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Optical Information, Data Processing and Storage, and Laser Communication Technologies
Editor(s): Jean-Pierre Goedgebuer; N. N. Rozanov; S. K. Turitsyn; Alexander S. Akhmanov; Vladislav Ya. Panchenko
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Volume Number: 5135
Date Published: 3 September 2003
Softcover: 25 papers (176) pages
ISBN: 9780819450036

Table of Contents
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Spectral space-time coding for multimode fiber communications
Author(s): A. Alonso; Sel-Brian B. Colak
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One-wire network standard for the fiber optic measuring network
Author(s): Igor V. Denisov; Oleg V. Kirichenko; Victor A. Sedov; Vsevolod V. Vorobyev; Andrey V. Artemyev; Roman S. Drozdov
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Laser cryptography by optical chaos
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Goedgebuer; Pascal Levy; Laurent Larger
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Optical planar multiplexers/demultiplexers based on Y-nodes in an array of bistable pixels
Author(s): A. M. Goncharenko; George V. Sinitsyn; A. V. Lyakhnovich; S. P. Apanasevich
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Switching waves in bistable all-epitaxial GaAs interferometers as a base for realization of a shift register
Author(s): A. M. Goncharenko; George V. Sinitsyn; S. P. Apanasevich; A. V. Lyakhnovich; A. S. Yasukevich; M. A. Khodasevich; Yu. A. Varaksa
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Theoretical analysis of parameters mismatch influence on deciphering error in nonlinear optical cryptosystem
Author(s): Igor V. Izmailov; Boris N. Poizner
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Optimum wavelet-based encoding method for laser communications
Author(s): Mikhail A. Khodasevich; George V. Sinitsyn; Anatoliy S. Yasukevich
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Ultimate rate densities in optical transmission of information
Author(s): Mikhail A. Khodasevich; George V. Sinitsyn; Anatoly S. Yasukevich
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Laser complex for investigation of all-optical basic devices for information processing
Author(s): George V. Sinitsyn; S. P. Apanasevich; A. V. Lyakhnovich; A. S. Yasukevich; M. A. Khodasevich; Yu. A. Varaksa
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Stability of polycrystalline AgHal-fiber characteristics with fiber length
Author(s): Alexander P. Kryukov; Alexander P. Kubyshkin; Pavel G. Leonov; Victor G. Plotnichenko
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Neural network data analysis for intracavity laser spectroscopy
Author(s): Petr V. Nazarov; Vladimir V. Apanasovich; Katsiaryana U. Lutkovskaya; Vladimir M. Lutkovski; Pulat Y. Misakov
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Ferroelectric PVDF cladding terahertz waveguide
Author(s): Takehiko Hidaka; Hiroaki Minamide; Hiromasa Ito; Shin-Ichi Maeta; Takeshi Akiyama
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Ferroelectric liquid crystal spatial-light modulator for location-based communication with higher data transfer rate
Author(s): Hideo Itoh; Takeshi Akiyama; Yoshiyuki Nakamura; Takuichi Nishimura; Yoshinobu Yamamoto; Takehiko Hidaka; Hideyuki Nakashima
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Dynamic hologram recording in fullerene-containing nano-size porous glasses
Author(s): Olga Vladimirov Andreeva; V. G. Bespalov; Yu. N. Efimov; Anna L. Pyajt; A. S. Cherkasov; V. N. Sizov
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Fiber quality testing by holography methods
Author(s): Veronika A. Babenko; Vladimir B. Konstantinov; Alexander F. Malyi
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χ(2)-holographic instantaneous image formation using multifrequency object and reference beams
Author(s): Yuri N. Denisyuk; E. V. Miloglyadov; V. N. Sizov; D. I. Staselko
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Cyclic shifting: a two-dimensional interleaver for volume holographic memory
Author(s): Wei Li; Chang Sheng Xie; Xian Deng Pei
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Resolution improvement of surface photorelief recording
Author(s): Vladzimir V. Mahilny; Yuri V. Gritsai; Aliaksandr I. Stankevich; Aleksei L. Tolstik; Lutz Wenke
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Design and implementation of iSCSI technology in the volume holographic storage system
Author(s): Ming Wu; Chang Sheng Xie
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Tunable optical filters based on photorefractive holographic gratings
Author(s): Victor M. Petrov; A. V. Chamrai; J. Petter; T. Tchudi; M. P. Petrov
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On transformation of information structure of reading field by a thin superimposed hologram-phase-conjugating mirror system
Author(s): Alexander S. Rubanov; Lyudmila M. Serebryakova
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Photoreversible holographic recording in azo-dye-containing polymer films
Author(s): D. V. Uraev; V. I. Shmalhauzen; A. N. Simonov; V. P. Shibaev; A. I. Stakhanov
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Nonlinear-dispersion feedback control of fiber dissipative solitons
Author(s): A. K. Komarov; Konstantin P. Komarov
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Self-forming of temporal dark soliton in spectral compressor
Author(s): Aghavni A. Kutuzyan; Tigran G. Mansuryan; Arthur A. Kirakosyan; Levon Kh. Mouradian
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Some interference effects of ultrashort laser pulses in optical fiber
Author(s): Vladimir P. Minkovich; V. I. Lebedev; S. N. Perepechko
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