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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 5079

Helmet- and Head-Mounted Displays VIII: Technologies and Applications
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Volume Number: 5079
Date Published: 8 September 2003
Softcover: 37 papers (416) pages
ISBN: 9780819449382

Table of Contents
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HMD-based training for the U.S. Army's AVCATT-A collective aviation training simulator
Author(s): Rita Simons; James E. Melzer
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Colorization of solid state AMLCDs for military head-mounted displays (HMDs) and other viewer applications
Author(s): Ollie C. Woodard; Ronald P. Gale; Colin E. Reese
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The role of the pilot's night vision system (PNVS) and the integrated helmet and display sighting system (IHADSS) in AH-64 Apache accidents
Author(s): Jessica A. Stelle; Barbara S. Reynolds; Clarence E. Rash; R. David Peterson; Patricia A. Leduc
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Survey results for integrated helmet and display sighting system fitting issues
Author(s): Keith L. Hiatt; Clarence E. Rash; Malcolm G. Braithwaite; Melissa L. Isaak; Jessica A. Stelle; Mark S. Adams
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Near-to-eye display test station
Author(s): David A. Fellowes; Russell S. Draper
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Proof of principle for helmet-mounted display image quality tester
Author(s): Sheng-Jen Hsieh; Thomas H. Harding; Clarence E. Rash; Howard H. Beasley; John S. Martin
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Design considerations and preliminary performance evaluation for a technology demonstration of off-the-visor wide-field-of-view HMD
Author(s): Russell S. Draper; Charles D. Balogh; Steven J. Robbins
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All-optical helmet tracker for multicraft multivehicle systems
Author(s): Constantine T. Markos; John J. Atkinson; Geert Wynjtes
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Human factors requirements of helmet trackers for HMDs
Author(s): Gary L. Martinsen; Paul R. Havig; David L. Post; George A. Reis; Matthew A. Simpson
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Helmets: conventional to cueing
Author(s): Michael R. Sedillo; Sharon Angela Dixon
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HMD cueing mode degradation
Author(s): Richard P. Speck; Cali M. Fidopiastis; Norman E. Herz
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Handling qualities comparison of panoramic night vision goggles and 46-deg. night vision goggles
Author(s): Gregory Craig; Sion Jennings; David Thorndycraft
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Assessment of panoramic and conventional night vision goggles
Author(s): David Thorndycraft
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IPNVG fixed-focus diopter study
Author(s): Share-Dawn P. Angel
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Psychophysical measurement of night vision goggle noise
Author(s): Rachael L. Glasgow; Peter L. Marasco; Paul R. Havig; Gary L. Martinsen; George A. Reis; Eric L. Heft
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The impact of target luminance and radiance on night vision device visual performance testing
Author(s): Peter L. Marasco; H. Lee Task
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Visual anomalies and display night vision goggles
Author(s): Donald Nigel Jarrett; Judith Ineson; Mark Cheetham
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Modern night vision goggles for advanced infantry applications
Author(s): Joseph P. Estrera; Timothy E. Ostromek; Wayne Isbell; Antonio V. Bacarella
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Wide-field-of-view (WFOV) night vision goggle
Author(s): Wayne Isbell; Joseph P. Estrera
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High-speed photocathode gating for generation III image intensifier applications
Author(s): Joseph P. Estrera; Michael Saldana
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Results of using helmet-mounted displays to control robots in Afghanistan
Author(s): Theodore V. Hromadka; James E. Melzer
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Comparison of helmet-mounted display designs in support of wayfinding
Author(s): Jason K. Kumagai; Lisa Massel; David Tack; Linda Bossi
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Frame of reference and point of view on infantry wayfinding
Author(s): Jason K. Kumagai; Fran Allard
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Head-mounted display for interactive inspection of painted free-form surfaces
Author(s): Soeren Kammel; Fernando Puente Leon
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Motion compression for telepresent walking in large-scale remote environments
Author(s): Norbert Nitzsche; Uwe D. Hanebeck; Guenther Schmidt
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Diffraction of phase conjugate material in a new HMD architecture
Author(s): Ricardo Martins; Jannick P. Rolland
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Biocular image misalignment tolerance
Author(s): Melvyn E. Kalich; Clarence E. Rash; Corina van de Pol; Terri Lynn Rowe; Lisa M. Lont; R. David Peterson
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System architecture enhancements for high-performance Retinal Scanning Display Systems
Author(s): Baldwin S. Ng; Darren Ritter
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Exit pupil expander: image quality performance enhancements and environmental testing results
Author(s): Karlton D. Powell; Peggy Ann Lopez; Amjad Malik
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Enhanced flight symbology for wide-field-of-view helmet-mounted displays
Author(s): Steven P. Rogers; Charles N. Asbury; Zoltan Peter Szoboszlay
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Development of helmet-mounted display symbology for use as a primary flight reference
Author(s): J. Chris Jenkins
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Ownship status helmet-mounted display symbology for off-boresight tactical applications
Author(s): J. Chris Jenkins; Andrew J. Thurling; Becky D. Brown
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Chromaticity and luminance requirements for colored symbology in night vision goggles
Author(s): Paul R. Havig; Gary L. Martinsen; David L. Post; George A. Reis; Eric L. Heft
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An autorotation flight display/director for helicopter training
Author(s): Edward N Bachelder; Bimal L. Aponso
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Roll head motion in rotary-wing flight with helmet-mounted displays
Author(s): Jessica A. Stelle; Clarence E. Rash; Ryan J. Rostad
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Quantitative assessment of visual acuity in projective head mounted displays
Author(s): Cali M. Fidopiastis; Catherine Meyer; Christopher A. Fuhrman; Jannick P. Rolland
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Modular integrated display and sight helmet (MiDASH) day and night flight test and pilot evaluations
Author(s): Joseph Ron; Zvi Yona
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