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Remote Sensing of the Ocean and Sea Ice 2003
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Volume Number: 5233
Date Published: 26 February 2004
Softcover: 39 papers (404) pages
ISBN: 9780819451163

Table of Contents
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The SISCAL project
Author(s): Richard P. Santer; Frank Fell; Torunn Johansen
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Atmospheric correction over turbid waters in the SISCAL project: application to SeaWiFS
Author(s): Richard P. Santer; Jerome Vidot
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Elements of spatial and temporal variability of plankton in the gulf of Cadiz: an analysis based on EOF decomposition of SeaWiFS images
Author(s): Gabriel Navarro; Javier Ruiz
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Mapping of submerged aquatic vegetation with a physically based process chain
Author(s): Thomas Heege; Anke Bogner; Nicole Pinnel
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Data assimilation of an airborne multiple-remote-sensor system and of satellite images for the North Sea and Baltic Sea
Author(s): Olaf Trieschmann; Thomas Hunsaenger; Lars Tufte; Ulrich Barjenbruch
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SeaWiFS observations of Saharan dust events over the Mediterranean Sea
Author(s): Roberto Sciarra; Gianluca Volpe; Rosalia Santoleri
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Regional validation of SeaDAS algorithms and remote sensing of a complex frontal structure in the southern Irish Sea
Author(s): Agnes Valerie Dudek; Alex Cunningham; David McKee
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Remote sensing of the sea ice and ocean properties at high latitudes
Author(s): Knut H. Stamnes; Wei Li; Hans A. Eide; Jakob J. Stamnes
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Sea surface temperature spatio-temporal variability in the Azores using a new technique to remove invalid pixels
Author(s): Virginie Lafon; Ana Martins; Igor Bashmachnikov; Margarida Melo-Rodrigues; Miguel Figueiredo
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Validation of Wavewatch-III using the TOPEX/POSEIDON data
Author(s): Peter C. Chu; Yiquan Qi; Yuchun Chen; Ping Shi; Qingwen Mao
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Estimation of sea surface spectrum using neural networks
Author(s): Jorge J. Miranda; Merce Vall-llossera; Adriano Camps; Ramon Villarino
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High-resolution wind fields from satellite-borne SAR
Author(s): Jochen Horstmann; Wolfgang Koch; Thomas Konig; Susanne Lehner
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SAR wave mode data: a new source for ocean- and sea-ice-related climate research
Author(s): Susanne Lehner; Thomas Konig; Johannes Schulz-Stellenfleth; Andreas Niedermeier
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Possibility of current parameter retrieval from radar data
Author(s): Olga Yu. Lavrova; Sergei I. Badulin
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Observed Rossby waves in the South China Sea from satellite altimetry data
Author(s): Peter C. Chu; Chin-Lung Fang
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Summer transport anomalies through the Bering Strait from satellite altimetry
Author(s): Josef Y. Cherniawsky; William R. Crawford; Ed Carmack; Brian D. Beckley; Michael G. G. Foreman
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Can we observe and study the Mediterranean outflow and meddies from satellite remote sensing?
