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Multisensor, Multisource Information Fusion: Architectures, Algorithms, and Applications 2003
Editor(s): Belur V. Dasarathy
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Volume Number: 5099
Date Published: 1 April 2003
Softcover: 45 papers (448) pages
ISBN: 9780819449597

Table of Contents
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Impact of expanding the multiplicity of information sources on fusion system architecture and fusion logic options
Author(s): Belur V. Dasarathy
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Information fusion of a large number of sources with support vector machine techniques
Author(s): Jerome J. Braun; Sunil P. Jeswani
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Combat Air Identification Fusion Algorithm (CAIFA)
Author(s): C. Allen Butler; Joni E. Baker; John A. Crowe; David P. Kierstead; Carl A. Mauro
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Sensitivity of fusion performance to classifier model variations
Author(s): Kai F. Goebel
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Distributed fault-tolerant classification fusion using error correcting codes
Author(s): Tsang-Yi Wang; Pramod Kumar Varshney; Yunghsiang Sam Han
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Fusing multiple images with evidential reasoning
Author(s): Xiaohui Yuan; Jian Zhang; Bill P. Buckles
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A study of integration methods of aerial imagery and LIDAR data for a high level of automation in 3D building reconstruction
Author(s): Suyoung Seo; Toni F. Schenk
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Image fusion techniques for robust inspection of specular surfaces
Author(s): Fernando Puente Leon; Soren Kammel
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Multilevel image fusion
Author(s): Vladimir Petrovic
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Sequence image fusion based on wavelet Grey prediction
Author(s): Hongjiu Tao; Hejin Xiong; Wei Chen; Jinwen Tian
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The application of Dempster-Shafer theory for landmine detection
Author(s): Naga R Mudigonda; Ray Kacelenga; David Erickson
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Combining belief functions and fuzzy membership functions
Author(s): Mihai Cristian Florea; Anne-Laure Jousselme; Dominic Grenier; Eloi Bosse
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Probabilistic and fuzzy information fusion applied to radar system ranking
Author(s): Laurent Lecornu; Renaud Debon; Wojciech Komorniczak; Basel Solaiman
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The system parameter fusion principle and its application to fuzzy pattern recognition
Author(s): Qiangguo Pu
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Design of a performance evaluation methodology for data-fusion-based multiple target tracking systems
Author(s): Sanjay Rawat; James Llinas; Christopher L. Bowman
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Mutual-aided target tracking and identification
Author(s): Chun Yang; Erik P. Blasch
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Multisensor fusion using an adaptive multi-hypothesis tracking algorithm
Author(s): Leon J. H. M. Kester
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Multisensor data fusion technologies in counterchecking disturbed targets
Author(s): Ju Wang; Si-Liang Wu
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Recursive algorithm of the optimal estimation fusion
Author(s): Jie Zhou; Yunmin Zhu
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Investigation of automated feature extraction using multiple data sources
Author(s): Neal R. Harvey; Simon J. Perkins; Paul A. Pope; James P. Theiler; Nancy A. David; Reid B. Porter
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Object aggregation using Neyman-Pearson analysis
Author(s): Li Bai; Michael L. Hinman
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Adaptive multimodal biometric fusion algorithm using particle swarm
Author(s): Kalyan K. Veeramachaneni; Lisa Ann Osadciw; Pramod K. Varshney
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Multichannel nonlinear phase analysis for time-frequency data fusion
Author(s): Sam Mavandadi; Parham Aarabi
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Video registration and face detection in an automatic multisensor surveillance system
Author(s): Getian Ye; Jianxin Wei; Mark R. Pickering; Michael R. Frater; John F. Arnold
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A neurophysiological paradigm for data fusion in a multisource environment
Author(s): Paul S. Fisher; David H. Minton; Howard P. Fisher
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Fusion by weakening
Author(s): Eric Gregoire
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Progressive Bayes: a new framework for nonlinear state estimation
Author(s): Uwe D. Hanebeck; Kai Briechle; Andreas Rauh
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Optimal interval estimation fusion based on sensor interval estimates and confidence degrees
Author(s): Yunmin Zhu; Baohua Li
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Improved image segmentation using an inference fusion architecture
Author(s): Timothy M. Brucks; Jack G. Riddle; Peter J. Van Maasdam
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Level 5: user refinement to aid the fusion process
Author(s): Erik P. Blasch; Susan Plano
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Derivation of ontological relations using formal methods in a situation awareness scenario
Author(s): Christopher J. Matheus; Kenneth P. Baclawski; Mieczyslaw M. Kokar
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Fusing multisensor and multisource data with implicit knowledge for monitoring
Author(s): Douglas L. Ramers
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Real-time data acquisition system for monitoring patients in an intensive care unit (ICU)
Author(s): Mohamed Mahmoud
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Structural analysis of multisensor arrays for speech separation applications
Author(s): Maryam Modir Shanechi; Parham Aarabi
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Robust speech recognition using time boundary detection
Author(s): Keyvan Mohajer; Zhong-Min Hu
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Multiple algorithm fusion in a corrosion detection algorithm used with shipboard tank and void inspection systems
Author(s): Bruce N. Nelson; Paul Slebodnick; Edward J. Lemieux
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Wireless sensor information fusion for structural health monitoring
Author(s): Jinping Ou; Hongwei Li
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Use of multisensor fusion technology to meet the challenges of emerging EO and RF threats to a combat aircraft
Author(s): Arvind Kumar Shukla; T. Parthasarathy; P. N. A. P. Rao
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A simple testbed for real-time sensor-to-shooter applications of decentralized data fusion
Author(s): Lewis A. Binns; Andrew R. Cooke; Sam Fryers; Phil Greenway; David Mullin; David Nicholson; Dimitris Valachis
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CB detection and early warning--fusing disparate sensors into the detection process: program overview
Author(s): Amnon Birenzvige; David W. Sickenberger; Felix Reyes; William J. Underwood; Christian G. Reiff; David Gonski; Monique P. Fargues; Bruce N. Nelson
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Discrimination of chemical/biological versus high-explosive artillery rounds using acoustic and seismic data fusion
Author(s): Christian G. Reiff; Monique P. Fargues; David Gonski
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CB round discrimination fusing visible and infrared camera data
Author(s): Bruce N. Nelson; Amnon Birenzvige; William J. Underwood; David W. Sickenberger
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Concurrency control and recovery on lightweight directory access protocol
Author(s): Rohit R. Potnis; Archana S. Sathaye
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Sensor management: coverage versus survivability - a multiple-objective optimization problem
Author(s): GeeWah Ng; Khin Hua Ng; Ee Lan Chia
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Integration of language and sensor information
Author(s): Leonid I. Perlovsky; Bertus Weijers
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