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Internet Imaging IV

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Volume Number: 5018
Date Published: 10 January 2003

Table of Contents
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Method for comparing content-based image retrieval methods
Author(s): Kobus Barnard; Nikhil V. Shirahatti
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Comparing the performance of two CBIRS indexing schemes
Author(s): Wolfgang Mueller; Guenter Robbert; Andreas Henrich
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PanoramaSeek: intelligent streaming for Internet video retrieval
Author(s): Koji Wakimoto; Junshiro Kanda; Satoshi Tanaka; Sumio Usui
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Host-interference rejecting watermarking for robust image authentication
Author(s): Maria Grazia Albanesi; Marco Ferretti; Federico Guerrini
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Autosophy still image compression
Author(s): Klaus E. Holtz; Eric S. Holtz; Diana Kalienky
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Internet teleprescence by real-time view-dependent image generation with omnidirectional video camera
Author(s): Shinji Morita; Kazumasa Yamazawa; Naokazu Yokoya
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Multilevel model for 2D human motion analysis and description
Author(s): Thomas Foures; Philippe Joly
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Preparation and presentation of cultural content in virtual environment
Author(s): Jiri Zara
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Interactive Internet-based pendulum for learning mechatronics
Author(s): Magnus R. Sethson
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Facial expression presentation for real-time Internet communication
Author(s): Alexandre Dugarry; Aida Berrada; Shan Fu
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The role of Internet images in the Biomedical Informatics Research Network
Author(s): Simone Santini; Amarnath Gupta
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Web-based distributed image processing system
Author(s): Chia Yung Han; Hong Chen; Lei He; William G. Wee
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World-Wide-Web-based image search engine using text and image content features
Author(s): Bo Luo; Xiaogang Wang; Xiaoou Tang
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DEVA: an extensible ontology-based annotation model for visual document collections
Author(s): Carlo Jelmini; Stephane Marchand-Maillet
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Automatic image categorization using MPEG-7 description
Author(s): Seung Ji Yang; Jeong Hyun Yoon; Yong Man Ro
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Structured scalable meta-formats (SSM) for digital item application
Author(s): Debargha Mukherjee; Amir Said
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Recognition as translating images into text
Author(s): Kobus Barnard; Pinar Duygulu; David A. Forsyth
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Characterization of color distributions with histograms and kernel density estimators
Author(s): Linh Viet Tran; Reiner Lenz
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XML data model for inverted image indexing
Author(s): Simon Wing-Wah So; Clement H. C. Leung; Philip K. C. Tse
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Using region analysis technique to efficiently retrieve online image databases
Author(s): Ruofei Zhang; Zhongfei Zhang
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Relevance feedback in image retrieval: a new approach using positive and negative examples
Author(s): Mohammed Lamine Kherfi; Djemel Ziou; Alan Bernardi
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Image similarity measures for video analysis
Author(s): Longin Jan Latecki
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M3D (Media 3D): a new programming language for web-based virtual reality in e-learning and edutainment
Author(s): Sepideh Chakaveh; Detlef Skaley; Patricia Laine; Ralf Haeger; Soha Maad
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SVG-based web publishing
Author(s): Jerry Z. Gao; Eugene Zhu; Simon Shim
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CaML: camera markup language for network interaction
Author(s): Maxwell Sayles; Xiaojing Wu; Jeffrey E. Boyd
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SMIL-based graphical interface for interactive TV
Author(s): Simon Shim; Jayanthi Subramani; Yen-Jen Lee
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Application of intelligent agents in a notice and takedown process
Author(s): Alessia De Rosa; Franco Bartolini; Alessandro Piva
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MPEG-4/XML FGS approach to multicast video synchronization
Author(s): Xiaoming Sun; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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Semantic labeling of digital photos by classification
Author(s): Gianluigi Ciocca; Claudio Cusano; Raimondo Schettini; Carla Brambilla
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Similiarity distances evaluation for query by example retrieval
Author(s): Jerome Da Rugna; Hubert Konik
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Image database navigation
Author(s): Nabil Boukala; Philippe Colantoni
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Image features for machine-learning-based approach for web image classification
Author(s): Soosun Cho; Chi-Jung Hwang
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Wireless cellular control of time-shared robotic web cameras
Author(s): David H. Abrams; Peter N. Prokopowicz
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