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Novel In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers II

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Volume Number: 4995
Date Published: 3 July 2003

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Recent advances in quantum cascade laser research and novel applications
Author(s): Daniel Hofstetter; Mattias Beck; Stephane Blaser; Thierry Aellen; Jerome Faist; Ursula Oesterle; Marc Ilegems; Emilio Gini; Hans M. Melchior
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Broad-area and MOPA lasers with integrated grating components for beam shaping and novel functions
Author(s): Toshiaki Suhara; Masahiro Uemukai; Naoyuki Shimada; Anders Larsson
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High-power single-mode 915-nm InAlGaAs quantum-well lasers grown by MOCVD
Author(s): Zuntu Xu; Wei Gao; Alan Nelson; Kejian Luo; Haiquan Yang; Lisen Cheng; Brad Siskavich; Zhiping Wang; Aland K. Chin
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3-W high-brightness tapered diode lasers at 735 nm based on tensile-strained GaAsP QWs
Author(s): Goetz Erbert; Jorg Fricke; Ralf Huelsewede; Arne Knauer; Wolfgang Pittroff; Peter Ressel; Juergen Sebastian; Bernd Sumpf; Hans Wenzel; Guenther Traenkle
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MOCVD-grown InGaAsN quantum-well lasers
Author(s): Luke J. Mawst; Nelson Tansu; Jeng-Ya Yeh
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GaInNAsSb long-wavelength lasers on GaAs
Author(s): James S. Harris Jr.
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High performance widely-tunable SG-DBR lasers
Author(s): Michael C. Larson; Yuliya A. Akulova; Christopher W. Coldren; Thomas Liljeberg; Gregory A. Fish; Shigeru Nakagawa; Anders Dahl; Peter Kozodoy; Doreen Bingo; Ming Bai; Nitya Ramdas; Steven Penniman; Torsten Wipiejewski; Larry A. Coldren
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Digital wavelength-selected DBR laser
Author(s): Neil D. Whitbread; Andrew J. Ward; Lalitha Ponnampalam; David J. Robbins
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Advances in InAlGaN laser diode technology toward the development of UV optical sources
Author(s): Michael Kneissl; David W. Treat; Mark Teepe; Naoko Miyashita; Noble M. Johnson
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GaN-based laser diodes emitting from ultraviolet to blue-green
Author(s): Shinichi Nagahama; Masahiko Sano; Tomoya Yanamoto; Daisuke Morita; Osamu Miki; Keiji Sakamoto; Masashi Yamamoto; Yuuji Matsuyama; Yasuhiro Kawata; Takashi Murayama; Takashi Mukai
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High-power AlGaInN lasers for Blu-ray disc system
Author(s): Motonubu Takeya; Shinroh Ikeda; Tomomi Sasaki; Tsuyoshi Fujimoto; Yoshio Ohfuji; Takashi Mizuno; Kenji Oikawa; Yoshifumi Yabuki; Shiro Uchida; Masao Ikeda
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Terahertz quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): Ruedeger Koehler; Alessandro Tredicucci; Fabio Beltram; Harvey E. Beere; Edmund H. Linfield; A. Giles Davies; David A. Ritchie
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Lasing in disordered media
Author(s): Hui Cao; Alexey Yamilov; Junying Xu; Eric Seelig; Robert P.H. Chang
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Broadband tuning in optical communication band using Fabry-Perot laser diodes without antireflection coating
Author(s): Yi-Shin Su; Fei-Hung Chu; Ching-Fuh Lin
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Coupled multiple quantum well 650-nm emitting GaInP laser diodes
Author(s): Angela Sobiesierski; Gareth M. Lewis; Peter M. Smowton; Peter Blood; Gareth Jones; Stephen W. Bland
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Chaotic data encryption using semiconductor laser diodes
Author(s): Paul Rees; Siva Sivaprakasam; Paul S. Spencer; Jon Paul; Iestyn Pierce; K. Alan Shore
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Analog and digital high-speed modulation of quantum cascade laser
Author(s): Rainer Martini; Claire F. Gmachl; Roberto Paiella; Federico Capasso; Chris Glazowski; Robert K. Murawski; Edward A. Whittaker; Clyde G. Bethea; Harold Y. Hwang; Deborah L. Sivco; James N. Baillargeon; Alfres Y. Cho; H. C. Liu
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High-brightness long 940-nm diode lasers with double-waveguide structure
Author(s): Iulian B. Petrescu-Prahova; Thomas Moritz; John Riordan
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High-power and high-brightness laser diode structures at 980 nm using an Al-free active region
Author(s): Sophie-Charlotte Auzanneau; Michel M. Krakowski; Francois Berlie; Michel Calligaro; Yannick Robert; Olivier Parillaud; Michel Lecomte; B. Boulant; Thierry Fillardet
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Performace and reliability of ARROW single-mode and 100-um laser diode and the use of NAM in Al-free lasers
Author(s): Manoj Kanskar; Mike Nesnidal; Steve Meassick; Arkadi Goulakov; Eric Stiers; Zheng Dai; Thomas E. Earles; David Forbes; Darren Hansen; Patrick Corbett; Ling Zhang; Troy Goodnough; Lance LeClair; Nigel Holehouse; Dan Botez; Luke J. Mawst
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Dispersion penalty and performance of directly modulated 14-pin butterfly-packaged external-cavity laser diode with 2.5-Gb/s speed and transmission distance of 650 km
Author(s): Michael Fouksman; Vadim Chuyanov; Vladimir Kuperschmidt; Alan Luong
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