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Document Recognition and Retrieval X

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Volume Number: 5010
Date Published: 13 January 2003

Table of Contents
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Text extraction via an edge-bounded averaging and a parametric character model
Author(s): Jian Fan
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Applications of geostatistics and Markov models for logo recognition
Author(s): Tuan Pham
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Binary vector dissimilarity measures for handwriting identification
Author(s): Bin Zhang; Sargur N. Srihari
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AdaBoost-based handwritten/printed discrimination on a single character
Author(s): Hailong Liu; Xiaoqing Ding; Chi Fang
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Automated labeling of bibliographic data extracted from biomedical online journals
Author(s): Jongwoo Kim; Daniel X. Le; George R. Thoma
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Syntax-directed content analysis of video: application to a map detection recognition system
Author(s): Hrishikesh Aradhye; James A. Herson; Gregory Myers
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Extraction of valid data sets in registers using recognition of invalidation lines
Author(s): Gerd Maderlechner; Peter Suda
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Document image improvment for OCR as a classification problem
Author(s): Kristen M. Summers
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Correcting OCR text by association with historical datasets
Author(s): Susan E. Hauser; Jonathan Schlaifer; Tehseen F. Sabir; Dina Demner-Fushman; Scott Straughan; George R. Thoma
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Speed-up of optical scanner characterization subsystem
Author(s): Roger D. Clements; Elisa H. Barney Smith
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OCR correction based on document level knowledge
Author(s): Thomas A. Nartker; Kazem Taghva; Ron Young; Julie Borsack; Allen Condit
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Boosting and support vector machines as optimal separators
Author(s): Saharon Rosset; Ji Zhu; Trevor J. Hastie
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Do Thesauri enhance rule-based categorization for OCR text?
Author(s): Kazem Taghva; Jeffrey Coombs
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Exploring a hybrid of support vector machines (SVMs) and a heuristic-based system in classifying web pages
Author(s): Ahmad Rahman; Yuliya Tarnikova; Hassan Alam
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Information retrieval for OCR documents: a content-based probabilistic correction model
Author(s): Rong Jin; ChangXiang Zhai; Alexander Hauptmann
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Categorizing images in web documents
Author(s): Jianying Hu; Amit Bagga
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Resource-optimized delivery of web images to small-screen devices
Author(s): Yunnan Wu; Daniel P. Lopresti
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Similarity-based matching method for handwriting retrieval
Author(s): Kai Sun; Jian Wang
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Header and footer extraction by page association
Author(s): Xiaofan Lin
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Unconstrained invoice processing in the health insurance domain
Author(s): Matthew Hurst; Dave Barney
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Bootstrapping structured page segmentation
Author(s): Huanfeng Ma; David Scott Doermann
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Content features for logical document labeling
Author(s): Jian Liang; David Scott Doermann
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Document structure analysis algorithms: a literature survey
Author(s): Song Mao; Azriel Rosenfeld; Tapas Kanungo
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Form-type identification for banking applications and its implementation issues
Author(s): Hisao Ogata; Shigeru Watanabe; Atsuhiro Imaizumi; Tsukasa Yasue; Naohiro Furukawa; Hiroshi Sato; Hiromichi Fujisawa
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Optical font recognition of single Chinese character
Author(s): Li Chen; Xiaoqing Ding
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Turkish handwritten text recognition: a case of agglutinative languages
Author(s): Berrin A. Yanikoglu; Alisher Kholmatov
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Fermat theorem and elliptic color histogram features
Author(s): Luigi Cinque; Stefano Levialdi; Alessio Malizia; F. De Rosa
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Automatic information retrieval of Chinese business card
Author(s): GuangShun Shi; Wumo Pan; Jianming Jin
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Text location in color documents
Author(s): Anil K. Jain; Anoop M. Namboodiri; Keechul Jung
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General Chinese document capture system with an improved error-rejecting module
Author(s): Dahai Luan; Changsong Liu; Xiaoqing Ding
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Semantics-based image retrieval by text mining on environmental texts
Author(s): Hsin-Chang Yang; Chung-Hong Lee
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Separation algorithm of superimposed pattern using directional decomposition of an image
Author(s): Misako Suwa; Satoshi Naoi
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Domain-oriented information extraction from the Internet
Author(s): Andreas Arens; Karl Hans Blaesius
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Morphological postal envelope segmentation by co-occurrence matrix
Author(s): Jacques Facon; Eduardo Akira Yonekura
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BaffleText: a human interactive proof
Author(s): Monica Chew; Henry S. Baird
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Graphics extraction in a PDF document
Author(s): Hui Chao
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