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Advanced Characterization Techniques for Optics, Semiconductors, and Nanotechnologies
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Volume Number: 5188
Date Published: 4 November 2003
Softcover: 40 papers (412) pages
ISBN: 9780819450616

Table of Contents
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Characterization of polarization aberrations in liquid crystal devices
Author(s): Justin Wolfe; Russell Chipman
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Manufacturability considerations in designing optical monitoring methods for control of plasma etch processes
Author(s): Vijayakumar C. Venugopal; Andrew J. Perry; Kim V. Wallace; David J. Cooperberg
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Thin film 193-nm TNK measurement using multidomain genetic algorithm (MDGA) and with a combination of Beam Profile Reflectometry (BPR), Absolute Ellipsometry (AE), and spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE)
Author(s): Jon L. Opsal; Jingmin Leng; Chih-Ming Ke; Pei-Hung Chen; Jeng-Horng Chen; Yao-Ching Ku
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Optical characterization in wide spectral range by a coherent spectrophotometer
Author(s): Valdas Sirutkaitis; Robert C. Eckardt; Ona Balachninaite; Rimantas Grigonis; A. Melninkaitis; T. Rakickas
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Three-dimensional reconstruction of refractive index distribution in optical phase elements by interferometric and photoelastic tomography
Author(s): Malgorzata Kujawinska; Pawel Kniazewski
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Recent advances in the development of phase-shifting liquid crystal interferometers for visible and near-IR applications
Author(s): Kenneth L Marshall; Brett Klehn; Bryan Watson; DeVon W. Griffin
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Digital demodulation of an interferometer for the characterization of vibrating microstructures
Author(s): Brandon Douglas Pitt; Tristan Jorge Tayag; Mendy Lynn Nelson
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Quadrature phase-shift interferometer (QPSI) decoding algorithms and error analysis
Author(s): Jianmin Wang; Jason L. Pressesky
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Optimization of optical coatings for the UV/VUV range
Author(s): Detlev Ristau; Stefan Guenster
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Absorption measurement of DUV optical materials at 193 and 157 nm by laser-induced deflection
Author(s): Christian Muehlig; Siegfried Kufert; Wolfgang Triebel; Ute Natura; Frank Coriand
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Surface characterization of optically polished CaF2 crystal by quasi-Brewster-angle technique
Author(s): Jue Wang; Robert L. Maier; John H. Bruning
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VUV light-scattering measurements of substrates and thin film coatings
Author(s): Annette Hultaker; Stefan Gliech; Nils Benkert; Angela Duparre
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Laser-induced fluorescence of calcium fluoride at 193 and 157 nm excitation
Author(s): Christian Muehlig; Wolfgang Triebel; Gabriela Toepfer; Joachim Bergmann; Sven Brueckner; Christoph Chojetzki; Regina Martin
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Image detection system for 157 nm using fluorescent glass
Author(s): Yukitoshi Otani; Masakatsu Takahashi; Lianhua Jin; Hiroyuki Kowa; Norihiro Umeda
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At-wavelength metrology on Sc-based multilayers for the UV and water window
Author(s): Franz Schaefers; Sergiy A. Yulin; Torsten Feigl; Norbert Kaiser
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Mueller matrix polarimeter in 157 nm
Author(s): Lianhua Jin; Hiroyuki Kowa; Yukitoshi Otani; Norihiro Umeda
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Photothermal microscopy and laser damage in optical components
Author(s): Mireille J Commandre; Jean Yves Natoli; Claude Amra; Annelise During; Laurent Gallais
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Advanced industrial fluorescence metrology used for qualification of high-quality optical materials
Author(s): Axel Engel; Hans-Juergen Becker; Oliver Sohr; Rainer Haspel; Volker Rupertus
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Accuracy of optical thin film parameter determination based on spectrophotometric data
Author(s): Alexander V Tikhonravov; Michael K. Trubetskov; Gary W. DeBell
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Reliable determination of wavelength dependence of thin film refractive index
Author(s): Alexander V. Tikhonravov; Michael K. Trubetskov; Tatiana V. Amotchkina; Andrei A. Tikhonravov; Detlev Ristau; Stefan Gunster
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Characterization of Ag-Sb-Te alloy and their films for phase-change optical memories
Author(s): Yagya Deva Sharma; P. K. Bhatnagar
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Advanced transmission electron microscopy for nano-optics
Author(s): Ute A. Kaiser
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One way to accomplish the advanced requests of nanometrology: the nanometer coordinate measuring machine (NCMM)
Author(s): Ralph Petersen; Hendrik Rothe
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Characterization procedures for nanorough ultrahydrophobic surfaces with controlled optical matter
Author(s): Marcel Flemming; Karsten Reihs; Angela Duparre
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Enhancement and quenching of the fluorescence of single CdSe/ZnS quantum dots studied by confocal apertureless near-field scanning optical microscope
Author(s): Vladimir V. Protasenko; Alan Gallagher; Massimiliano Labardi; David J. Nesbitt
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Characterizing surface roughness of thin films by polarized light scattering
Author(s): Thomas A. Germer; Michael J. Fasolka
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Localization of sub-100-nm particles on wafers with solid state detector arrays
Author(s): Thomas Rinder; Hendrik Rothe
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Low- and mid-spatial-frequency component measurement for aspheres
Author(s): Michael Schulz; Ingolf Weingaertner; Clemens Elster; Joachim Gerhardt
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An automated subaperture stitching interferometer workstation for spherical and aspherical surfaces
Author(s): Jon Fleig; Paul Dumas; Paul E. Murphy; Greg W. Forbes
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Absolute high-accuracy deflectometric measurement of topography
Author(s): Jens Illemann
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Comparative linewidth measurements on chrome and MoSi structures using newly developed microscopy methods
Author(s): Bernd Bodermann; Werner Mirande; Norbert Kerwien; Alexander Tavrov; Michael Totzeck; Hans Tiziani
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Phase-shifting algorithm via wavelength tuning based on temporal Fourier transform
Author(s): Yingjie Yu; Benhao Zhang; Yunfang Jiao
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Double-diode configuration of self-calibrating photodiodes
Author(s): Mykola Guryev; Alexander Kupko; Leonid Nazarenko
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Finite difference approach to optical scattering of gratings
Author(s): Hanyou Chu
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Information reconstruction based on phase-shifting technique in digital holography
Author(s): Yunfang Jiao; Yingjie Yu; Zhiwen Lu
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Radioactive decay of excitations in ZnSe (Te)
Author(s): S. I. Gordeev; Sergey N. Galkin; S. A. Kostyukevich; A. I. Lalayants; Vladimir D. Ryzhikov; Alexander V. Tolmachev; E. F. Voronkin; E. K. Lisetskaja
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Single steady frequency and narrow-linewidth external-cavity semiconductor laser
Author(s): Weirui Zhao; Pengfei Jiang; Fuzeng Xie
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New magnetic semiconductor sulfospinels with cobalt
Author(s): Dilaram Abdullaevna Saifullaeva; Shahlo Fazilovna Solieva
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A review of the emerging SEMI standards for particle scanners
Author(s): John C. Stover
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Comparison of roughness measurement with atomic force microscopy and interference microscopy
Author(s): Anders Kuhle; Bengt-Goran Rosen; Joergen Garnaes
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