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Laser Resonators and Beam Control VI

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Volume Number: 4969
Date Published: 25 June 2003

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Avoiding thermal lenses in Nd:YAG with cryogenic cooling
Author(s): Hansjuerg Glur; Thomas Graf
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Thermal distortion of the wavefront in a high-intensity laser system for inverse Compton x-ray generation
Author(s): Hiroki Ishikawa; Shinji Ito; Akira Endo; Tatsuya Yanagida; Kenji Torizuka; Fumio Sakai; Masakazu Washio
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Generation and spectral parameters of a sealed-off CO laser with nonselective and disperse resonators as a function of degree of cooling the walls of sealed-off active element
Author(s): Yuri N. Bulkin; V. V. Buzoverya; Vladimir Masychev; Maxim Yu. Deryugin; Sergey A. Novikov
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Rod lensing and diffraction effects on the optimum design parameters of a super-Gaussian coupled unstable resonator
Author(s): Ann Willson Kennedy; Mark S. Bowers; Paul P. Bolton; John B. Gruber
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Spontaneous synchronous phasing of multicore fiber laser
Author(s): Erik J. Bochove; Peter K. Cheo; G. G. King
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Modified relation for laser-plasma electron density measurement using x-ray interferometry
Author(s): Hong Guo; Hua Tang; Xiquan Fu; Yunli Qiu; Mingwei Liu; Song Yu; Guangshan Lu; Dongmei Deng
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New method for in-line beam profiling high-power CO2 lasers with an IR camera-based system
Author(s): Lawrence I. Green; Gary L. Herrit; Herman E. Reedy
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Temperature effects in rf-excited CO2 lasers with unstable resonators
Author(s): Edward F. Plinski; Jerzy S. Witkowski; Bartosz W. Majewski; Krzysztof M. Abramski
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Correction of the aberrations of high-power lasers
Author(s): Alexis V. Kudryashov; Vadim V. Samarkin; Alexey L. Rukosuev; Alexander Alexandrov
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The measurement of thermo-refractive noise in microspheres
Author(s): Mikhail L. Gorodetsky; Ivan S. Grudinin
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Tunability and synthetic lineshapes in high-Q optical whispering-gallery modes
Author(s): Vladimir S. Ilchenko; Anatoliy A. Savchenkov; Andrey B. Matsko; Lute Maleki
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Controlled coupling of a single emitter to a single mode of a microsphere: Where do we stand?
Author(s): Stephan Goetzinger; L. de S. Menezes; A. Mazzei; O. Benson; Dmitri V. Talapin; Nicolaj Gaponik; Horst Weller; Andrey L. Rogach; Vahid Sandoghdar
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Chaos-assisted tunneling in whispering-gallery resonators
Author(s): Viktor A. Podolskiy; Evgenii E. Narimanov
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Tailoring ultrasonic beams with optoacoustic holography
Author(s): Alex Meyer; Stefan Josef Gspan; Stefan Bernet; Monika Ritsch-Marte
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Thermally near-unstable resonator design for solid state lasers
Author(s): Yan Feng; Yong Bi; Zuyan Xu; Guangyin Zhang
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Resonant light coupling to microspheres using Gaussian beams of optical fibers
Author(s): Ali Serpenguzel; Temel Bilici; Senol Isci; Adnan Kurt
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Theoretical study on the vector behavior of single- and sub-cycle pulsed-beam propagation in free space
Author(s): Hong Guo; Hua Tang; Xiquan Fu; Dongmei Deng; Guangshan Lu; Yunli Qiu; Mingwei Liu; Song Yu
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Effect of electron density gradient on beam propagation in an inhomogeneous plasma
Author(s): Yunli Qiu; Hong Guo; Mingwei Liu; Hua Tang
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Nd3+- doped tellurite glass microsphere laser
Author(s): Kiyotaka Sasagawa; Kazushi Kusawake; Jun Ohta; Masahiro Nunoshita
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General structure of color separation gratings used in ICF
Author(s): Jinyu Wang; Gang Li; Chu Zhang; Yingbai Yan; Qiaofeng Tan; Guofan Jin
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Parametric optics with whispering-gallery modes
Author(s): Andrey B. Matsko; Vladimir S. Ilchenko; Rodolphe Le Targat; Anatoliy A. Savchenkov; Lute Maleki
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Progress toward a high-frequency comb with mode-locked lasers and sensor applications
Author(s): Ladan Arissian; Jean-Claude Diels
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High-Q silica microsphere optical resonator sensors using stripline-pedestal antiresonant reflecting optical waveguide couplers
Author(s): H. Charles Tapalian; Juha-Pekka Laine; Paul A. Lane
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High-power diffraction-limited Nd:YVO4 lasers at 1.34 um with compact resonators
Author(s): Alberto Di Lieto; Paolo Minguzzi; Vittorio C. Magni
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Gain saturation effects and beam symmetrization in fast-transverse-flow industrial lasers with folded resonators
Author(s): Nikolai A. Generalov; Valery S. Moskalev; Nikolai G. Solov'yov; Mikhail Yu. Yakimov; Vladimir P. Zimakov
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Multidither adaptive optical system for laser beam shaping
Author(s): J. V. Sheldakova; Alexey L. Rukosuev; Alexander Alexandrov; Alexis V. Kudryashov
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Adaptive aberration control in laser amplifiers and laser resonators
Author(s): Ulrich Wittrock; Ivo Buske; Hans M. Heuck
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Spatial coherence: comparison of interferometric and noninterferometric measurements
Author(s): Bernd Eppich; Guido Mann; Horst Weber
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Indistinguishable single photons from a single quantum-dot microcavity
Author(s): Charles M. Santori; David Fattal; Jelena Vuckovic; Glenn S. Solomon; Yoshihisa Yamamoto
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Strong dispersive and nonlinear optical properties of microresonator-modified optical waveguides
Author(s): John E. Heebner; Robert W. Boyd
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Optical trapping in a new light: rotation and advanced manipulation of microscopic objects
Author(s): Kishan Dholakia
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High-sensitivity scatterometer with a bidirectional ring laser
Author(s): Rafael Quintero-Torres; M. Navarro; Mark R. Ackermann; Jean-Claude Diels
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