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Organic Light-Emitting Materials and Devices VII
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Volume Number: 5214
Date Published: 16 February 2004
Softcover: 40 papers (394) pages
ISBN: 9780819450876

Table of Contents
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Display science and technology for defense and security
Author(s): Darrel G. Hopper
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Plastic displays: recent developments at DuPont Displays
Author(s): Marie B. O'Regan; Mark Hildner; Shiva Prakash; Mark Sellars; Richard Wessel
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Multicolor polymeric OLEDs by solution processing
Author(s): C. David Muller; Nina Reckefuss; Paula Santi Rudati; Klaus Meerholz; Heinrich Becker; Aurelie Falcou; Susanne Heun; Juergen Steiger; Markus Rojahn; Valorie Wiederhirn; Oskar Nuyken
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Developments in OLEDs with a co-dopant system for improved efficiency and stability
Author(s): Hiroshi Kanno; Yuji Hamada; Noriyuki Matsusue; Hisakazu Takahashi; Ryuji Nishikawa; Kazunobu Mameno
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Technology and materials for full-color polymer light-emitting displays
Author(s): Simone I. E. Vulto; Michael Buechel; Paul C. Duineveld; Frits Dijksman; Martin Hack; Mary Kilitziraki; Margreet M. de Kok; Eric A. Meulenkamp; Jan-Eric J. M. Rubingh; Peter van de Weijer; Suzanne H.P.M. de Winter
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Conjugated dendrimers: a modular approach to materials for full-color displays
Author(s): Jonathan PJ Markham; Thomas D. Anthopoulos; Ebinazar B. Namdas; Shih-Chun Lo; Gary J. Richards; Michael J. Frampton; Oleg V. Salata; Paul L Burn; Ifor DW Samuel
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Inverted topside-emitting organic light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Thomas Dobbertin; Daniel Schneider; Anis Kammoun; Jens Meyer; Oliver Werner; Michael Kroeger; Thomas Riedl; Eike Becker; Christian Schildknecht; Hans-Hermann Johannes; Wolfgang Kowalsky
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Observation of large magnetic field effects in organic light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Albert H. Davis; Konrad Bussmann
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Luminescent chemical and biological sensors based on the structural integration of an OLED excitation source with a sensing component
Author(s): Bhaskar J. Choudhury; Ruth Shinar; Joseph Shinar
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High-sensitivity permeation measurements on flexible OLED substrates
Author(s): Ralph Paetzold; Debora Henseler; Karsten Heuser; Valentina Cesari; Wiebke Sarfert; Georg Wittmann; Albrecht Winnacker
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Process and design of a multilayer thin film encapsulation of passive matrix OLED displays
Author(s): Lorenza L. Moro; Todd A. Krajewski; Nicole M. Rutherford; Olga Philips; Robert J. Visser; Mark E. Gross; Wendy D. Bennett; Gordon L. Graff
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Conjugated polymer composites for use in electrophosphorescent light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Xiong Gong; Wanli Ma; Jacek C. Ostrowski; Guillermo C. Bazan; Daniel Moses; Alan J. Heeger
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High-efficiency white phosphorescent OLEDs for lighting
Author(s): Yeh-Jiun Tung; Michael M.-H. Lu; Michael S. Weaver; Michael Hack; Julie J. Brown
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Organometallic triplet emitters for OLED applications: controlling emission properties by chemical variation
Author(s): Hartmut Yersin
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Effects of the method of preparation of organic thin films and chemical doping on charge injection from electrodes
Author(s): Mari Ishihara; Kenji Okumoto; Yasuhiko Shirota
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Hole and electron transport in poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene) and poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene-co-benzothiadiazole)
Author(s): Theo Kreouzis; Donal D. C. Bradley; Alasdair J. Campbell
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Highly efficient and low-operating-voltage OLEDs for active and passive matrix displays
Author(s): Jan Blochwitz-Nimoth; Martin Pfeiffer; Xiang Zhou; Jingsong Huang; Gufeng He; Karl Leo
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High-efficiency silole-based molecular organic light-emitting devices using highly conducting polymer anode contacts
Author(s): Woohong Kim; Leonidas C Palilis; Manabu Uchida; Zakya H. Kafafi
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Influence of conductivity and work function of polyaniline-based HIL on PLED device performance
Author(s): Joerg R. Posdorfer; Bettina Werner; Bernhard Wessling; Susanne Heun; Heinrich Becker
