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Diagnostic Optical Spectroscopy in Biomedicine II
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Volume Number: 5141
Date Published: 8 October 2003
Softcover: 44 papers (376) pages
ISBN: 9780819450111

Table of Contents
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Optimization of the spectral design used to detect early carcinoma in the human tracheo-bronchial tree by autofluorescence imaging
Author(s): Tanja Gabrecht; Thomas Glanzmann; Lutz Freitag; Pierre Grosjean; Bernd Claus Weber; Philippe Monnier; Hubert van den Bergh; Georges A. Wagnieres
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Evaluation of time-resolved autofluorescence images of the ocular fundus
Author(s): Dietrich Schweitzer; Martin Hammer; Frank Schweitzer; Stefan Schenke; Elizabeth R Gaillard
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Caries imaging by teeth (auto)luminescence spectral analysis
Author(s): Gediminas Jonusauskas; Emmanuel Abraham; Jean Oberle; Claude Rulliere; Jean-Francoic Peli; Georges Dorignac
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Characterization of the autofluorescence of normal and tumoral esophageal epithelium cells
Author(s): Sandrine Villette; Genevieve Bourg-Heckly; Sophie Pigaglio; Pierre Validire; Alexei Grichine; Christine Vever-Bizet
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In vivo NIR autofluorescence of rat mammary tumors discriminates pathological malignancy
Author(s): Laure S Fournier; Vincenzo Lucidi; Werner Rosenau; Stavros G Demos; Robert C Brasch
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Lifetime fluorescence apparatus for clinical investigations of tissues
Author(s): Laura Marcu; Qiyin Fang; Thanassis Papaioannou; Javier A. Jo; Russel Vaitha; Kumar Shastry
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Compact fiber optic flurosensor using high-power continuous-wave violet diode laser
Author(s): Ann Johansson; Ulf Gustafsson; Sara Palsson; Sune Svanberg
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Fluorescence detection of neoplastic growths in vivo
Author(s): Tao T. Wu; T. H. Cheung; K. W. Lo; Yue Wen; Jianan Y. Qu
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Fluorescence microscopy studies of a peripheral-benzodiazepine-receptor-targeted molecular probe for brain tumor imaging
Author(s): Laura Marcu; P. Thomas Vernier; H. Charles Manning; Sarah Salemi; Aimin Li; Cheryl M. Craft; Martin A. Gundersen; Darryl J. Bornhop
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Fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging for noninvasive diagnostics: applications to early cancer detection in the lung
Author(s): Mary-Ann Mycek; Paul Urayama; Wei Zhong; Roger D. Sloboda; Konstantin H. Dragnev; Ethan Dmitrovsky
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Investigation of the hybridization process in DNA microarrays by fluorescence lifetime imaging
Author(s): Daniela Comelli; Cosimo D'Andrea; Paola Taroni; Gianluca Valentini; Rinaldo Cubeddu; Clarissa Consolandi; Gianluca De Bellis; Luigi Rossi Bernardi
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Optical characterization of small biopsy samples
Author(s): Anikitos Garofalakis; Giannis Zacharakis; George Filippidis; Elias Sanidas; Dimitris D Tsiftsis; Eleftherios N Stathopoulos; Maria Kafousi; Theodore G. Papazoglou; Jorge Ripoll
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Comprehensive description of light scattering by simultaneous measurement of angular, spectral, and polarization dependence for characterization of tissue macroachitecture in normal and precancerous states
Author(s): Young L. Kim; Yang Liu; Ramesh K. Wali; Hemant J. Roy; Michael J. Goldberg; Alexey K. Kromin; Kun Chen; Vadim Backman
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Measurement of mammalian erythrocyte indices from light scattering with scanning flow cytometer
Author(s): Konstantin A. Semianov; Peter Alexandrovich Tarasov
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Multispectral fluorescence imaging of basal cell carcinoma assisted by image warping
Author(s): Marica B. Ericson; Charlotta Berndtsson; Bo Stenquist; Ann-Marie Wennberg; Olle Larko; Arne Rosen
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Automatic amending of the tattoo sensor fluorescence localization by refractive index matching
Author(s): Dmitry Y. Churmakov; Igor V. Meglinski; Douglas A. Greenhalgh
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A novel Monte Carlo method for the optical diagnostics of skin
Author(s): Igor V. Meglinski; Dmitry Y. Churmakov
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Elastic scattering spectroscopy for detection of prostate cancer: preliminary feasibility study
Author(s): Irving J. Bigio; Ousama A'Amar; Michelle S. Hirsch
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Elastic scattering spectroscopy in the diagnosis of pigmented lesions: comparison with clinical and histopathological diagnosis
Author(s): J. J. Scarisbrick; C. D. O. Pickard; Andrew C. Lee; Gavin M. Briggs; Kristie Johnson; Stephen G. Bown; Marco Novelli; M. R. S. Keshtgar; Irving J. Bigio; R. Yu
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Pigmented skin lesions studied by VIS-NIR diffuse reflectance spectroscopy
Author(s): Monica Cordo Chinea; Jose Ramon Sendra Sendra; Sonnia Maria Lopez Silva; Agustin Viera Ramirez
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Development and design of a new spectral imaging system for melanoma research
