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Optical Methods for Tumor Treatment and Detection: Mechanisms and Techniques in Photodynamic Therapy XII
Editor(s): David Kessel
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Volume Number: 4952
Date Published: 13 June 2003
Softcover: 26 papers (220) pages
ISBN: 9780819447524

Table of Contents
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From molecular PDT damage to cellular PDT responses: attempts at bridging the gap on the role of Bcl-2
Author(s): Jitsuo Usuda; Liang-yan Xue; Song-mao Chiu; Kashif Azizuddin; Rachel L. Morris; John Mulvihill; Nancy L. Oleinick
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Promotion of PDT efficacy by bile acids
Author(s): Michelle Castelli; John Reiners; David Kessel
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Development of an in-vivo model for the study of photodynamic therapy and anti-angiogenic treatments
Author(s): Steen J. Madsen; Chung-Ho Sun; Bruce J. Tromberg; Henry Hirschberg
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Metronomic photodynamic therapy (mPDT): concepts and technical feasibility in brain tumor
Author(s): Brian C. Wilson; Stuart K. Bisland; Arjen Bogaards; Annie Lin; Eduardo H. Moriyama; Kai Zhang; Lothar D. Lilge
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Increasing oxygenation and radiation sensitivity following photodynamic therapy with verteporfin in the RIF-1 tumor
Author(s): Brian W. Pogue; Julia A. O'Hara; Eugene Demidenko; Carmen M. Wilmot; Bin Chen; Harold M. Swartz; Tayyaba Hasan
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Numerical light dosimetry in murine tissue: analysis of tumor curvature and angle of incidence effects upon fluence in the tissue
Author(s): Chao Sheng; Brian W. Pogue; Hamid Dehghani; Julia A. O'Hara; P. Jack Hoopes
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Effect of photodynamic therapy with verteporfin on tumor blood flow
Author(s): Bin Chen; Brian W. Pogue; Isak A. Goodwin; Julia A. O'Hara; Carmen M. Wilmot; John E. Hutchins; P. Jack Hoopes; Tayyaba Hasan
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Light dosimetry at tissue surfaces for small circular fields
Author(s): Timothy C. Zhu; Andreea Dimofte; Stephen M. Hahn; Robert A. Lustig
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In-vivo measurements of penetration depth, oxygenation, and drug concentration using broadband absorption spectroscopy in human tissues before and after photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Hsing-Wen Wang; Timothy C. Zhu; Michael Solonenko; Stephen M. Hahn; James M. Metz; Andrea Dimofte; Jermy Mile; Arjun G. Yodh
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Effects of telomerase expression on photodynamic therapy of Barrett's esophagus
Author(s): Kenneth K. Wang; Marlys Anderson; Navtej Buttar; Louis-Michel WongKeeSong; Lynn Borkenhagen; Lori Lutzke
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Fluorescence-guided resection of intracranial VX2 tumor in a preclinical model using 5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA): preliminary results
Author(s): Arjen Bogaards; Abhay Varma; Eduardo H. Moriyama; Annie Lin; Anoja Giles; Stuart K. Bisland; Lothar D. Lilge; G. M. Bilbao; Paul J. Muller; Brian C. Wilson
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Clinical studies of photodynamic therapy for malignant brain tumors: facial nerve palsy after temporal fossa photoillumination
Author(s): Paul J. Muller; Brian C. Wilson; Lothar D. Lilge; Abhay Varma; Arjen Bogaards; Tim Fullagar; Robert Fenstermaker; Robert Selker; Judith Abrams
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Studies of a novel photosensitizer palladium-bacteriopheophorbide (Tookad) for the treatment of prostate cancer
Author(s): Zheng Huang; Qun Chen; Pierre-Herve Brun; Brian C. Wilson; Avigdor Scherz; Yoram Salomon; David L. Luck; Jill Beckers; Fred W. Hetzel
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Effects of TOOKAD-PDT on canine prostates pre-treated with ionizing radiation
Author(s): Qun Chen; Zheng Huang; David L. Luck; Jill Beckers; Nadira Trncic; Susan M. LaRue; Pierre-Herve Brun; Brian C. Wilson; Fred W. Hetzel
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Repetition-rate-dependent oxygen consumption modifies cytotoxicity in photodynamic therapy using pulsed light
Author(s): Satoko Kawauchi; Yuji Morimoto; Hiroshi Asanuma; Hiroyuki Sato; Tsunenori Arai; Shunichi Sato; Isao Sakata; Takeshi Takemura; Susumu Nakajima; Makoto Kikuchi
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Noninvasive monitoring hemodynamic responses in RIF tumors during and after PDT
Author(s): Guoqiang Yu; Turgut Durduran; Theresa M. Busch; Hsing-Wen Wang; Chao Zhou; H. Mark Saunders; Chandra M. Sehgal; Arjun G. Yodh
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Ultrasensitive diode-laser-based monitor for singlet oxygen
Author(s): Steven J. Davis; Leyun Zhu; Ahmed M. Minhaj; Michael F. Hinds; Seonkyung Lee; Philip B. Keating; David I. Rosen; Tayyaba Hasan
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Photodynamic therapy of breast cancer with photosense
Author(s): Elena G. Vakoulovskaya; Victor V. Shental; Loubov V. Oumnova; Georgiu N. Vorozhcsov
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Time-delayed fluorescence imaging of a porphycene derivative
Author(s): Sarah L. Gundy; Wilhelm J.M. van der Putten; Andrew Shearer; Daniel J. Buckton; Alan G. Ryder; Michael Ball
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Gastroenteric cancers detection by Raman spectroscopy of human serum
Author(s): Xiaozhou Li; Junxiu Lin
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Light dosimetry for photodynamic therapy in the esophagus
Author(s): Xiaodong Zhou; Brian W. Pogue; Norman S. Nishioka; Bill Puricelli; Tayyaba Hasan
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Histological study of hamster buccal mucosa following topical application of DMBA and exposition to low-power 337-nm laser light
Author(s): Christmas M. V. de Barros Rego; Egberto Munin; Marcela Leal Redigolo; Miguel Castilho Salgado; Hanriete P. de Souza; C. E. D. Colombo; Renata Amadei Nicolau; Leandro Procupio Alves; Renato Amaro Zangaro
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Hyperoxygenation enhances the direct tumor cell killing of photofrin-mediated photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Zheng Huang; Qun Chen; Abdus Shakil; Hua Chen; Jill Beckers; Howard Shapiro; Fred W. Hetzel
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Anticancer effect and cell cycle regulation of photodynamic therapy (PDT) using 9- hydroxypheophorbide-a and 660-nm diode laser
Author(s): Phil-Sang Chung; Chung-Ku Rhee; Chung-Hun Oh; Han-Gyun Kim; Sang-Oun Jung; Jin-Chul Ahn
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High-throughput screening system for the study of phototoxicity of photosensitizers in vitro
Author(s): Irina G. Meerovich; Victoria V. Jerdeva; Gennadii A. Meerovich; Valentina M. Derkacheva; Alexander P. Savitsky
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Bioluminescence monitoring of photodynamic therapy response of rat gliosarcoma in vitro and in vivo
Author(s): Eduardo H. Moriyama; Stuart K. Bisland; Annie Lin; Arjen Bogaards; Lothar D. Lilge; Brian C. Wilson
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