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Space Systems Technology and Operations
Editor(s): Peter Tchoryk; James Shoemaker

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Volume Number: 5088
Date Published: 5 August 2003

Table of Contents
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Orbital express space operations architecture program
Author(s): James Shoemaker; Melissa Wright
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Demonstration of autonomous rendezvous technology (DART) project summary
Author(s): Timothy E. Rumford
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Autonomous rendezvous and docking technologies: status and prospects
Author(s): James R. Wertz; Robert Bell
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KC-135 zero-G testing of a microsatellite docking mechanism
Author(s): Jane C. Pavlich; Peter Tchoryk; Anthony B. Hays; Gregory Wassick
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Advanced technology and mission operations concepts employed on NASA's TIMED mission
Author(s): Jeng-Hwa Yee; Elliot Rodberg; Raymond J. Harvey; David Y. Kusnierkiewicz; William Knopf; Paul Grunberger; David Grant; Glen E. Cameron
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Verification and cost-and-risk reduction of space system technologies and operations
Author(s): Pejmun Motaghedi
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Simulation-based design of space systems
Author(s): Patrick J. McNally
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Dynamic simulation and validation of a satellite docking system
Author(s): Anthony B. Hays; Peter Tchoryk; Jane C. Pavlich; Gregory Wassick
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An innovative low-cost spacecraft controls development environment
Author(s): William Uhl; Vivek Moudgal; Zach Lott; Santhosh Jogi
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Mini AERCam: development of a free-flying nanosatellite inspection robot
Author(s): Steven E. Fredrickson; Larry W. Abbott; Steve Duran; J. David Jochim; J. William Studak; Jennifer D. Wagenknecht; Nichole M. Williams
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Development of a compact high-resolution 3D laser range imaging system
Author(s): Jeffrey W. Tripp; Arkady Ulitsky; Sergey Pashin; Nikolai Mak; John F. Hahn
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An intelligent onboard signal processing payload concept
Author(s): Patrick Shriver; Jayashree Harikumar; Scott D. Briles; Maya Gokhale
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Cryogenic sensor for space operation
Author(s): Vitaliy Alexeevich Yatsenko; Jose Carlos Principe
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Utilization of flash ladar for cooperative and uncooperative rendezvous and capture
Author(s): Robert D. Habbit; Robert O. Nellums; Aaron D. Niese; Jose L. Rodriguez
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