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Telescopes and Instrumentation for Solar Astrophysics
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Volume Number: 5171
Date Published: 4 February 2004
Softcover: 35 papers (368) pages
ISBN: 9780819450449

Table of Contents
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SMEI: design and development of an Earth-orbiting all-sky coronagraph
Author(s): Bernard V. Jackson; P. Paul Hick; Andrew Buffington; Robert E. Gold; George Michael Simnett; Christopher James Eyles; Mark P. Cooke; Nicholas R. Waltham
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Comparative analyses of the CSSS magnetic field calculation in the Univ. of California/San Diego tomographic solar wind model with in situ spacecraft observations
Author(s): Tamsen Dunn; P. Paul Hick; Bernard V. Jackson; Andrew Buffington; Xue Pu Zhao
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The Total Irradiance Monitor design and on-orbit functionality
Author(s): Greg Kopp; George Lawrence; Gary Rottman
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Lessons learned from the SOHO/LASCO-C2 calibration
Author(s): Antoine Llebaria; Philippe L. Lamy; Maurice V. Bout
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The Reuven Ramaty High-Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (RHESSI) mission
Author(s): Robert P. Lin; Brian Dennis; Gordon Hurford; David M. Smith; Alex Zehnder
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MAGRITTE: an instrument suite for the solar atmospheric imaging assembly (AIA) aboard the Solar Dynamics Observatory
Author(s): Pierre L. Rochus; Jean-Marc Defise; Jean-Philippe Halain; Claude A. J. Jamar; Emmanuel Mazy; Laurence Rossi; Tanguy Thibert; Frederic Clette; Pierre Cugnon; David Berghmans; Jean-Francois E. Hochedez; Jean-Pierre Delaboudiniere; Frederic Auchere; Raymond Mercier; Marie-Francoise Ravet; Franck Delmotte; Mourad Idir; Udo H. Schuehle; Volker Bothmer; Silvano Fineschi; Russell A. Howard; John Daniel Moses; Jeffrey S. Newmark
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The solar x-ray imager for GOES
Author(s): James R. Lemen; Dexter W. Duncan; Christopher G. Edwards; Frank M. Friedlaender; Bruce K. Jurcevich; Mons D. Morrison; Larry A. Springer; Robert A. Stern; Jean-Pierre Wuelser; Marilyn E. Bruner; Richard C. Catura
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Characterization of the flight CCD detectors for the GOES N and O solar x-ray imagers
Author(s): Robert A. Stern; Lawrence Shing; Paul R. Catura; Mons D. Morrison; Dexter W. Duncan; James R. Lemen; Tim Eaton; Peter J. Pool; Roy Steward; Dave M. Walton; Alan Smith
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X-ray calibration of the GOES-N/O solar X-ray imagers
Author(s): Paul R. Catura; Brennan L. Gantner; Bruce K. Jurcevich; Claude K. Kam; James R. Lemen; Mons D. Morrison; Lawrence Shing; Richard C. Catura
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A system to reduce jitter for the GOES-N/O/P solar X-ray imager
Author(s): Brennan L. Gantner; James R. Lemen; Christopher G. Edwards; Paul R. Catura; Henry P. Hancock; Mons D. Morrison
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EUVI: the STEREO-SECCHI extreme ultraviolet imager
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Wuelser; James R. Lemen; Theodore D. Tarbell; C. Jacob Wolfson; Joseph C. Cannon; Brock A. Carpenter; Dexter W. Duncan; Glenn S. Gradwohl; Syndie B. Meyer; Augustus S. Moore; Rosemarie L. Navarro; J. Dunagan Pearson; George R. Rossi; Larry A. Springer; Russell A. Howard; John Daniel Moses; Jeffrey S. Newmark; Jean-Pierre Delaboudiniere; Guy Edouard Artzner; Frederic Auchere; Marie Bougnet; Philippe Bouyries; Francoise Bridou; Jean-Yves Clotaire; Gerard Colas; Franck Delmotte; Arnaud Jerome; Michel Lamare; Raymond Mercier; Michel Mullot; Marie-Francoise Ravet; Xueyan Song; Volker Bothmer; Werner Deutsch
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Summary of the Solar Orbiter payload working group activities
Author(s): Bernhard Fleck; Richard A. Harrison; Richard G. Marsden; Robert Wimmer-Schweingruber
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Visible, externally occulted coronagraph for Solar Orbiter
Author(s): Sebastien Vives; Philippe L. Lamy; Clarence Korendyke
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A complex solar X-ray and EUV imaging telescope design
Author(s): Bo Chen; Yan Gong; Qiliang Ni
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Advanced Technology Solar Telescope: a progress report
Author(s): Jim Oschmann; Nathan Dalrymple; Mark Warner; Ron Price; Frank Hill; Rob Hubbard; Thomas R. Rimmele; Christoph U. Keller; Stephen Keil
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Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics - relay optical designs for a 4-m off-axis solar telescope
