarchical content-based image retrieval of paleontology images
Author(s): Jerome Landre; Frederic Truchetet
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A partial differential equation for continuous nonlinear shrinkage filtering and its application for analyzing MMG data
Author(s): Kristian Bredies; Dirk A. Lorenz; Peter Maass; Gerd Teschke
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Wavelet-based image decomposition by variational functionals
Author(s): Ingrid Daubechies; Gerd Teschke
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Applications of compactly supported wavelets to the numerical solution of partial differential equations
Author(s): John E Weiss
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Block-based adaptive lifting schemes for multiband image compression
Author(s): Hela Masmoudi; Amel Benazza-Benyahia; Jean-Christophe Pesquet
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Performance evaluation of Motion-JPEG2000 in comparison with H.264/AVC operated in pure intracoding mode
Author(s): Detlev Marpe; Valeri George; Hans L. Cycon; Kai Uwe Barthel
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Near-orthogonal and adaptive affine lifting scheme on vector-valued signals
Author(s): Tadeusz Sliwa; Yvon Voisin; Alain Diou
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A comparative study of scalable video coding schemes utilizing wavelet technology
Author(s): Peter Schelkens; Yiannis Andreopoulos; Joeri Barbarien; Tom Clerckx; Fabio Verdicchio; Adrian Munteanu; Mihaela van der Schaar
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Wavelet-based methods for clutter removal from radar wind profiler data
Author(s): Lutz A. Justen; Gerd Teschke; Volker Lehmann
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Development of a spatial method for weed detection and localization
Author(s): Jean-Baptiste Vioix; Jean-Paul Douzals; Frédéric Truchetet
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Comparison of texture features for segmentation of patterned wafers
Author(s): Pierrick Bourgeat; Fabrice Meriaudeau; Kenneth W. Tobin Jr.; Patrick Gorria
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Segmentation of blurred objects using wavelet transform: application to x-ray images
Author(s): Cecile S. Barat; Christophe Ducottet; Anne Bilgot; Laurent Desbat
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A wavelet representation of multivalued images
Author(s): Paul Scheunders
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Vision system based on optical wavelet transform
Author(s): Jianru Shi; Xinhua Wang; Hong Yue; Shijie Dai; Qinghua Cui
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Use of time-scale representations for the analysis of seismic signals
Author(s): Antoine Roueff; Jocelyn Chanussot; Jerome Mars
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Wavelet-based time series prediction for air traffic data
Author(s): Ilona Weinreich; Heike Rickert; Michael Lukaschewitsch
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Multiresolution analysis for irregular meshes
Author(s): Michael Roy; Sebti Foufou; Andreas Koschan; Frederic Truchetet; Mongi Abidi
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3D steerable pyramid based on conic filters
Author(s): Celine A. Delle Luche; Florence Denis; Atilla Baskurt
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