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Sensors and Camera Systems for Scientific, Industrial, and Digital Photography Applications IV
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Volume Number: 5017
Date Published: 16 May 2003
Softcover: 41 papers (418) pages
ISBN: 9780819448170

Table of Contents
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Broadcast quality 3840 × 2160 color imager operating at 30 frames/s
Author(s): Robert M. Iodice; Michael Joyner; Canaan Sungkuk Hong; David P. Parker
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CMOS image sensor dedicated to speed determination of fast moving luminous objects
Author(s): Benaissa Bellach; Bernard Lamalle; Lew F. C. Lew Yan Voon; Guy Cathebras
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1024×1280-pixel dual shutter APS for industrial vision
Author(s): Herman Witters; Tom Walschap; Guy Vanstraelen; Genis Chapinal; Guy Meynants; Bart Dierickx
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Demonstration of a frequency-demodulation CMOS image sensor
Author(s): Koji Yamamoto; Keiichiro Kagawa; Jun Ohta; Masahiro Nunoshita; Yasushi Yamasaki; Kunihiro Watanabe
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System implementation of a CMOS vision chip for visual recovery
Author(s): Akihiro Uehara; David C. Ng; Tetsuo Furumiya; Keiichi Isakari; Keiichiro Kagawa; Takashi Tokuda; Jun Ohta; Masahiro Nunoshita
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Versatile sensor interface for programmable vision systems-on-chip
Author(s): Angel Rodriguez-Vazquez; Gustavo Linan; Elisenda Roca; Servando Espejo; Rafael Dominguez-Castro
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Noise calculation model for high-gain column amplifiers of CMOS image sensors
Author(s): Shoji Kawahito; Nobuhiro Kawai
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Hot carriers effects and electroluminescence in the CMOS photodiode active pixel sensors
Author(s): Stephan Maestre; Pierre Magnan; Francis Lavernhe; Franck Corbiere
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Photon count imaging using an extremely small capacitor and a high-precision low-noise quantizer
Author(s): Shoji Kawahito; Shinya Itoh
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Method to extend dynamic range of CMOS image sensor using different frame-rate read out
Author(s): Masaaki Sasaki; Shoji Kawahito; Mitsuhito Mase; Yoshiaki Tadokoro
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CMOS image sensor working as high-speed photo receivers as well as a position sensor for indoor optical wireless LAN systems
Author(s): Keiichiro Kagawa; Tomohiro Nishimura; Hiroaki Asazu; Tomoaki Kawakami; Jun Ohta; Masahiro Nunoshita; Yasushi Yamasaki; Kunihiro Watanabe
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Calibration and use of video cameras in the photometric assessment of aerodrome ground lighting
Author(s): Karen McMenemy; Francis Mullin; Gordon Dodds
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Field observation of surface conditions using LCTF spectropolarimeter
Author(s): Hirokimi Shingu; Kohzo Homma; Hirohisa Kurosaki; Takao Suzuki; Hiromichi Yamamoto
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Spectral matching imager using correlation image sensor and AM-coded multispectral illumination
Author(s): Akira Kimachi; Hisashi Ikuta; Yusuke Fujiwara; Hitoshi Matsuyama
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Optimization of CCD performances at high frequencies
Author(s): Didier Dantes; Teva Gilbert; Armand Artinian; Thierry Dartois
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Ultrahigh-definition color video camera system with 4K-scanning lines
Author(s): Kohji Mitani; Masayuki Sugawara; Hiroshi Shimamoto; Takayuki Yamashita; Fumio Okano
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Large-area interline CCD with low-dark current
Author(s): Christopher Parks; David L. Losee
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PSF measurements on back-illuminated CCDs
Author(s): Ralf Widenhorn; Alexander Weber; Morley M. Blouke; Albert J. Bae; Erik Bodegom
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Simulation-based development and characterization of a CCD architecture for 1 million frames per second
Author(s): Dirk Poggemann; Arno Ruckelshausen; Takeharu Goji Etoh; Albert J. P. Theuwissen; Jan T. Bosiers; Hideki Mutoh; Yasushi Kondo
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4-μm pixel CMOS image sensor with low-image lag and high-temperature operability
