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Materials for Infrared Detectors III

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Volume Number: 5209
Date Published: 8 December 2003

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Two-color HgCdTe infrared staring focal plane arrays
Author(s): Edward P. Smith; Le T. Pham; Gregory M. Venzor; Elyse Norton; Michael Newton; Paul Goetz; Valerie Randall; Gregory Pierce; Elizabeth A. Patten; Raymond A. Coussa; Ken Kosai; William A. Radford; John Edwards; Scott M. Johnson; Stefan T. Baur; John A. Roth; Brett Nosho; John E. Jensen; Randolph E. Longshore
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Monolithically integrated HgCdTe focal plane arrays
Author(s): Silviu Velicu; Tae-Seok Lee; Renganathan Ashokan; Christoph H. Grein; Paul Boieriu; Y. P. Chen; John H. Dinan; Dimitrios Lianos
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High-operability SWIR HgCdTe focal plane arrays
Author(s): Honnavalli R Vydyanath; Phil Lamarre; Stephen P. Tobin; Allen W. Hairston; Peter W. Norton; Latika S. R. Becker
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Improving axial compositional uniformity by an adequate choice of the initial dopant repartition
Author(s): Stefan Balint; Agneta-Maria Balint
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Gold diffusion in mercury cadmium telluride grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Author(s): Yusuf Selamet; Rasdip Singh; Jun Zhao; Yong Dong Zhou; Sivalingam Sivananthan; Nibir K. Dhar
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Fabrication and characteristics of nonequilibrium VLWIR detectors with HgTe/CdTe superlattice active regions
Author(s): Tae-Seok Lee; Charles R. Becker; Christoph H. Grein; Sivalingam Sivananthan; Vaidya Nathan
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Superlattices for very long wavelength infrared detectors
Author(s): Hye Son Jung; Christoph H. Grein; Charles R. Becker
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HgCdTe for far-infrared heterodyne detection
Author(s): Yong Dong Zhou; Jun Zhao; Rita Boreiko; Yong Chang; Yusuf Selamet; Renganathan Ashokan; Charles R. Becker; Albert Betz; Sivalingam Sivananthan
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Polycrystalline SiGe technology for uncooled microbolometer arrays
Author(s): Vladimir N. Leonov; Claus Goessens; Chris Van Hoof; Bob Grietens; Natalia A. Perova; Volodymyr Malyutenko
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Infrared pyroelectric detector based on the system's thin-Pd-film/thick-lithium-niobate substrate implanted by Ar+ ions
Author(s): Viktor O. Lysyuk; Vasiliy S. Staschuk; Mykola I. Kluy; Leonid V. Poperenko
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Reliable large-area germanium photodetectors fabricated with a diffused junction from in situ III-V epitaxial material
Author(s): Charles B. Morrison; Joseph C. Boisvert; Rengarajan Sudharsanan; Moran Haddad; Takahiro Isshiki; Dmitri D. Krut; Richard R. King; Nasser H. Karam
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Present status of TGS-based pyroelectric infrared detectors and computational simulation of their integration with silicon technology
Author(s): Ashok K. Batra; J. R. Currie; S. K. Aggarwal; M. D. Aggarwal; R. B. Lal
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Surface micromachining and characterization of pyroelectric infrared ray focal plane array utilizing Pb(Zr0.3Ti0.7)O3 thin films
Author(s): Sang-Ouk Ryu; Seong-Mok Cho; In-Kyu You; Sung-Min Yoon; Kwi-Dong Kim; Byoung-Gon Yu
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Enhancement of optical properties of self-assembled quantum dots for infrared photodetectors by thermal annealing
Author(s): Sung Ho Hwang; Jae Cheol Shin; Jin Dong Song; Won Jun Choi; Yong Ju Park; Il Ki Han; Woon Jo Cho; Jung Il Lee; Haewook Han
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Integrated thermoelectric cooler/package for infrared detector array temperature stabilization
Author(s): John M. Zamboni
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Building a robust self-test on multimode seeker (MMS) system
Author(s): Y. Kim An; Bill McAdam; Kathy Mills; Emmanuel Peter Quets; Diane Kubala; Mike O'Hara; Beth Howard
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Influences of performance parameters of GaAs/AlGaAs materials on photoemission
Author(s): Xiaoqing Du; Yujie Du; Benkang Chang
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Automatic recording system of dynamic spectral response and its applications
Author(s): Benkang Chang; Xiaoqing Du; Lei Liu; Zhiyuan Zong; Rongguo Fu; Yunsheng Qian
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Development and evaluation of a novel large-area single-pixel QWIP for infrared radiometry
Author(s): Leon J. Rogers; Evangelos Theocharous; Juntaro Ishii; Nigel P. Fox
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Latest measurement techniques at NPL for the characterization of infrared detectors and materials
Author(s): Evangelos Theocharous; Frank J. J. Clarke; Leon J. Rogers; Nigel P. Fox
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Elaboration of new uncooled detector materials highly sensitive in the near-IR region
Author(s): Yuriy P. Gnatenko; Yuri P. Piryatinski; Roman V. Gamernyk; Ivan O. Faryna; Petro M. Bukivskij; Stepan Yu. Paranchych; Lidia D. Paranchych
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Development of superconducting transition edge sensors for time- and energy-resolved single-photon counters with application to imaging astronomy
Author(s): Thomas J. Bay; Jennifer A. Burney; Paul L. Brink; Blas Cabrera; Joseph P. Castle; Roger W. Romani; Astrid Tomada; Betty A. Young; Sae Woo Nam; Aaron J. Miller; John M. Martinis; Thomas W. Kenny; Evelyn Wang
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