Author(s): Mary C Haddock; Jeffrey C Bamber; Robert J Ott
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Combined classifier for discriminating cancerous tissue from normal tissue using light-induced autofluorescence
Author(s): Wumei Lin; Xin Yuan; Po Wing Yuen; Jonathan Sham; William I. Wei; Yue Wen; Peng-Cheng Shi; Jianan Y. Qu
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Optical diagnostics of liver pathology
Author(s): Lise Lyngsnes Randeberg; Olav A. Haugen; Lars O. Svaasand
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Identification of tooth abnormalities using terahertz imaging and spectroscopy
Author(s): Nickolay N. Zinov'ev; Caroline D. Sudworth; Elizabeth Berry; Saimon M. Strafford; David J. Wood; Fiona A. Carmichael; Robert E. Miles; Michael A. Smith; J. Martyn Chamberlain
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Employing microtechnology for noninvasive determination of local blood oxygen saturation based on tissue remission spectra
Author(s): Gerd Ehret; Ignaz Thiemann; Eduard Reithmeier
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Raman spectroscopy of oral bacteria
Author(s): Andrew J. Berger; Qingyuan Zhu; Robert G. Quivey
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Surface-enhanced Raman scattering of the tear film
Author(s): Janelle M Reyes-Goddard; Anthony C Woodman; Nicholas Stone; Hugh Barr; John Alan Creighton; Yuika Saito; David Batchelder
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Near-infrared Raman spectroscopy to study the composition of human brain tissue and tumors
Author(s): Christoph Krafft; Snezana Miljanic; Stephan B. Sobottka; Gabriele Schackert; Reiner Salzer
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Raman spectral mapping for the illumination of biochemical changes associated with malignancy in the oesophagus
Author(s): Catherine Kendall; Nicholas Stone; Neil Shepherd; Hugh Barr
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Application of FTIR ellipsometry to detect and classify micro-organisms
Author(s): Enric Garcia-Caurel; Jacqueline Nguyen; Laurent Schwartz; Bernard Drevillon
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Discrimination of lipid-rich atheromas through whole blood using near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy
Author(s): Andres F. Zuluaga; Barbara J. Marshik; Huwei Tan; Jing Tang; Anna M. Lindquist
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Optical local and superficial probing of tissues for in vivo diagnosis
Author(s): Philippe Thueler; Michel St. Ghislain; Christian D. Depeursinge; Igor Charvet; Paolo Meda; Ben Vermeulen
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On the influence of the instillation time on the results of HAL (Hexvix) fluorescence detection of superficial bladder cancer
Author(s): Patrice Jichlinski; Daniela Aymon; Georges A. Wagnieres; Alexandre Marti; Norbert Lange; Louis Guillou; Hans-Juerg Leisinger; Hubert van den Bergh
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Optical transillumination spectroscopy of breast tissue for cancer risk assessment
Author(s): Lothar Lilge; Kristina Blyschak; Michelle Simick; Roberta A. Jong
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Estimation of prediagnostic duration of type 2 diabetes mellitus by lens autofluorometry
Author(s): Line Kessel; Charlotte Glumer; Michael Larsen
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Application of laser-induced autofluorescence spectra detection in human colorectal cancer screening
Author(s): Sheng Fu; Teck-Chee Chia; Leong Chuan Kwek; Cheong Hoong Diong; Choong Leong Tang; Francis Seow Choen; S. M. Krishnan
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Raman spectroscopy in the assessment of breast cancer and axillary lymph node metastases
Author(s): Jenny Smith; Catherine Kendall; Jay Christie-Brown; Alastair Sammon; Nicholas Stone
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Study of laser-induced serum Raman spectrum of esophageal cancer diagnosis and DNA measure
Author(s): Xiaozhou Li; Junxiu Lin; Huiqiang Jin
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Optical property measurement of thin superficial tissue by using time-resolved spectroscopy
Author(s): Kenji Tanaka; Yukari Tanikawa; Ryuichiro Araki; Yukio Yamada; Eiji Okada
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Autofluorescence spectroscopy of colorectal carcinoma: ex vivo study
Author(s): Ladislav Horak; Alexandr Svec; Dimitrij Lezal; Jiri Zavadil
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In vivo cancer diagnostics by space-resolved diffuse reflectance spectroscopy
Author(s): Vadzim N. Chalau; Jacques Didelon; J. Istomin; Michael Samtsov; Eugeny Voropay; D. Wolf; Francoi H. Guillemin
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Laser transmission measurements toward the detection of abnormal muscle denervation
Author(s): Despoina Stambouli; George Filippidis; Theodore G. Papazoglou; Eleftherios Stamboulis; Alexandros Siafakas; Constantinos Fotakis
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Reflectance, scattering, and laser-induced fluorescence for the detection of dental caries
Author(s): Eleni Drakaki; Myrsini Makropoulou; Maruan Khabbaz; Alexandros A Serafetinides
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Method and system for cancer serum spectroscopy diagnosis
Author(s): Xiaozhou Li; Junxue Lin; Huiqiang Jin
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