Author(s): Yasuyuki Endo; Yoshikazu Nitta; Hiroshi Kubo; Takeshi Murao; Ken'ichi Shimomura; Masatoshi Kimura; Kenji Watanabe; Satoshi Yamamoto; Shinji Komori
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Analysis of system noise in thermal imagers
Author(s): Kalle Marjanen; Olli P. Yli-Harja
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Performance of an extended dynamic range time delay integration charge coupled device (XDR TDI CCD) for high-intrascene dynamic range scanning
Author(s): Peter A. Levine; Robin M. Dawson; James T. Andrews; Mahalingham Bhaskaran; David Furst; Fu-Lung Hsueh; Grazyna M. Meray; Thomas M. Sudol; Pradyumna K. Swain; John R. Tower
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Operation and test of hybridized silicon p-i-n arrays using open-source array control hardware and software
Author(s): Andrew C. Moore; Zoran Ninkov; Gregory S. Burley; William J. Forrest; Craig W. McMurtry; Lars E. Avery
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Accurate estimation of conversion gain and quantum efficiency in CMOS imagers
Author(s): Bedabrata Pain; Bruce R. Hancock
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Digital camera system built on JPEG2000 compression and decompression
Author(s): Eiji Atsumi
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Color estimation error trade-offs
Author(s): Ulrich Barnhoefer; Jeffrey M. DiCarlo; Benjamin P. Olding; Brian A. Wandell
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Color image acquisition method using color filter arrays occupying overlapped color spaces
Author(s): Takashi Komatsu; Takahiro Saito
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Sharpening methods for images captured through Bayer matrix
Author(s): Ossi Kalevo; Henry Rantanen
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Dyed red, green, and blue photoresist for manufacture of high-resolution color filter arrays for image sensors
Author(s): Douglas J. Guerrero; William DiMenna; Tony D. Flaim; Ramil Mercado; Sam Sun
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Joint temporal and spatial color demosaic
Author(s): Xiaolin Wu; Ning Zhang
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New concept high-speed and high-resolution color scanner
Author(s): Keisuke Nakashima; Shin'ichi Shinoda; Yoshiharu Konishi; Kenji Sugiyama; Tetsuya Hori
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Analysis and characterization of super-resolution reconstruction methods
Author(s): Sebastiano Battiato; Giovanni Gallo; Massimo Mancuso; Giuseppe Messina; Filippo Stanco
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Computationally efficient algorithm for multifocus image reconstruction
Author(s): Helmy A. Eltoukhy; Sam Kavusi
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Preferred color spaces for white balancing
Author(s): Feng Xiao; Joyce E. Farrell; Jeffrey M. DiCarlo; Brian A. Wandell
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Automatic discrimination of text images
Author(s): Nicolo G. Alessi; Sebastiano Battiato; Giovanni Gallo; Massimo Mancuso; Filippo Stanco
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Adaptive pixel defect correction
Author(s): Anthony A. Tanbakuchi; Arjen van der Sijde; Bart Dillen; Albert J. P. Theuwissen; Wim de Haan
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Design and performances of a new generation of detection electronics for Earth observation satellites
Author(s): Didier Dantes; Claude Neveu; Teva Gilbert; Jean-Marc Biffi
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Photography with an 11-megapixel 35-mm format CCD
Author(s): Gloria G. Putnam; Sean Kelly; Shen Wang; William V. Davis; Edward T. Nelson; Douglas Carpenter
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Challenge for improving image quality of a digital still camera
Author(s): Kazuhiko Takemura; Kazuya Oda; Toru Nishimura; Hiroshi Tamayama; Yutaka Takeuchi; Tetsuo Yamada
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Improving the global impression of brightness of the multi scale Retinex algorithm for wide dynamic range pictures
Author(s): Marius Herscovitz; Evgeny Artemov; Orly Yadid-Pecht
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Unique sub-micron scanning system use for CMOS APS crosstalk characterization
Author(s): Igor Shcherback; Boris Belotserkovsky; Alex Belenky; Orly Yadid-Pecht
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