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Optical Materials and Structures Technologies
Editor(s): William A. Goodman

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Volume Number: 5179
Date Published: 12 December 2003

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Current fabrication techniques for ULE and fused silica lightweight mirrors
Author(s): Thomas W. Hobbs; Mary J. Edwards; Randy R. VanBrocklin
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Ultralightweight borosilicate Gas-Fusion mirror for cryogenic testing
Author(s): Michael Voevodsky; Richard W. Wortley
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Corning lightweight core fabrication technologies
Author(s): Randy R. VanBrocklin; Mary J. Edwards; Thomas W. Hobbs
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Study of small variations of coefficient of thermal expansion in Corning ULE glass
Author(s): William R. Arnold
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Compaction effects of radiation on Zerodur
Author(s): Mark J. Davis; Jakob Fainberg
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Low-temperature bonding of lightweight mirrors
Author(s): Mary T Strzelecki; Matthew Magida; R. O'Malley; Mark Stier; K. Trefny; Nathaniel P Wyckoff
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Characterization of AlBeMet 162 as an optical substrate material
Author(s): James E. Heber; Thomas B. Parsonage
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Cryogenic properties of aluminum-beryllium and beryllium materials
Author(s): Wayne R Gamwell; Preston B. McGill
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Diffusion-bonded beryllium aluminum optical structures
Author(s): Thomas F Grapes
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Material trades for reflective optics from a systems engineering perspective
Author(s): James J. Guregian; John W. Pepi; Mark Schwalm; Farshid Azad
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Photodefined polymeric photonic materials and processes
Author(s): Thomas B. Gorczyca; Min-Yi Shih
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Optical stability of silicone lens material after exposure to emulated space environmental radiation
Author(s): David T. Hoppe; David L. Edwards; Charles L. Semmel; Mark J. O'Neill; A. J. McDanal
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Ultralight stretched Fresnel lens solar concentrator for space power applications
Author(s): Mark J. O'Neill; Michael F. Piszczor; Michael I. Eskenazi; A. J. McDanal; Patrick J. George; Matthew M. Botke; Henry W. Brandhorst; David L. Edwards; David T. Hoppe
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Polymer material and casting process development for reduced manufacturing cost of spaceborne optics
Author(s): Brian G. Patrick; James D Moore; Dan K Marker; James R Rotge
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FE and experimental analysis of net-shape polymer membrane optics
Author(s): Siva Prasad Pilli; Christopher H Jenkins
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Elastic memory composite technology for thin lightweight space- and ground-based deployable mirrors
Author(s): Steven C Arzberger; Naseem A. Munshi; Mark S. Lake; Joe Wintergerst; Steve Varlese; Melville P. Ulmer
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Development of a precision cryogenic dilatometer for James Webb Space Telescope materials testing
Author(s): Matthew J. Dudik; Peter G. Halverson; Marie B. Levine; Martin Marcin; Robert D. Peters; Stuart Shaklan
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Material damping experiments at cryogenic temperatures
Author(s): Marie B. Levine; Christopher White
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A new system for cryogenic thermal expansion measurement
Author(s): Chandra S. Vikram; James B. Hadaway
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Technology development for cryogenic deployable telescope structures and mechanisms
Author(s): Charles B. Atkinson; Larry Gilman; Paul Reynolds
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Frit bonding: a way to larger and more complex silicon components
Author(s): Frank M. Anthony; Douglas R. McCarter; Matthew Tangedahl; Mallory Wright
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Deformation of silicon surfaces
Author(s): John C. Lambropoulos; Kang-Hua Chen; Theodore J. Lambropoulos
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Indentation hardness and modulus of the surface of a large superpolished single-crystal silicon sphere
Author(s): Achim J. Leistner; Anthony C. Fischer-Cripps; Jean M. Bennett
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Cesic: engineering material for optomechnical applications
Author(s): Matthias Krodel; G. Siegfried Kutter
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Protected silver coatings for low-scatter SiC and SiC/Si mirror surfaces
Author(s): James B. Heaney; Manuel A. Quijada; Ian C. Stevenson; Ritva A. M. Keski-Kuha; Jay R. Schwartz; Joseph Robichaud
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Comparison of sintered-SiC and C/SiC mirror behavior at cryogenic temperatures
Author(s): Andrea Novi; Giuseppe Mondello; Christophe Devilliers; Aldo Caso; Matthias R. Krodel; Mauro Ghigo; Christian duJeu
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The SOPHI concept adaptive mirror: utilizing Cesic ceramic material
Author(s): Les Whiting; S. Enguehard; Brian Hatfield; Matthias R. Krodel; Werner Hupfer; Manfred Ziegler
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Lightweight mirrors from single-crystal silicon
Author(s): Vincent T. Bly; David A. Content; John G. Hagopian; Linette D. Kolos; David O. Moore
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Optical and thermal design of the main optic of the solar telescope GREGOR
Author(s): Reiner Volkmer; Oskar von der Luhe; Dirk Soltau; Peter Emde; Matthias Krodel; Norbert Pailer; Eberhardt Wiehr
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Design of the solar telescope GREGOR under dynamic wind loads
Author(s): Peter Emde; Martin Suss; Peter Eisenträger; Ralk Moik; Hans Karcher
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Recent developments of advanced structures for space optics at Astrium, Germany
Author(s): Thomas Stute; Georg Wulz; Dietmar Scheulen
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Diamond-turned composite mirrors
Author(s): Abdel A. Abusafieh
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Graphite-epoxy optical systems: lessons learned on the way to Mars
Author(s): Michael A. Ravine; Eddy A. Derby; G. Edward Danielson; Michael C. Malin; John Richer; Thomas A. Soulanille; Arthur R. Telkamp
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Reducing the cost (and increasing the availability) of low-expansion fused glass mirror blanks
Author(s): Steven J. Connell; B. Griffith; Dan R. Federico; Gregory V. Mehle
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