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Hard X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Detector Physics V
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Volume Number: 5198
Date Published: 20 January 2004
Softcover: 41 papers (362) pages
ISBN: 9780819450715

Table of Contents
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Evaluation of CZT detectors with capacitive Frisch grid structure
Author(s): Leonard J. Cirignano; Hadong Kim; Kanai S. Shah; Misha Klugerman; Philip Wong; Michael R. Squillante; Longxia Li
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Characterization of the HEFT CdZnTe pixel detectors
Author(s): C. M. Hubert Chen; Walter R Cook; Fiona A Harrison; Jiao Y Y Lin; Peter H Mao; Stephen M Schindler
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Cadmium-zinc telluride detector arrays for synchrotron radiation applications
Author(s): Edson M. Kakuno; Giuseppe S. Camarda; D. Peter Siddons
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Cadmium-zinc-telluride crystal array spectrometer
Author(s): William M. Quam; Thomas DeVore; Harold R McHugh; Robert D Vogel; John Wesolowski
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Zn distribution in CdZnTe and its effects on detector performance
Author(s): Sevag Terterian; Muren Chu; David Ting
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New progress in large-size CZT single-crystal growth for nuclear radiation detectors
Author(s): Longxia Li; Fengying Lu; Chun Lee; H. Walter Yao; Arnold Burger; M. Groza; G. W. Wright; Ralph B. James; Richard W. Olsen; Paul N. Luke; Kanai S. Shah; Leonard J. Cirignano; Michael R. Squillante; Donald R. Ouimette
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Growth of high-resistivity CdTe and (Cd,Zn)Te crystals
Author(s): Michael Fiederle; Alex Fauler; Vladimir Babentsov; J. P. Konrath; Jan Franc
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Multispectral x-ray and gamma spectrometer
Author(s): Alfred Meidinger; Jennifer Sloane-Warren; Craig A. Kruschwitz; Paul O. Frederickson; Robert A. Hilko; Michael J. Berninger; Thomas W. Tunnell; Dan Keith Frayer; Donald V. Rosenberry
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Plastic gamma sensors: an application in detection of radioisotopes
Author(s): Sanjoy Mukhopadhyay
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Portable gamma and thermal neutron detector using 6LiI(Eu) crystals
Author(s): Sanjoy Mukhopadhyay; Harold R McHugh
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Thin films of In2O3/SiO as optical gamma radiation sensors
Author(s): Khalil Arshak; Olga Korostynska; John Henry
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Large mass bolometers for neutrinoless double beta decay detection: model and last results
Author(s): Marisa Pedretti; Marco Barucci; Andrea Giuliani; Edoardo Pasca; Lara Risegari; Emiliano Olivieri; Guglielmo Ventura
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Vortex: a new high-performance silicon multicathode detector for XRD and XRF applications
Author(s): Liangyuan Feng; Jan S. Iwanczyk; Bradley E. Patt; Shaul Barkan; Carolyn R. Tull
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CTI distribution within a damaged CCD pixel having a notch structure
Author(s): Hiroshi Tsunemi; Masami Miki; Emi Miyata; Junko Hiraga; Kazuhisa Miyaguchi
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Scintillators for high efficiency and high spatial resolution in x-ray imaging applications
Author(s): Yacouba Diawara; Roger D. Durst; Galina Mednikova; Timothy A. Thorson; Jaan Hiie; Vello Valdna
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Collimated step-wedge spectrometer for flash x-ray radiography sources
Author(s): Fletcher J. Goldin; Stephen E. Mitchell
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Characterization of mercuric iodide photoconductor for radiographic and fluoroscopic medical imagers
Author(s): Barry N. Breen; Ofer Dagan; Leonid Melekhov; Michael M. Schieber; Haim Gilboa; George Zentai; Larry D. Partain; Raisa Pavlyuchkova; Cesar Proano; Gary F. Virshup
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Spectral performance of mercuric iodide gamma-ray detectors at elevated temperatures
Author(s): Lodewijk van den Berg; Alan E. Proctor; Kenneth R. Pohl
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Charge collection in epitaxial GaAs p/i/n radiation detectors
Author(s): J.C. Bourgoin; G.C. Sun; Paul J. Sellin; S. Yin
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Gamma detectors based on high pressure xenon: their development and application
Author(s): Sergey E. Ulin; Valery V. Dmitrenko; V. M. Grachev; Z. M. Uteshev; K. F. Vlasic; I. V. Chernysheva; A. G. Duhvalov; F. G. Kotler; K. N. Pushkin
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Advances in CCD technology for x-ray diffraction applications
