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Lithographic and Micromachining Techniques for Optical Component Fabrication II

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Volume Number: 5183
Date Published: 3 November 2003

Table of Contents
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Applications of index-gradient artificial dielectrics
Author(s): Philippe Lalanne; Jean-Claude Rodier; Pierre H. Chavel; Edmond Cambril; A. Talneau; Yong Chen
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Polarizing metal stripe gratings for a micro-optical polarimeter
Author(s): Tina Clausnitzer; Hans-Joerg Fuchs; Ernst-Bernhard Kley; Andreas Tuennermann; Uwe D. Zeitner
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Fabrication of self-assembled photonic-crystal structures by centrifugation and spin coating
Author(s): Yan Xu; Garrett J. Schneider; Eric D. Wetzel; Dennis W. Prather
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Structural parameter of color separating grating and its physical characteristics
Author(s): Fuhua Gao; Jianhua Zhu; Feng Gao; Jianli Liu; Yongkang Guo; Ziqiang Hu
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Periodic structures with arbitrary shapes recorded by multiple-beam interference
Author(s): Christophe Weiteneder; Werner Klaus; Hans Peter Herzig
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Resonant grating filters at oblique incidence
Author(s): Guido Niederer; Martin Salt; Hans Peter Herzig; Hans Thiele; Michael T. Gale; Christian Zschokke; Marc Schnieper
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New solutions to realize complex optical systems by a combination of diffractive and refractive optical components
Author(s): Robert Brunner; Reinhard Steiner; Hans-Juergen Dobschal; Dietrich Martin; Matthias Burkhardt; Michael Helgert
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Diamond micro-optics
Author(s): Fredrik K. Nikolajeff; Mikael Karlsson
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Micro-optical element on SiN membrane
Author(s): Jenq Yang Chang; Yu Cheng Chang; Chien Chieh Lee; Chi Ming Wang
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Fabrication of polymer cantilevers for force-controlled atomic force microscope
Author(s): Nobuhiro Kato; Choong Sik Park; Toshiro Matsumoto; Hisao Kikuta; Koichi Iwata
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Micro-optical sensor system for birefringence characterization of textile fibers
Author(s): Uwe D. Zeitner; S. Kaufmann; Ernst-Bernhard Kley
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Compact interferometer for micro-optic performance and shape characterization
Author(s): Kate M. Medicus; Devendra Karodkar; Brent C. Bergner; Neil Gardner; Angela Davies
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Application of precision diamond machining to the manufacture of microphotonics components
Author(s): Matthew A. Davies; Christopher J. Evans; Rashmi R. Vohra; Brent C. Bergner; Steven R. Patterson
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Alternative method of gray-tone lithography with potential for the fabrication of combined continuous 3D surface profiles and subwavelength structures
Author(s): Lars-Christian Wittig; Tina Clausnitzer; Ernst-Bernhard Kley; Andreas Tuennermann
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Fabrication of micropyramid prism array with coding gray-tone mask method
Author(s): Qian Liu; Fuhua Gao; Feng Gao; Qingjun Peng; Yongkang Guo; Jun Yao
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Process development and application of grayscale lithography for efficient three-dimensionally profiled fiber-to-waveguide couplers
Author(s): Thomas Dillon; Anita Sure; Janusz A. Murakowski; Dennis W. Prather
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Analog proximity-photolithography with mask aligners for the manufacturing of micro-optical elements
Author(s): Tobias Erdmann; Matthias Cumme; Lars-Christian Wittig; Ernst-Bernhard Kley; Frank Wyrowski; Andreas Tuennermann
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Resist hardening without surface deviation
Author(s): Holger Hartung; Matthias Cumme; Mike Thieme; Ernst-Bernhard Kley; Andreas Tuennermann
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Wafer-scale micro-optics replication technology
Author(s): Markus Rossi; Hartmut Rudmann; Brigitte Marty; Andreas Maciossek
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Photo-induced surface relief on Azo polymer for optical component fabrication
Author(s): Takashi Fukuda; Chang-Dae Keum; Hiro Matsuda; Kiyoshi Yase; Kaoru Tamada
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Fabrication of micro-optical elements on a glass surface by imprint lithography
Author(s): Takehiko Yamaguchi; Kazuyuki Yao; Tomohiro Kanakugi; Seiichirou Kitagawa; Yoshihiko Hirai
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Melted (reflow) microlens array formation
Author(s): Feidhlim T. O'Neill; John T. Sheridan
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Synthesis of polarization-selective optical components with multilayer subwavelength structures
Author(s): Wanji Yu; Hisao Kikuta; Tsuyoshi Konishi
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Etching quartz with inductively coupled plasma etching equipment
Author(s): Xuming Wu; Changhe Zhou; Peng Xi; Enwen Dai; Huayi Ru; Liren Liu
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Ring-coded halftone masks for the fabrication of circular micro-optical elements
Author(s): Changtao Wang; Chunlei Du
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