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Fourth-Generation X-Ray Sources and Ultrafast X-Ray Detectors

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Volume Number: 5194
Date Published: 28 January 2004

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Free-electron lasers without inversion: principles and proposed realizations
Author(s): Marlan O. Scully; Yuri V. Rostovtsev
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Numerical experiments on free-electron lasers without inversion: small- and high-gain regimes
Author(s): Yuri V. Rostovtsev; Simeon Trendafilov; Alexander Artemiev; Kishore Kapale; Gershon Kurizki; Marlan O. Scully
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Spectral charateristics of an advanced x-ray generator at the KIPT based on Compton backscattering
Author(s): Alexey Veniaminovich Agafonov; Jan I. M. Botman; V. Bulyak; Peter I. Gladkikh; Alexander V. Kachinskiy; Ivan M. Karnaukhov; Andrey N. Lebedev; Andrey O. Mytsykov; Alexander A. Shcherbakov; Roman O. Tatchyn; Yuriy N. Telegin; Marnix J. van der Wiel; Andrey Yu. Zelinsky
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Simulations of inertial confinement fusion driven by a novel synchrotron-radiation-based x-ray igniter
Author(s): Vyacheslav Nikolayevich Shlyaptsev; Roman O. Tatchyn
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A linac-driven femtosecond polarized x-ray source
Author(s): Roman O. Tatchyn
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Femtosecond coherent control of x-rays
Author(s): Bernhard W. Adams
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Short-focal-length compound refractive lenses for x-rays
Author(s): Yury I. Dudchik; Nicolai N. Kolchevsky; Fadei F. Komarov; Melvin A. Piestrup; J. Theodore Cremer; Charles K. Gary; Richard H. Pantell
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Large-aperture compound refractive lenses
Author(s): J. Theodore Cremer; Melvin A. Piestrup; Charles K. Gary; Richard H. Pantell
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Beam splitting and recombining of the radiation from an EUV free-electron laser by means of reflection gratings
Author(s): Luca Poletto; Paolo Azzolin; Giuseppe Tondello; Giampiero Naletto
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High-resolution monochromators for the utilization of the radiation from an EUV free-electron laser
Author(s): Luca Poletto; Paolo Azzolin; Giuseppe Tondello
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Characterization of the new FX1 x-ray streak camera
Author(s): Vincent Pitre; Sebastien Magnan; Jean-Claude Kieffer; Fabien Dorchies; Francois Salin; Catherine Goulmy; Jean-Claude Rebuffie
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X-ray streak camera with 30-fs timing jitter
Author(s): Jinyuan Liu; Jin Wang; Bing Shan; Chun Wang; Zenghu Chang
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Methods for measuring single attosecond x-ray pulses
Author(s): Jiro Itatani; Fabien Quere; Gennady L. Yudin; Paul B. Corkum
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Characterization of CsI photocathodes at grazing incidence for use in a unit quantum efficiency x-ray streak camera
Author(s): Donnacha P. Lowney; Philip A. Heimann; Eric M. Gullikson; Andrew G. MacPhee; Roger W. Falcone; Howard A. Padmore
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Synchronization of two different repetition-rate mode-locked laser oscillators for laser-Compton x-ray generation
Author(s): Tatsuya Yanagida; Yohei Kobayashi; Kenichi Maeda; Shinji Ito; Fumio Sakai; Kenji Torizuka; Akira Endo
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A high-rate gaseous area detector for x-ray diffraction applications
Author(s): David M Khazins; Bruce L Becker; Bob B He; Yacouba Diawara; Roger D Durst; Sergei A Medved; Vlad Sedov; Tim A Thorson
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Improvements in off-center focusing in an x-ray streak camera
Author(s): Joseph W. McDonald; Franz Weber; Roger Lee Griffith; Joe P. Holder; Perry M. Bell
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Breaking the 100-fs barrier with a streak camera
Author(s): Paul A. Jaanimagi
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Subpicosecond streak camera measurements at LLNL: from IR to x-rays
Author(s): Jaroslav Kuba; Ronnie Shepherd; Rex Booth; Richard E. Stewart; Edward Chin Wang Lee; Patrick Audebert; John K. Crane; Robert R. Cross; James Dunn; Paul T. Springer
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RadSensor: x-ray detection by direct modulation of an optical probe beam
Author(s): Mark E. Lowry; Corey V Bennett; Stephen P Vernon; Tiziana Conese Bond; Rebecca Welty; Elaine M. Behymer; Holly E. Petersen; Adam Krey; Richard E. Stewart; Nobuhiko P. Kobayashi; Victor R. Sperry; Phillip L. Stephan; Cathy Reinhardt; Sean Simpson; Paul Stratton; Richard M Bionta; Mark A. McKernan; Elden Ables; Linda L. Ott; Steven W. Bond; Jay Ayers; Otto L. Landen; Perry M. Bell
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Characterization of x-ray framing cameras for use in inertial confinement fusion and radiation hydrodynamics experiments
Author(s): Michael S Bakeman; Scott C Evans; John A. Oertel; Peter J. Walsh; Cris W Barnes
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A large-format gated x-ray framing camera
Author(s): John A. Oertel; Tom Archuleta; Mike S. Bakeman; Phillip Sanchez; George Sandoval; Lou Schrank; Peter J. Walsh; Neal Pederson
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X-ray optical designs for the linac-based ultrafast x-ray source (LUX)
Author(s): Philip A. Heimann; Howard A. Padmore; Alexander A. Zholents
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