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Ohmic hole injection into a polyfluorene homopolymer
Author(s): Dmitry Poplavskyy; Jenny Nelson; Donal D. C. Bradley
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Fluorenone defects in polyfluorene-based light-emitting diodes: emission properties and device performance
Author(s): Frank Jaiser; Xiaohui Yang; Dieter Neher; Roland Guentner; P. Scanduicci de Freitas; M. Forster; Ullrich Scherf
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The interchain origin of the green emission band in oxidized poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene) (PFO)
Author(s): Marc Sims; Marilu Ariu; Aristidis Asimakis; Mattijs Koeberg; Mathias Stouff; Mark Fox; Donal D. C. Bradley
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Organic light-emitting diodes based on arylamine molecules and polymers with a fluorene core
Author(s): Benoit Domercq; Richard D. Hreha; Andreas Haldi; Stephen Barlow; Candace P George; Seth R Marder; Massimo Malagoli; Jean-Luc Bredas; Bernard Kippelen
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High-efficiency white OLEDs based on small molecules
Author(s): Tukaram K. Hatwar; Jeffrey P. Spindler; M. L. Ricks; Ralph H. Young; Yuuhiko Hamada; N. Saito; Kazunobu Mameno; Ryuji Nishikawa; Hisakazu Takahashi; G. Rajeswaran
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OLEDs for lighting: new approaches
Author(s): Anil R. Duggal; Donald F. Foust; William F. Nealon; Christian M. Heller
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Numerical modeling of light emission and propagation in organic LEDs using the Green’s tensor
Author(s): Horst Greiner; Olivier J. F. Martin
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Enhanced coupling of light from OLED based on nanoporous substrates
Author(s): H.S. Kwok; H.J. Peng; Y. L. Ho; X.J. Yu
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Light extraction from OLEDs using volumetric light scattering
Author(s): Joseph Shiang; Tami Faircloth; Anil R. Duggal
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Novel cathode for organic light-emitting devices with reduced optical reflectivity
Author(s): Hany M Aziz; Yoon-Fei Liew; Zoran Popovic
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Improvement in the environmental stability of tris(8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum by substitution of sulphonic acid in 8-hydroxyquinoline ligand
Author(s): V. Arul Lenus Roy; Chung Yin Kwong; Aleksandra B. Djurisic; Ramachandra B. Pode; T. K. Gundu Rao; Wai Kin Chan
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Surface Ni-doped ITO films for OLED application
Author(s): Ching-Ming Hsu; Ian-Fu Chen; Jin-Win Lee
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Simulation of the external quantum efficiency for bilayer organic light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Matthew A. Webster; James Auld; Simon J Martin; Alison B Walker
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Laser threshold analysis of first- and second-order organic solid state distributed feedback laser
Author(s): Daniel Schneider; Soeren Hartmann; Thomas Dobbertin; Torsten Benstem; Dirk Metzdorf; Eike Becker; Anis Kammoun; Christian Schildknecht; Henning Krautwald; Hans-Hermann Johannes; Thomas Riedl; Wolfgang Kowalsky
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Photophysics of novel conjugated polymers with alternating heteroaromatic rings: synthesis and applications
Author(s): Asanga B. Padmaperuma; Aaron W Harper
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Tuned emission from organic light-emitting devices based upon divalent osmium complexes
Author(s): Brenden Carlson; Gregory David Phelan; Joo Hyun Kim; Alex K.-Y. Jen; Larry Dalton
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Synthesis and design of organic light-emitting devices containing lanthanide cored complexes
Author(s): Gregory David Phelan; Brenden Carlson; Rhys Lawson; Daniel Rowe; Kolby Allen; Larry Dalton; Xuezhong Jiang; Joo Hyun Kim; Alex K.-Y. Jen
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Flexible polymeric light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Ralph Paetzold; Debora Henseler; Karsten Heuser; Wiebke Sarfert; Georg Wittmann; Albrecht Winnacker
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Emission properties of Ir(ppy)3 and Ir(ppy)2(CO)(Cl): compounds with different transition types
Author(s): Walter Josef Finkenzeller; Philipp Stoessel; Marina Kulikova; Hartmut Yersin
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Direct observation of the evolution of both the HOMO and LUMO energy levels of a silole derivative at a magnesium/silole interface
Author(s): Neil J. Watkins; Antti J Makinen; Yongli Gao; Manabu Uchida; Zakya H. Kafafi
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Electric-field screening in polymer light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Paul A. Lane; John C. De Mello; Robert B. Fletcher; Mark T. Bernius
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