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Applications and Science of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, and Evolutionary Computation VI
Editor(s): Bruno Bosacchi; David B. Fogel; James C. Bezdek

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Volume Number: 5200
Date Published: 30 December 2003

Table of Contents
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Routine human-competitive machine intelligence by means of genetic programming
Author(s): John R. Koza; Matthew J. Streeter; Martin Keane
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Achieving laser control of quantum phenomena: balancing computational and experimental capabilities
Author(s): Herschel Hersch Rabitz
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Computational intelligence in bacterial spore detection and identification
Author(s): Bruno Bosacchi; Manjusha Mehendale; Warren S. Warren; Herschel Rabitz; Marlan O. Scully
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Evolutionary pulse shaping in CARS signal enhancement
Author(s): Manjusha Mehendale; Bruno Bosacchi; Warren S. Warren; Marlan O. Scully
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New results on evolving strategies in chess
Author(s): David B. Fogel; Tim Hays
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Realistic avatar eye and head animation using a neurobiological model of visual attention
Author(s): Laurent Itti; Nitin Dhavale; Frederic Pighin
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Multimodal approach to feature extraction for image and signal learning problems
Author(s): Damian R. Eads; Steven J. Williams; James Theiler; Reid Porter; Neal R. Harvey; Simon J. Perkins; Steven P. Brumby; Nancy A. David
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Biologically motivated analog-to-digital conversion
Author(s): Eugene K Ressler; Barry L Shoop; Brian C Watson; Pankaj K Das
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Implications of the Turing machine model of computation for processor and programming language design
Author(s): Geoffrey Hunter
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Data modeling of network dynamics
Author(s): Holger M. Jaenisch; James W. Handley; Jeffery P. Faucheux; Brad Harris
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Using local response analysis to reduce the computational cost of image registration with the hybrid genetic algorithm
Author(s): Igor V. Maslov
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Soft computing and metaheuristics: using knowledge and reasoning to control search and vice-versa
Author(s): Piero P. Bonissone
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Avoiding the accuracy-simplicity trade-off in pattern recognition
Author(s): H. John Caulfield
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Computational and experimental studies of spin chaos in magnetic resonance
Author(s): Susie Yi Huang; Yung-Ya Lin
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Implementation of linguistic models by holographic technique
Author(s): Alexander V. Pavlov; Yanina Yu. Shevchenko
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Soft computing techniques in network packet video
Author(s): Tomasz P. Jannson; Andrew A. Kostrzewski; Sookwang None Ro; Thomas Forrester; T. Hester
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Soft computing and minimization/optimization of video/imagery redundancy
Author(s): Tomasz P. Jannson; Andrew A. Kostrzewski; Wenjian Wang; Todd Hester
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Fuzzy system solution for digital image watermarking
Author(s): David J Coumou; Athimoottil Mathew
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Automatic screening and multifocus fusion methods for diatom identification
Author(s): Manuel Forero; Filip Sroubek; Jan Flusser; Rafael Redondo; Gabriel Cristobal
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On the 1/f model for cloud generation
Author(s): Lorenzo Galleani; Leon Cohen; Gabriel Cristobal; Bruce Suter
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Expert classifiers and the ordered veracity-experience response (OVER) curve
Author(s): Amy L. Magnus; Mark E. Oxley
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Fuzzy image segmentation for lung nodule detection
Author(s): Yue Shen; Ravi T. Sankar; Wei Qian; Xuejun Sun; Dansheng Song
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Density-based unsupervised classification for spherical objects
Author(s): Shangrong Deng; Kai Qian; Chih-Cheng Hung
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