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Integrated Optics: Devices, Materials, and Technologies VII
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Volume Number: 4987
Date Published: 19 June 2003
Softcover: 33 papers (332) pages
ISBN: 9780819447876

Table of Contents
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Optical measurement of asymmetric structures: monitoring of organically doped film properties during corona poling
Author(s): Flavio Horowitz; Marcelo B. Pereira; Ricardo B. Correia; Hans-Peter H. Grieneisen
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Confocal luminescence microscopy characterization of optical waveguides produced by ion beam irradiation on LiF
Author(s): Stefano Pelli; Massimo Brenci; Roberto Calzolai; Franco Quercioli; Bruno Tiribilli; Massimo Vassalli; A. Ghirelli; Marco Cremona; Joao A. M. Pereira; Giancarlo C. Righini
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Use of waveguide light scattering for precision measurements of statistical parameters of irregularities of integrated optical waveguide materials
Author(s): Alexandre A. Yegorov
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Micromachined tunable filters using stress control of multilayer semiconductor mirrors
Author(s): Fumio Koyama; Takeru Amano
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Quantum dots: a new approach to low Vπ optical modulators
Author(s): Elizabeth Twyford Kunkee; Peter M. Livingston; Steve Holm
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Nanofibers for linear and nonlinear photonics
Author(s): Frank Balzer; Horst-Gunter Rubahn
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Third-order nonlinearity in SnO2:SiO2 wide-bandgap semiconductor-doped glasses
Author(s): Alberto Paleari; Norberto Chiodini; Giorgio Spinolo
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Synthesis and applications in photonics of SiO2:SnO2 nanostructured glass-ceramics
Author(s): Norberto Chiodini; Alberto Paleari; Giorgio Spinolo
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Eigenmode expansion methods for simulation of optical propagation in photonics: pros and cons
Author(s): Dominic F. G. Gallagher; Thomas P. Felici
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Adaptive numerical methods for problems of integrated optics
Author(s): Frank Schmidt; Lin Zschiedrich
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Design issues for an ultracompact tapered MMI coupler based on 3-dB splitter
Author(s): Muttukrishnan Rajarajan; Christos Themistos; Kyriacos Kalli; Michalis Komodromos; B. M. Azizur Rahman; Kenneth T. V. Grattan
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Ninety-deg. bends in low-index contrast waveguides
Author(s): Lixia Li; Gregory P. Nordin; Jennifer M. English; Jianhua Jiang
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Coupling coefficients for photonic crystal waveguides
Author(s): Dirk Michaelis; Ulf Peschel; Christoph A. Waechter; Andreas H. Braeuer
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Advances with silica-on-silicon planar waveguides
Author(s): Mogens Rysholt Poulsen; Martin Kristensen; Karsten Rottwitt; Mikael Svalgaard
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Nonlinear optics in silicon waveguides: stimulated Raman scattering and two-photon absorption
Author(s): Dimitrios Dimitropoulos; Ricardo Claps; Yan Han; Bahram Jalali
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Fast thermo-optical switch based on SOI waveguides
Author(s): Timo T. Aalto; Markku Kapulainen; Sanna Yliniemi; Päivi Heimala; Matti J. Leppihalme
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Optical component coupling using self-written waveguides
Author(s): Naohiro Hirose; Osamu Ibaragi
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Guided-wave electro-optic tunable add drop multiplexer in Ti:LiNbO3
Author(s): O. Eknoyan; Pingsheng Tang; Henry Fuller Taylor
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Optimization of an integrated optic broadband duplexer for 0.8/1.3-micrometer applications
Author(s): Elise Ghibaudo; Jean-Emmanuel Broquin; Pierre Benech
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Optimization of microstrip electrode design for high-speed polymer electro-optic modulator
Author(s): De Yu Zang; Xuejun Meng; Weiping Lin; James H. Bechtel
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Optical wavelength interrogator employing the free spectral range of an arrayed waveguide grating
Author(s): Yasukazu Sano; Noritomo Hirayama; Toshihiko T. Yoshino
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Hybrid single-mode lasers fabricated using Si/SiO2/SiON micromachined platforms
Author(s): Alexander Ksendzov; Kamjou Mansour
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Development of liquid crystal adaptive lens with circular electrodes for imaging application
Author(s): Yi N. Sun; Gregory P. Nordin; Stephen T. Kowel; Bin Wang
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Optical multifunction logic gate based on BSO photorefractive crystal
Author(s): Fabio Garzia; Eugenio Fazio; Mario Bertolotti; Valentin I. Vlad
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Bringing together integration technologies in GaAs, InP, and Si to deliver low-cost high-performance DWDM optoelectronic components and solutions
Author(s): Andrew C. Carter; Michael J. Wale; T. Simmons; Neil Whitbread; M. Asghari
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Diffractive optical element for coupling semiconductor laser diode to single-mode fiber
Author(s): Si Lu; Yingbai Yan; Guofan Jin; Minxian Wu
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Scale-reduction rule for diaphragm dimensions to miniaturize a silicon-based integrated optic pressure sensor without reducing sensitivity
Author(s): Atsushi Yamada; Toru Tokita; Masashi Ohkawa; Seishi Sekine; Takashi Sato
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Sensitivity dependence with respect to diaphragm dimensions in a glass-based integrated optic pressure sensor
Author(s): Yoshihiko Iwase; Yumi Okamoto; Masashi Ohkawa; Seishi Sekine; Takashi Sato
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Rigorous coupled-wave analysis for multilayered grating structures
Author(s): Wook Lee; Fahrettin Levent Degertekin
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Fabrication of As-S and As-Se optical fiber with low hydrogen impurities using tellurium tetrachloride (TeCl4)
Author(s): Vinh Q. Nguyen; Jasbinder Singh Sanghera; Brian J. Cole; Pablo C. Pureza; Frederic H. Kung; Ishwar D. Aggarwal
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Simulation and testing of an optical interconnection system using fiber image guides
Author(s): Sunkwang Hong; Alexander A. Sawchuk
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Performance and applications of a spectrometer with micromachined scanning grating
Author(s): Heinrich Gruger; Alexander Wolter; Tobias Schuster; Harald Schenk; Hubert K. Lakner
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Second harmonic generation in thermally poled Bi2O3-ZnO-TeO2 glasses
Author(s): Ganapathy Senthil Murugan; Evelyne Fargin; Leaticia Petit; Vincent Rodriguez; Frédéric Adamietz; Philippe Le Coustumer
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