Author(s): Timothy A. Thorson; Roger D. Durst; Dan Frankel; Rex L. Bordwell; Jose R. Camara; Edward Leon-Guerrero; Steven K. Onishi; Francis Pang; Paul Vu; Edwin M Westbrook
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Fully differential readout electronics for coplanar-grid detectors
Author(s): James E Toney; Christopher M Baer; Nader Kalkhoran
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Plutonium and uranium isotopic analysis in the x-ray region with CdTe detector
Author(s): Duc T. Vo; Phyllis A Russo
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Advances in the high-pressure crystal growth technology of semi-insulating CdZnTe for radiation detector applications
Author(s): Csaba Szeles; Scott E. Cameron; Jean-Olivier Ndap; Michael D. Reed
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Nature of nonlinearity of I-V characteristics in CdTe:Cl single crystals
Author(s): Andriy V. Sukach; Volodymyr V. Tetyorkin; Volodymyr D. Popovych; Volodymyr M. Popov
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Properties of CdZnTe detectors in the Burst Alert Telescope (BAT) array
Author(s): Goro Sato; Tadayuki Takahashi; Kazuhiro Nakazawa; Shin Watanabe; Makoto Tashiro; Masaya Suzuki; Yu Okada; Hiromitsu Takahashi; Ann M. Parsons; Jack Tueller; Hans Krimm; Scott D. Barthelmy; Jay Cummings; Craig Markwardt; Derek D. Hullinger; Neil A. Gehrels; Edward E. Fenimore; David Palmer; Anthony J. Dean; Dave Willis
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Fast neutron source detection at long distances using double-scatter spectrometry
Author(s): Leon Forman; Peter E. Vanier; Keith Welsh
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Burst Alert Telescope (BAT) instrument response generation
Author(s): Derek D. Hullinger; Ann M. Parsons; Goro Sato
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Development of micro-pocket fission detectors (MPFD) for near-core and in-core neutron flux monitoring
Author(s): Martin F. Ohmes; Douglas S. McGregor; J. Kenneth Shultis; P. Michael Whaley; A.S.M. Sabbir Ahmed; Clayton C. Bolinger; Tracy C. Pinsent
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Detectors for the gamma-ray resonant absorption (GRA) method of explosives detection in cargo: a comparative study
Author(s): David Vartsky; Mark B Goldberg; Gideon Engler; Asher Shor; Aharon Goldschmidt; Gennady Feldman; Doron Bar; Itzhak Orion; Lucian Wielopolski
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Detectors for multi-energy radiography
Author(s): Volodimer D. Ryzhikov; Dmitro Kozin; Olena Lysetskaya; Sergey Kostyukevich
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Theoretical analysis of physical limits of energy resolution for detectors of scintillator-photodiode type and ways to improve their spectrometric characteristics
Author(s): Sergey V. Naydenov; Vladimir D. Ryzhikov
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A safety inspection system for airfields based on x-ray technology
Author(s): Jianbing Jiao; Junjie Zhang; Benkang Chang; Rongguo Fu; Qiang Gao
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Development of novel radiation remote-sensing method based on laser spectroscopic measurement of radiation-induced radicals
Author(s): Hideki Tomita; Kenichi Watanabe; Jun Kawarabayashi; Tetsuo Iguchi
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Schottky barriers at Au/p-CdTe interfaces
Author(s): Yevgen O. Bilevych; Andriy V. Sukach; Volodymyr V. Tetyorkin; A. I. Boka
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SiO2-based scintillating fibers for x-ray detection
Author(s): Norberto Chiodini; Gilberto Brambilla; Anna Vedda; Daniela Di Martino; Mauro Fasoli; Alessandro Lauria; Marco Redaelli; Emanuela Rosetta
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Effects of surface roughness on large-volume CdZnTe nuclear radiation detectors and removal of surface damage by chemical etching
Author(s): Gomez W Wright; Giuseppe S. Camarda; Edson Kakuno; Longxia Li; Fengying Lu; Chun Lee; Arnold Burger; Jack I. Trombka; D. Peter Siddons; Ralph B. James
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Measurements of a new CZT pixel array detector based on the Rockwell PICNIC readout array
Author(s): Ian B. Hutchinson; Andrew D. Holland; Paul J. Sellin; Nick Nelms; Yibin Bai
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End-point energy measurement in pulsed x-ray detectors
Author(s): Stephen E. Mitchell; Joshua D. Friedman; Edward J. McCrea; Herman E. Utiger
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Parallel biased GaAs photoconductive detector
Author(s): John E. Rauch; Miriam Gersten-Rauch; Arnold Burger
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Use of GSO scintillators in x-range radiometers
Author(s): Vladimir D. Ryzhikov; B. V. Grinev; E. N. Pirogov; G. M. Onyshchenko; A. I. Ivanov; Sergey A. Kostyukevich
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