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Smart Structures and Materials 2003: Smart Sensor Technology and Measurement Systems
Editor(s): Daniele Inaudi; Eric Udd
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Volume Number: 5050
Date Published: 22 July 2003
: 40 papers (404) pages
ISBN: 9780819448552

Table of Contents
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RF subcarrier-based fiber strain sensor for monitoring composite gas storage tanks
Author(s): Fengzhong Dong; Graham Thursby; Brian Culshaw
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Flexibility approach for damage localization suitable for multiscale sensor fusion
Author(s): Michael Camerino; Kara J. Peters
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Ultrasonic wavefront integration using optical fiber sensors
Author(s): Borja Sorazu; Graham Thursby; Brian Culshaw; Fengzhong Dong; Yang Yong; Jun Yao
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Flight demonstration of fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Jennifer L. Elster; Angela Trego; Charles Catterall; Josh Averett; Mark E. Jones; Mishell K. Evans; Bob Fielder
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Opitcal fiber sensor systems for simultaneous monitoring of strain and damage in smart composites
Author(s): Hyung Joon Bang; Dae-Hyun Kim; Hyun Kyu Kang; Chang Sun Hong; Chun Gon Kim
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Vertical strain determination in the Antarctic ice sheet using optical fibers
Author(s): Mark A. Zumberge
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Damage detection in structural materials using a polarimetric fiber optic sensor
Author(s): Graham Thursby; Borja Sorazu; Fengzhong Dong; Daniel C. Betz; Brian Culshaw
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Four-point calibration of PVDF sensor using extrinsic Fabry-Perot interferometric sensors
Author(s): Abdeq M. Abdi; Steve E. Watkins
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BAW and SAW sensors for in situ analysis
Author(s): Stewart Sherrit; Xiaoqi Bao; Yoseph Bar-Cohen; Zensheu Chang
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Modal actuators and sensors for beam and plate structures
Author(s): Michael I. Friswell
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Use of piezoelectric energy harvesting devices for charging batteries
Author(s): Henry A. Sodano; Gyuhae Park; Donald J. Leo; Daniel J. Inman
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Piezoelectric-based fluid bulk modulus and diagnostic sensor
Author(s): Karthik Balasubramanian; Christopher Niezrecki; John K. Schueller
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Lamb wave detection and source location using fiber Bragg grating rosettes
Author(s): Daniel C. Betz; Graham Thursby; Brian Culshaw; Wieslaw J. Staszewski
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FBG sensors for painted wood panel deformation monitoring
Author(s): Riccardo Falciai; Cosimo Trono; Giancarlo Lanterna; Ciro Castelli
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Acoustic emission crack detection with FBG
Author(s): Christopher S. Baldwin; Anthony J. Vizzini
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Embedded small-diameter fiber Bragg grating sensors and high-speed wavelength detection
Author(s): Akihito Hongo; Keisuke Fukuchi; Seiji Kojima; Nobuo Takeda
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Fiber Bragg grating sensor system for dynamic strain measurement without optical fibers
Author(s): Ki-Soo Kim; Chul Chung
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Efficient interpretation algorithm for embedded Bragg gratings for damage detection in composites
Author(s): Mohanraj Prabhugoud; Kara J. Peters
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Application of chirped FBG sensors for detection of local delamination in composite laminates
Author(s): Shin-ichi Takeda; Yoji Okabe; Nobuo Takeda
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Integration of long-gage fiber optic sensor into a fiber-reinforced composite sensing tape
Author(s): Branko Glisic; Daniele Inaudi
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Distributed sensing of carbon-epoxy composites and composite wound pressure vessels using fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Joseph Grant; Raj K. Kaul; Scott L. Taylor; George Myer; Kurt V. Jackson; Anup Sharma
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Optical fiber grating sensor network to monitor helium gas temperature profile in airship
Author(s): Wolfgang Ecke; Ines Latka; Bernd Hoefer; Arnd Reutlinger; Reinhardt Willsch
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Monitoring shape change in compliant structures
Author(s): Euan J. Rigg; Robert R. J. Maier; James S. Barton; Andrew John Moore; Julian D. C. Jones; Scott McCulloch; Andrew Wallwork; Gary Burnell
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Shear and normal strain sensing with electroactive polymer composites
Author(s): Torrey R. Filanc-Bowen; Geun Hyung Kim; Yuri M. Shkel
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New high-sensitivity hybrid magnetostrictive/electroactive magnetic field sensors
Author(s): Jiankang Huang; Robert C. O'Handley; David Bono
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Design and analysis of an electromechanical filter with piezoelectric transducers
Author(s): Michael P. Dmuchoski; William W. Clark
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Positional impact sensing with spatially shaded polyvinylidene fluoride film
Author(s): Brian C. Bray; Gregory N. Washington
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Multichannel and multiaxis inertial sensor concepts based on vibrating structures
Author(s): Colin H.J. Fox; Anthony Rourke; Rebecka Eley; Christopher Fell; Stewart McWilliam
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Mode-selectable ultrasonic transducer for cylindrical ferromagnetic waveguides
Author(s): Youngkyu Kim; Hocheol Lee; Seung Hyun Cho; Yoon Young Kim
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Noncontact wave sensing for damage detection in a rotating shaft using magnetostrictive sensors
Author(s): Soon Woo Han; Yoon Young Kim; Hocheol Lee
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Strain measurements by fiber Bragg grating sensors for in situ pile loading tests
Author(s): Cornelia Schmidt-Hattenberger; Tilmann Straub; Marcel Naumann; Günter Borm; Robert Lauerer; Christoph Beck; Wolfgang Schwarz
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Intelligent pipelines using fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Rod C. Tennyson; W. Don Morison; Gerald N. Manuelpillai
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Health monitoring of the Saint-Jean bridge of Bordeaux, France using fiber Bragg grating extensometers
Author(s): Sylvain Magne; Jonathan Boussoir; Stephane Rougeault; Veronique Marty-Dewynter; Pierre Ferdinand; Lionel Bureau
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Vehicle axle detector for roadways based on fiber optic interferometer
Author(s): Denis Donlagic; Marjan Hanc
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Fiber optic time-of-flight radar with a submeter spatial resolution for the measurement of integral strain
Author(s): Veijo Lyori; Antti Mantyniemi; Ari Kilpela; Quyong Duan; Juha Tapio Kostamovaara
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Research on an innovative optical-wave-guided tactile sensing technology
Author(s): Yingjun Pan; Jiamin Liu; Weiguo M. Gong; Shengren Qiao
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Laser-interferometry-based read-out system for seismic accelerometers
Author(s): Fausto Acernese; Fabrizio Barone; Rosario De Rosa; Leopoldo Milano; Ketevan Qipiani
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Vibration detection for a composite smart structure embedded with a fiber grating sensor
Author(s): Youngki Yoon; Seunghwan Chung; Moo Sun Kim; Woo Il Lee; Byoungho Lee
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Structural integrity monitoring of aircraft panels using a distributed Bragg grating sensing technique
Author(s): Dawn K. Gifford; Brooks A. Childers; Roger G. Duncan; Anthony C. Jackson; Surendra Shaw; William Schwienberg; James Mazza
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Distributed sensing technique for test article damage detection and monitoring
Author(s): Roger G. Duncan; Brooks A. Childers; Dawn K. Gifford; Don E. Pettit; Andrew W. Hickson; Timothy L. Brown
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