Author(s): Gilberto Moretto; Thomas R. Rimmele; Maud Langlois
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First results from the NSO/NJIT solar adaptive optics system
Author(s): Thomas R. Rimmele; Kit Richards; Stephen Hegwer; Stephen Fletcher; Scott Gregory; Gilberto Moretto; Leonid V. Didkovsky; Carsten J. Denker; Alexander Dolgushin; Philip R. Goode; Maud Langlois; Jose Marino; William Marquette
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Three-dimensional high-order wavefront sensing, anisoplanatism, and evaluation of the feasibility of solar MCAO
Author(s): Maud Langlois; Thomas R. Rimmele; Gilberto Moretto
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Development of SCIDAR for solar observations
Author(s): Jacques M. Beckers; Thomas R. Rimmele
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Low-order adaptive optics for the meter aperture solar telescope of Udaipur Solar Observatory
Author(s): Rengaswamy Sridharan; A. Raja Bayanna
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The Diffraction Limited Spectro-Polarimeter: a new instrument for high-resolution solar polarimetry
Author(s): K. Sankarasubramanian; Craig Gullixson; Stephen Hegwer; Thomas R. Rimmele; Scott Gregory; Tony Spence; Stephen Fletcher; Kit Richards; Emilie Rousset; Bruce Lites; David Elmore; Kim Streander; Michael Sigwarth
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Development of imaging arrays for solar UV observations based on wide band gap materials
Author(s): Udo H. Schuehle; Jean-Francois E. Hochedez; Jose Luis Pau; Carlos Rivera; Elias Munoz; Jose Alvarez; Jean-Paul Kleider; Philippe Lemaire; Thierry Appourchaux; Bernhard Fleck; Anthony Peacock; Mathias Richter; Udo Kroth; Alexander Gottwald; Marie-Claude Castex; Alain Deneuville; Pierre Muret; Milos Nesladek; Franck Omnes; Joachim John; Chris Van Hoof
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Charge caching CMOS detector for polarimetry (C3Po)
Author(s): Christoph U. Keller
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CCD camera for ground- and space-based solar corona observations
Author(s): Alessandro Gherardi; Luca Gori; Mauro Focardi; Emanuele Pace; Marco Romoli; Silvano Fineschi; Luca Zangrilli; Daniele Gardiol; Ester Antonucci
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High-speed cameras and solar observing
Author(s): John Harvey; Christoph U. Keller; Lonnie Cole; Roy Tucker; David Jaksha
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Deformable x-ray optics for solar physics
Author(s): Melville P. Ulmer; Robert A. Stern; Lawrence Shing; Matvey Farber; Mark Smith
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Visualization of remotely sensed heliospheric plasmas for space weather applications
Author(s): Xin Wang; P. Paul Hick; Bernard V. Jackson; Mike Bailey
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Heliospheric tomography: an algorithm for the reconstruction of the 3D solar wind from remote sensing observations
Author(s): P. Paul Hick; Bernard V. Jackson
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Optical design of the Lyman alpha coronagraph for the LYOT microsatellite
Author(s): Sebastien Vives; Philippe L. Lamy; Jean-Claude Vial
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Characteristic evaluation of a near-infrared Fabry-Pérot filter for the InfraRed Imaging Magnetograph (IRIM)
Author(s): Wenda Cao; Carsten J. Denker; Haimin Wang; J. Ma; M. Qu; Jinshan Wang; Philip R. Goode
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High speed low latency solar adaptive optics camera
Author(s): Kit Richards; Thomas R. Rimmele; Reuben Hill; Jianxin Chen
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SWAP: Sun watcher using APS detector on-board PROBA-2, a new EUV off-axis telescope on a technology demonstration platform
Author(s): Jean-Marc Defise; David Berghmans; Jean-Francois E. Hochedez; Jean-Herve M. Lecat; Emmanuel Mazy; Pierre L. Rochus; Tanguy Thibert; Piergiorgio Nicolosi; Maria Guglielmina Pelizzo; Udo H. Schuehle; Ronald A. M. Van der Linden; Andrei N Zhukov
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Accommodation of the Solar X-Ray Imager (SXI) on the GOES 12 spacecraft
Author(s): Frank Zimmermann; Gerald Zwirn; Martin A. Davis
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Optical design for a new off-axis 1.7-m solar telescope (NST) at Big Bear
Author(s): Leonid V. Didkovsky; Jeff R. Kuhn; Philip R. Goode
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Grazing-incidence reflectivity of Si-Au coatings for optics with high thermal load
Author(s): Luca Poletto; Giampiero Naletto; Giuseppe Tondello; Alessandro Patelli; Valentino Rigato; Guido Salmaso; Davide Silvestrini; Juan I. Larruquert; Jose Antonio Mendez
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