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Fluctuations and Noise in Biological, Biophysical, and Biomedical Systems
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Volume Number: 5110
Date Published: 30 April 2003
Softcover: 37 papers (376) pages
ISBN: 9780819449702

Table of Contents
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Proteins as paradigms of complex systems
Author(s): Paul W. Fenimore; Hans Frauenfelder; Robert D. Young
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Protein noises
Author(s): Benjamin H. McMahon; Paul W. Fenimore; Montiago X. LaBute
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Unzipping force analysis of protein association (UFAPA): a novel technique to probe protein-DNA interactions
Author(s): Michelle D Wang; Steven J. Koch; Alla Shundrovsky; Benjamin C. Jantzen
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Stochastic dynamics of enzymes: molecular scissors
Author(s): Olga A. Chichigina; Werner O. Ebeling; V. G. Makarov; Alexei V. Netrebko; Yury M. Romanovsky; Lutz Schimansky-Geier
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Ion channel gating based on Kramers theory
Author(s): Peter Hanggi; Igor Goychuk
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Static and dynamic disorder in protein folding: experiments with single maltoporin channels
Author(s): Lisen Kullman; Mathias Winterhalter; Sergey M. Bezrukov
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Noise analysis of antibiotic permeation through bacterial channels
Author(s): Ekaterina M. Nestorovich; Christophe Danelon; Mathias Winterhalter; Sergey M. Bezrukov
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Controlling the speed and direction of molecular motors that replicate DNA
Author(s): Anita Goel; Dudley R. Herschbach
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Functional stochastic resonance in human baroreflex induced by 1/f-type noisy galvanic vestibular stimulation
Author(s): Rika Soma; Shin Kwak; Yoshiharu Yamamoto
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Stochastic resonance in the electrically stimulated auditory nerve: predictions using a stochastic model of neural responsiveness
Author(s): Yifang Xu; Leslie Collins
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Use of suprathreshold stochastic resonance in cochlear implant coding
Author(s): David Allingham; Nigel G Stocks; Robert P. Morse
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Stochastic resonance in the spinal cord and somatosensory cortex of the cat
Author(s): Elias Manjarrez; Gerardo Rojas-Piloni; Hugo Perez; Ignacio Mendez; Zulma Hernandez-Paxtian; Amira Flores
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Mesoscopic reaction-diffusion in intracellular signaling
Author(s): Johan Elf; Andreas Doncic; Mans Ehrenberg
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Plasmids as stochastic model systems
Author(s): Johan Paulsson
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Oscillations, noise, and extended negative correlations in electroreceptors
Author(s): David Frank Russell; Alexander B. Neiman
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Extracellular signal fluctuations in shark electrosensors
Author(s): Brandon R. Brown; Mary E. Hughes; John C. Hutchison
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Motor noise in outer hair cells
Author(s): Kuni H. Iwasa; Xiao-Xia Dong
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Dynamics and stochastics of swarms of self-propelled Brownian particles
Author(s): Werner Ebeling; Udo Erdmann
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Daphnia swarms: from single agent dynamics to collective vortex formation
Author(s): Anke Ordemann; Gabor Balazsi; Elizabeth Caspari; Frank Moss
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Noise in the segmentation gene network of Drosophila with implications for mechanisms of body axis specification
Author(s): David M. Holloway; Lionel G Harrison; Alexander V. Spirov
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Stochastic evolution and multifractal classification of prokaryotes
Author(s): Matthew J. Berryman; Andrew G. Allison; Derek Abbott
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Oscillatory network coding of a global stimulus
Author(s): Brent Doiron; Andre Longtin; Benjamin Lindner
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Noise in a randomly and sparsely connected excitatory neural network generates the respiratory rhythm
Author(s): Jean-Francois Vibert; Efstratios K. Kosmidis
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Measuring neural coupling from non-Gaussian power spectra of voltage traces taken from awake, behaving animals
Author(s): Beth Masimore; James Kakalios; A. David Redish
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Novel multiscale regulation in human motor activity
Author(s): Kun Hu; Plamen Ch. Ivanov; Zhi Chen; Michael F. Hilton; H. Eugene Stanley; Stephen A. Shea
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Cross spectra measure of neural signals and noise
Author(s): Swaminathan Sethuraman; Laszlo B. Kish
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Neuromodulatory actions of noise on sub- and suprathreshold responses of intrinsically oscillatory neurons
Author(s): Martin T Huber; H. A. Braun
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Information processing in noisy burster models
Author(s): Steffen Liepelt; Jan A. Freund
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Cardiovascular oscillations: in search of a nonlinear parametric model
Author(s): Andriy Bandrivskyy; Dmitry Luchinsky; Peter V.E. McClintock; Vadim Smelyanskiy; Aneta Stefanovska; Dogan Timucin
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Cascade heart rate variability
Author(s): Der Chyan Bill Lin; Richard Lee Hughson
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Thermal fluctuations in systems driven away from equilibrium
Author(s): Chris Jarzynski
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Brownian ratchets with distributed charge
Author(s): Andrew G. Allison; Derek Abbott
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Level-crossing time statistics of Gaussian 1/fª noises
Author(s): Robert Mingesz; Zoltan Gingl; Peter Makra
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Noise and chaos in motor behavior models
Author(s): Gottfried J. Mayer-Kress; Karl M. Newell
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Multifractal heart rate dynamics in human cardiovascular model
Author(s): Kiyoshi Kotani; Kiyoshi Takamasu; Leonid Safonov; Yoshiharu Yamamoto
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Behavioral stochastic resonance in the human brain
Author(s): Keiichi Kitajo; Daichi Nozaki; Lawrence M. Ward; Yoshiharu Yamamoto
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Stochastic resonance in temporal processing by cochlear implant listeners
Author(s): Monita Chatterjee; Mark E Robert
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