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MOEMS and Miniaturized Systems III
Editor(s): James H. Smith
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Volume Number: 4983
Date Published: 21 January 2003
Softcover: 39 papers (414) pages
ISBN: 9780819447838

Table of Contents
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European roadmaps for MOEMS applications
Author(s): Patric R. Salomon
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Novel optoelectronic methodology for testing MOEMS
Author(s): Ryszard J. Pryputniewicz; Cosme Furlong
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Measurement of thermal-mechanical noise in MEMS microstructures
Author(s): Todd H. Stievater; William S. Rabinovich; Harvey S. Newman; Rita Mahon; Peter G. Goetz; Jack L. Ebel; David J. McGee
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Integrated optical monitoring of MEMS for closed-loop control
Author(s): Jeremy M. Dawson; Limin Wang; W. B. McCormick; S. A. Rittenhouse; Parviz F. Famouri; Lawrence Anthony Hornak
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Single-chip 1x84 MEMS mirror array for optical telecommunication applications
Author(s): Thor N. Juneau; Tony Chen; Tim Brosnihan; Swaminathan Rajaraman; Kevin H. Chau; Michael Judy
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SOI/DRIE all-fiber optical switch for high-power applications
Author(s): Jing Liu; Lawrence Fan; Don L. DeVoe
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High-power optical microswitch fabricated by deep reactive ion etching (DRIE)
Author(s): Kevin R. Cochran; Lawrence Fan; Don L. DeVoe
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Stress and curvature in MEMS mirrors
Author(s): Fawn R. Gass; Daryl J. Dagel; David P. Adams; Grant D. Grossetete; Olga Blum Spahn; Shanalyn A. Kemme; Seethambal S. Mani; Kevin J Malloy
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Optical system properties of a reconfigurable MEMS interconnect
Author(s): Shanalyn A. Kemme; Olga Blum-Spahn; Fawn R. Gass; Daryl J. Dagel; Grant D. Grossetete
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MOEMS device design, development, and integration for interconnect applications
Author(s): James Castracane; Bai Xu; Seth Madison; Jaap Verheggen; Dong Yan
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Development of 1X4 micro-optical switch based on SOI vertical micromirror technology
Author(s): Zhenfeng P. Wang; Xue Chuan Shan; Zhiping Wang; Wenqing Cao; Jianfeng Xu; Siak-Piang Lim; Wilfried Noell; Nico F. de Rooij
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Out-of-plane rotary micromirrors for reconfigurable photonic applications
Author(s): Daryl J. Dagel; Olga Blum Spahn; James J. Allen; Shanalyn A. Kemme; Grant D. Grossetete; Fawn R. Gass
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Microelectromechanical optical switch
Author(s): Nikolay Ivanovich Mukhurov; Georgy I. Efremov
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Thin-film-technology-based micro-Fourier spectrometer
Author(s): Dietmar Knipp; Helmut Stiebig; Sameer R. Bhalotra; Helen L. Kung; David A. B. Miller
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Miniature thermoacoustic cryocooler driven by a vertical comb-drive
Author(s): Zhili Hao; Mark Fowler; Jay A Hammer; Michael R Whitley; David Brown
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Micromachined near-field probe arrays
Author(s): Pradeep Srinivasan; Fred R Beyette; Ian Papautsky
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Novel micro fiber spectrometer
Author(s): Zhiyu Wen; Gang Chen; Shanglian Huang
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DWDM variable attenuator and multiple-channel power equalizer using MEMS technology
Author(s): Ai Qun Liu; Xu Ming Zhang; Chan Chong Wei; Thian Chern Sheong; F. Wang; C. Lu; Zishun Liu
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Micromachined VOA with perpendicularly aligned tapered optic fibers
Author(s): Sungcheon Jung; Yoonshik Hong; Junghyun Lee; Yeoungyu Lee
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Widely tunable lasers using MEMS gratings and mirrors
Author(s): Xu Ming Zhang; J. Li; Ding Yuan Tang; Chao Lu; Ai Qun Liu
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Micromachined in-plane tunable optical filter using thermo-optic effect
Author(s): Sungsik Yun; Jong Hyun Lee
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Bionics: precise color tuning by interference in nature and technology: applications in surface-micromachined 1.55-um vertical air-cavity filters
Author(s): Hartmut Hillmer; Juergen Daleiden; Cornelia Prott; Soeren Irmer; Friedhard Roemer; Edwin Ataro; Amer Tarraf; H. Ruehling; Markus Maniak; Martin Strassner
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Tunable Fabry-Perot interferometer for 3- to 4.5-um wavelength with bulk micromachined reflector carrier
Author(s): Steffen Kurth; Karla Hiller; Norbert Neumann; Matthias Heinze; Wolfram Doetzel; Thomas Gessner
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MOEMS spatial light modulator development at the Center for Adaptive Optics
Author(s): Peter A. Krulevitch; Paul A. Bierden; Thomas Bifano; Emily Carr; Clara E. Dimas; Harold Dyson; Michael A. Helmbrecht; Peter Kurczynski; Richard S. Muller; Scot S. Olivier; Yves-Alain Peter; Bernard Sadoulet; Olav Solgaard; Eui-Hyeok Yang
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Improved vision by eye aberration correction using an active-matrix-addressed micromirror array
Author(s): Andreas Gehner; Michael Wildenhain; Wolfgang Doleschal; Andreas Elgner; Harald Schenk; Hubert Lakner
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MEMS spatial light modulators with integrated electronics
Author(s): Thomas Becker; Thomas G. Bifano; Hocheol Lee; Michele Miller; Paul A. Bierden; Steven Cornelissen
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Large-scale polysilicon surface-micromachined spatial light modulator
Author(s): Clara E. Dimas; Julie Perreault; Steven Cornelissen; Harold Dyson; Peter Krulevitch; Paul Bierden; Thomas Bifano
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A micromachined deformable mirror for adaptive optics
Author(s): Wilfrid Schwartz; Claire Divoux; Jacques Margail; Laurent Jocou; Julien Charton; Eric Stadler; Thomas Jager; Fabrice Casset; T. Enot
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Electrostatically actuated membrane mirrors for adaptive optics
Author(s): Peter Kurczynski; Gregory R. Bogart; Warren Y-C. Lai; Victor Lifton; William M. Mansfield; J. Anthony Tyson; Bernard Sadoulet; David R. Williams
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Design and fabrication of a continuous membrane deformable mirror
Author(s): Jay A. Hammer; Michele Ruggiero Banish; Michael R. Whitley; Zhili Hao; Keith O. Warren; Sharon Sanchez; John S Harchanko
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Concept, modeling, and fabrication techniques for large-stroke piezoelectric unimorph deformable mirrors
Author(s): Eui-Hyeok Yang; Kirill Shcheglov; Susan Trolier-McKinstry
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Nodal model for continuous face sheet deformable mirrors
Author(s): Alexandros P. Papavasiliou
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Fabrication of micromachined focusing mirrors with seamless reflective surface
Author(s): Max Ti-Kuang Hou; Ke-Min Liao; Hong-Zhen Yeh; Bo-Wen Cheng; Pei-Yuan Hong; Rongshun Chen
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DLP switched blaze grating: the heart of optical signal processing
Author(s): Walter M. Duncan; Benjamin L. Lee; Paul Rancuret; Bryce D. Sawyers; Lynn Endsley; Donald Powell
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Fiber optic switch concept with analog micromirror device
Author(s): Christine Lausch; Rolf Goering; Frank Wippermann
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