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Cockpit Displays X
Editor(s): Darrel G. Hopper
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Volume Number: 5080
Date Published: 10 September 2003
Softcover: 40 papers (400) pages
ISBN: 9780819449399

Table of Contents
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Flexible display technology for the objective force
Author(s): John M. Pellegrino; Gary L. Wood; David C. Morton; Eric W. Forsythe; Henry J. Girolamo
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Simplifying system architecture using very smart displays
Author(s): Robert P. Herman; Robert D. Seinfeld
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Measurements and metrics for multilayered displays
Author(s): Gareth P. Bell; Mark J. Searle; Daniel E. Evanicky
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Performance specification for control tower display systems
Author(s): Denise L. Aleva; Frederick M. Meyer
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High-performance versatile HMDs
Author(s): Rob Sainsbury; Jack D. Clevenger
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Capability of the human visual system
Author(s): David G. Curry; Gary L. Martinsen; Darrel G. Hopper
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High-resolution AM LCD development for avionic applications
Author(s): Larry S. Lamberth; Ravindra R. Laddu; Doug Harris; Kalluri R. Sarma; Wang-Yang Li; C. C. Chien; C. Y. Chu; C. S. Lee; Chen-Lung Kuo
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Custom avionics-grade AM LCDs for high-performance military and avionics applications
Author(s): James Niemczyk
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Solving bezel reliability and CRT obsolescence
Author(s): Richard J. Schwartz; Arlen R. Bowen; Terry Knowles
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You must have an active matrix LCD ... or maybe not
Author(s): John J. Doyle; Keith T. Wisler; Jim Theisen
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COTS LCDs in the cockpit: friend or foe?
Author(s): Edwin Bernard
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Ruggedized COTS displays applied to the towed artillery digitization program
Author(s): John T. Thomas; Stanley Fong
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Compact 3D display using dual LCDs
Author(s): James C. Kirsch; Brian K. Jones; John L. Johnson
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True 3D display and Beowulf connectivity
Author(s): Tomasz P. Jannson; Andrew A. Kostrzewski; Stephen A. Kupiec; Kevin H. Yu; Tin M. Aye; Gajendra D. Savant
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Micromirror-based 3D display system and its defense applications
Author(s): Jun Yan; Stephen T. Kowel; Hyoung J. Cho; Chong Hyuk Ahn
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Direct view AM OLED technology for camera and other portable electronic applications
Author(s): David J. Williams; G. Rajeswaran
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Flexible low-power-consumption OLED displays for a universal communication device
Author(s): Michael G. Hack; Anna B. Chwang; Min-Hao M. Lu; Raymond C. Kwong; Michael S. Weaver; Yeh-Jiun Tung; Julie J. Brown
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Active-matrix OLED using 150oC a-Si TFT backplane built on flexible plastic substrate
Author(s): Kalluri R. Sarma; Charles Chanley; Sonia R. Dodd; Jared Roush; John Schmidt; Gordana Srdanov; Matthew Stevenson; Ralf Wessel; Jeffrey Innocenzo; Gang Yu; Marie B. O'Regan; W. A. MacDonald; R. Eveson; Ke Long; Helena Gleskova; Sigurd Wagner; James C. Sturm
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Active-matrix polymer displays made with electroluminescent polymers
Author(s): Gang Yu; Gordana Srdanov; Belinda Zhang; Matthew Stevenson; Jian Wang; Peter Chen; Erlinda Baggao; Johnny Macias; Runguang Sun; Charlie McPherson; Paul Sant; Jeffrey Innocenzo; Matthew Stainer; Marie B. O'Regan
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Reducing speckle and grain in BlackScreen
Author(s): C. Robert Wolfe; Ken W. Kinosian; Kathy Lewis; Dennis W. Vance; John Vu
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Scene projector and Beowulf parallel microprocessor for modeling and simulation
Author(s): Kevin H. Yu; Andrew A. Kostrzewski; Tin M. Aye; Stephen A. Kupiec; Tomasz P. Jannson; Gajendra D. Savant
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D-ILA technology for high-resolution projection displays
Author(s): William P. Bleha; Rodney D. Sterling
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Multichannel display systems for data interpretation and command and control
Author(s): Robert M. Clodfelter; Yoav Nir
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Advanced interactive displays for deployable command and control centers
Author(s): Peter A. Jedrysik; Francisco E. Parada; Terrance A. Stedman; Jingyuan Zhang
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Methods of automatic seamless tiling for rapid deployment of projection displays
Author(s): Michael Lamvik; Sonia Grego; Evan Martin; Dana Fox
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Panoramic projection avionics displays
Author(s): Michael H. Kalmanash
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Compact projection displays for upgrading CRT and AM LCD systems
Author(s): Vijay M. Sethna; Michael H. Kalmanash; Lynn P. Giroir; Steve Kramm
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Transparent electronics and prospects for transparent displays
Author(s): John F. Wager; Melinda M. Valencia; Jeffrey P. Bender; Benjamin J. Norris; Hai Quoc Chiang; David Hong; Luke N. Norris; Taran V. Harman; Sangmoon Park; Jeremy T. Anderson; Cheol-Hee Park; Douglas A. Keszler; Janet Tate; Hiroshi Yanagi; Matthew F. Price; R. L. Hoffman
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Near-infrared display materials
Author(s): Paul H. Holloway; Mark R. Davidson; Nigel Dexter Shepherd; Ajay Kale; William Glass; Benjamin S. Harrison; Timothy J. Foley; John R. Reynolds; Kirk S. Schanze; James M. Boncella; Susan Sinnott; David P. Norton
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Military display market segment: wearable and portable
Author(s): Daniel D. Desjardins; Darrel G. Hopper
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Cockpit development in the crew integration and automation testbed advanced technology development program
Author(s): Bruce E. Brendle
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Color difference analysis of primary flight displays
Author(s): Brian A. Daniel; James C. Byrd
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Development of digital-light-engine-based head-up displays
Author(s): Michael Billings; James Fernandez; Richard Cashen; Russ Large; Shu-i Wang; Glenn E. Tisdale
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High-resolution LCD projector for extra-wide-field-of-view head-up display
Author(s): Robert D. Brown; David H. Modro; Gerhardt A. Quast; Robert B Wood
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Global industry status report and roadmap for high-performance displays
Author(s): J. Norman Bardsley; M. Robert Pinnel
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Progress toward prototype high-definition video-projection CRTs using resonant microcavity phosphor display technology
Author(s): Larry D. Owen; Steven M. Jaffe; Michieal L. Jones; Claudia B. Jaffe; Charles A. Rowell
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Design and characterization of an ultraresolution seamlessly tiled display for data visualization
Author(s): Nicole Bordes; William P. Bleha; Bernard Pailthorpe
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Two-panel LCOS-based projection system: a potentially compact high-resolution avionics display
Author(s): Gary D. Sharp; Jianmin Chen; Michael B. Robinson; John K. Korah
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Liquid-filled camera for the measurement of high-contrast images
Author(s): Paul A. Boynton; Edward F. Kelley
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Display characteristics: product differentiation and truth in advertising
Author(s): James Norman Bardsley
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