Author(s): Xiao-Hai Yan; Young-Heon Jo; W. Timothy Liu; Ming-Xia He
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Determination of the South China Sea surface height variability using TOPEX/POSEIDON data
Author(s): Peter C. Chu; Jing Wang; Yiquan Qi
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Reconstructing vertical profiles of geostrophic velocities from altimeter data: application to the Sicily Channel (Mediterranean Sea)
Author(s): Olga Cavalieri; Bruno Buongiorno Nardelli; Rosalia Santoleri
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Optical properties of a coupled atmosphere-ice-ocean system for satellite remote sensing of the marine arctic environment
Author(s): Borge Hamre; Jan-Gunnar Winther; Sebastian Gerland; Jakob J. Stamnes; Knut H. Stamnes
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Atmospheric correction for inland waters
Author(s): Jerome Vidot; Richard P. Santer
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Satellite observations of cold filaments and surface jets in the Mediterranean Sea
Author(s): R. D'Archino; Francesco Bignami; Emanuele Bohm; Emma D'Acunzo; Ettore Salusti
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Synthetic images of natural waters: the CORDIS system
Author(s): Eva Cerezo; Francisco J. Seron
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Synthetic image generation of shallow water using an iterative layered radiative transfer model with realistic water surface waves
Author(s): Charles R. Bostater; Lisa H. Huddleston; Luce Bassetti
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Sea surface emissivity at L-band: results of the WInd and Salinity Experiments WISE 2000 and 2001 and preliminary results from FROG 2003
Author(s): Ramon Villarino; Adriano Camps; Ignasi Corbella; Merce Vall-llossera; Nuria Duffo; Francesc Torres; Luis Enrique; Joge Miranda; Juanjo Arenas; Jordi Font; Agusti Julia; Carolina Gabarro; Jacqueline Etcheto; Jacqueline Boutin; Stephanie Contardo; Alain Weill; Eva Rubio; Raquel R. Niclos; Raul Rivas; Vicente Caselles; Patrick Wursteisen; Michael Berger; Manuel Martin Neira
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Sea surface imprints of wind field patterns in the Black Sea coastal zone as viewed by satellite SAR
Author(s): Tatiana Yu Bocharova; Olga Yu. Lavrova; Marina I. Mityagina; Valery G. Pungin
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Development of an operational fisheries oceanography system for North Pacific fishery
Author(s): Zhihua Mao; Qiankun Zhu; Delu Pan
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Using the SISCAL in situ measurements for the validation of the MERIS algal pigment indices I and II
Author(s): Frank Fell; Morten Brozek; Barak Herut; Torunn Johansen; Antje Koehler
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Bio-optics and primary production model in case-2 waters: example of the eastern English Channel
Author(s): Vincent Vantrepotte; Christophe Brunet; Richard P. Santer; Xavier Meriaux; Sami Souissi; Eric Lecuyer
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Mediterranean sea level oscillations as a response to the atmospheric pressure variations, altimetric implications
Author(s): Jesus Gomez-Enri; Miguel Bruno Mejias; Pilar Villares Duran
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Thermo-emission of small-scale rough water surface
Author(s): Yuri A. Pirogov; Andrey I. Dubina
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Sea surface emissivity angular measurements: comparison with theoretical models
Author(s): Raquel R. Niclos; Enric Valor; Vicente Caselles; Cesar Coll
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Eddy tracking south of Canary Islands using satellite observations
Author(s): Alicia Tejera-Cruz; Oscar Bergasa-Lopez; Luis Garcia-Weil; Angel Luque-Solheim
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Effects of geographic distribution of data used to derive satellite SST algorithms
Author(s): Luis Arvelo-Valencia; Manuel Arbelo; Pedro A. Hernandez-Leal
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Primary production variability in the Mediterranean Sea from SeaWiFS data
Author(s): Simone Colella; Fabrizio D'Ortenzio; Salvatore Marullo; Rosalia Santoleri; Mariella Ragni; Maurizio Ribera d'Alcala
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Fast delivery system for retrieval of near-real-time chlorophyll data in the Mediterranean Sea
Author(s): Roberto Sciarra; Emanuele Bohm; Paolo de Riso; Rosalia Santoleri
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Data assimilation of AVHRR and MODIS data for land base initialization and boundary conditions in the UTC-M atmospheric boundary layer sea-breeze model of Space Coast Florida
Author(s): Charles R. Bostater; Jerome A. King; Lisa H. Huddleston; Luce Bassetti
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Developing and testing a pushbroom camera motion control system: using a lidar-based streak tube camera for studying the influence of water waves on underwater light structure detection
Author(s): Charles R. Bostater; Teddy Ghir; Scott Naro-Norman; Lisa H. Huddleston; Luce Bassetti; Kunal Mitra; Champak Das; Ashish Trivedi
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Hyperspectral remote sensing protocol development for submerged aquatic vegetation in shallow waters
Author(s): Charles R. Bostater; Teddy Ghir; Luce Bassetti; Carlton Hall; E. Reyeier; R. Lowers; K. Holloway-Adkins; Robert Virnstein
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