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Noise as a Tool for Studying Materials
Editor(s): Michael B. Weissman; Nathan E. Israeloff; A. Shulim Kogan

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Volume Number: 5112
Date Published: 9 May 2003

Table of Contents
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Heterogeneities and local fluctuations in glassy systems
Author(s): Leticia F. Cugliandolo
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Experimental investigation of the fluctuation dissipation relation in a spin glass
Author(s): Didier Herisson; Miguel Ocio
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Nanoscale dynamics in glass
Author(s): Nathan E Israeloff; K. Sinnathamby; E. Vidal Russell
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Fluctuation microscopy: a technique for revealing atomic correlations in structurally noisy (disordered) materials
Author(s): Michael M. J. Treacy; J. Murray Gibson
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1/f noise in amorphous silicon and silicon-germanium alloys
Author(s): Robert E. Johanson; Mehmet Gunes; Safa O. Kasap
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Non-Gaussian 1/f noise as a probe of long-range structural and electronic disorder in amorphous silicon
Author(s): Thomas James Belich; Zhe Shen; Stephen A. Campbell; James Kakalios
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Long-range fluctuations of random potential landscape as a mechanism of 1/f noise in hydrogenated amorphous silicon
Author(s): Boris V. Fine; Jeroen P. R. Bakker; Jaap I. Dijkhuis
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Nonequilibrium noise in electron glasses
Author(s): Vladimir Orlyanchik; Zvi Ovadyahu
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Metal-insulator transition and glassy behavior in two-dimensional electron systems
Author(s): Dragana Popovic; Snezana Bogdanovich; Jan J. Jaroszynski; Teun M. Klapwijk
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Hysteresis, fluctuations, and correlations in electron glass
Author(s): Wenhao Wu; Edward Bielejec
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1/f noise in a Coulomb glass and in a noninteracting electron glass
Author(s): Kirill Shtengel; Clare C Yu
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Noise as a mesoscopic probe of the colossal magnetoresistance effect
Author(s): Robert D. Merithew; Akilan Palanisami; Frank M. Hess; Michael B. Weissman
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Low-frequency noise in charge-ordered system Pr0.63Ca0.37MnO3 near the charge-ordering transition and in the current-induced destabilized state
Author(s): Aveek Bid; Arup Kumar Raychaudhuri
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Probing perovskite manganites through resistance fluctuations
Author(s): Akilan Palanisami; Neil D. Mathur; Michael B. Weissman
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Resistance noise study in a dirty quantum Hall ferromagnet
Author(s): Jan J. Jaroszynski; T. Andrearczyk; J. Wrobel; Greg Karczewski; T. Wojtowicz; Dragana Popovic; Tomasz Dietl
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Enhanced current shot noise in superconducting junctions
Author(s): Eugene V. Bezuglyi; E. N. Bratus; Vitaly S. Shumeiko; Goran P. Wendin
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Higher-order tunneling processes and enhanced shot noise in superconducting tunnel devices
Author(s): Teun M. Klapwijk
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Quantum noise in current-biased Josephson junction
Author(s): Yehoshua Levinson
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Magnetoresistance and electrical noise in silver chalcogenide Ag2Te
Author(s): Lai Jiang; Edmund R. Nowak
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Electric conduction mechanism in conjugated polymers studied using flicker noise spectroscopy
Author(s): Vitali P. Parkhutik; Rahul Patil; Yutaka Harima
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Noise in vortex matter
Author(s): Grzegorz Jung; Y. Paltiel; E. Zeldov; Y. Myasoedov; M. L. Rappaport; Miguel Ocio; Shobo Bhattacharya; M. J. Higgins
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Simulations of noise in disordered systems
Author(s): Cynthia J. Olson Reichhardt; Charles Reichhardt
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Scaling functions for nonequilibrium fluctuations: a picture gallery
Author(s): Zoltan A. Racz
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Microstructures of defects causing noise in MOS devices
Author(s): Daniel M. Fleetwood
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Investigation of electromigration in copper interconnects by noise measurements
Author(s): Vitali Emelianov; Gopal Ganesan; Aleksandar Puzic; Stefan Schulz; Moshe Eizenberg; Hans-Ulrich Habermeier; Hermann Stoll
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1/f noise mechanism suppression by periodical destruction of long characteristic times
Author(s): Ilan Ha Bloom
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Fluctuations of van der Waals attraction force between macroscopic bodies
Author(s): A. Shulim Kogan
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Universality and scaling in the Barkhausen noise
Author(s): Gianfranco Durin; Francesca Colaiori; Stefano Zapperi
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Time-asymmetry and non-Gaussian pinning field statistics in Barkhausen noise experiments
Author(s): Andrea C. Mills; Frank M. Hess; Michael B. Weissman
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Barkhausen noise in relaxor ferroelectrics
Author(s): Lambert K. Chao; Eugene V. Colla; Michael B. Weissman
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Current noise in high-Tc granular superconductors under non-stationary conditions of current and magnetic field
Author(s): Piero Mazzetti; Pierangelo Tura; Aldo Masoero; Aurelia Stepanescu
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Magnetic flux noise in MgB2 thin films
Author(s): Orjan Festin; Peter Svedlindh; Sung-Ik Lee
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Feeling the noise in nanoscale systems: studies based on ultrasensitive force detection
Author(s): Daniel Rugar; R. Budakian; B. W. Chui; H. Jonathon Mamin
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