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Optical Fibers and Sensors for Medical Applications III
Editor(s): Israel Gannot
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Volume Number: 4957
Date Published: 1 July 2003
Softcover: 24 papers (202) pages
ISBN: 9780819447579

Table of Contents
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Rare-earth oxide: aluminum oxide glasses for midrange IR devices
Author(s): Richard Weber; Ronald W. Waynant; Ilko K. Ilev; Thomas Key; Paul Nordine
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Combined fiber optic confocal microscopy for noninvasive optical sensing
Author(s): Ilko K. Ilev; Ronald W. Waynant; Erik Gorman; Reggie Luedtke; Kimberly R. Byrnes; Juanita Anders
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Applications of a fiber-based phase-sensitive optical low-coherence reflectometer
Author(s): Taner Akkin; Digant P. Dave; Henry Grady Rylander; Thomas E. Milner
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Transendoscopic laser-based surgical procedure within body cavities
Author(s): Alon Goren; Abraham Dayan; Israel Gannot
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Microfabricated optical fiber with a microlens that produces large field-of-view video-rate optical beam scanning for microendoscopy applications
Author(s): Eric J. Seibel; Mark Fauver; Janet L. Crossman-Bosworth; Quinn Y. J. Smithwick; Chris M. Brown
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Infrared medical laser system with hollow optical fibers
Author(s): Yoshihide Okagami; Mikinori Nishimura; Junko Oishi; Yi-Wei Shi; Yuji Matsuura; Mitsunobu Miyagi
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Calculi fragmentation of Er:YAG laser light through a sealed flexible hollow fiber delivery system
Author(s): Katsumasa Iwai; Yi-Wei Shi; Koh Nito; Yuji Matsuura; Takao Kasai; Mitsunobu Miyagi; Seichi Saito; Youichi Arai; Naomasa Ioritani; Yoshihide Okagami; Michal Nemec; Jan Sulc; Helena Jelinkova; Miroslav Zavoral; Oto Kohler; Pavel Drlik
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Fiber optic confocal microendoscope as a daughter scope for clinical endoscopy
Author(s): Andrew R. Rouse; Angelique Kano; Shona M. Kroto; Arthur F. Gmitro
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Infrared hollow glass fiber produced by fiber drawing technique
Author(s): Yuji Matsuura; Ryosuke Kasahara; Takashi Katagiri; Mitsunobu Miyagi
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Side- and end-illumination of polymer optical fibers in the UV region
Author(s): Hanns-S. Eckhardt; B. Jungling; Karl-Friedrich Klein; Hans Poisel
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Status and improvements of the UV laser scalpel
Author(s): Marco Kohler; Hartmut Dietz; Yuji Matsuura; Mitsunobu Miyagi; Karl-Friedrich Klein; Georg Hillrichs
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Metal sulfide coatings for hollow glass waveguides
Author(s): Veena Gopal; James A Harrington
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Characterization of hollow silica infrared waveguides
Author(s): James P. Clarkin; John H. Shannon; Richard J. Timmerman
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Hollow waveguide infrared gas sensing for biomedical applications
Author(s): C. Charlton; Alexandra Inberg; Nathan I. Croitoru; Boris Mizaikoff
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Midinfrared laser absorption spectroscopy in coiled hollow optical waveguides
Author(s): Gregory J. Fetzer; Anthony S. Pittner; Philip E. Silkoff
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Gas analysis in the UV region using a long-length hollow core waveguide
Author(s): R. Kotschau; Hanns-S. Eckhardt; Karl-Friedrich Klein; Klaus Behler; Georg Hillrichs
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Influence of fiber optic probe geometry on the origin of detected fluorescence: experimental validation of computational results
Author(s): T. Joshua Pfefer; L. Stephanie Matchette; Amanda M. Ross; Marwood N. Ediger
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Optical heterodyne surface plasmon resonance biosensor
Author(s): Chien Chou; Wen-chuan Kuo; Hsieh-Ting Wu
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Fiber optic temperature sensors for medical applications
Author(s): David T. Schaafsma; Gail Palmer; James H. Bechtel
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Multilayered self-assembled optical fiber sensors for biomedical applications
Author(s): Jeffrey B. Mecham; Y. Kang; B. Davis; Francisco J. Arregui; Ignacio R. Matias; Richard O. Claus
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Hollow waveguide delivery system for ophthalmology treatment
Author(s): Helena Jelinkova; Michal Nemec; Jan Sulc; Miroslav Cech; Mitsunobu Miyagi; Katsumasa Iwai; Yi-Wei Shi; Yuji Matsuura; Jiri Pasta
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Delivery of high-energy radiation in midinfrared spectral region by hollow waveguides
Author(s): Michal Nemec; Helena Jelinkova; Jan Sulc; Pavel Cerny; Mitsunobu Miyagi; Katsumasa Iwai; Yukio Abe; Yi-Wei Shi; Yuji Matsuura
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Prototype system of laser transillumination computed tomography for early diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis
Author(s): Yoshiaki Sasaki; Shinji Tanosaki; Jota Suzuki; Ryota Emori; Hiroki Inage; Tetsuya Yuasa; Michiaki Takagi; Akira Ishikawa; Hiroshi Taniguchi; Balasigamani Devaraj; Takao Akatsuka
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Fiber lasers: materials, structures and technologies
Author(s): Johannes Kirchhof; Sonja Unger; Anka Schwuchow
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