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Instruments, Methods, and Missions for Astrobiology VI
Editor(s): Richard B. Hoover; Alexei Yu. Rozanov; Jere H. Lipps
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Volume Number: 4939
Date Published: 30 January 2003
Softcover: 29 papers (246) pages
ISBN: 9780819447340

Table of Contents
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Bacterial paleontology from the neontologist point of view
Author(s): Georgi A. Zavarzin
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Relics of marine bacterial coenoses from the Neoproterozoic formations of the south margin of the Siberian platform
Author(s): Arkadii M. Stanevich
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Occurrences of bacteria-like microfossils in the Neoproterozoic Miroedikha and Neruensk formations of Siberia
Author(s): Tamara N. Hermann; Victor N. Podkovyrov
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Vendian cyanobacterial communities as a preservation factor of fossil eucaryotic algal remains
Author(s): M. V. Leonov
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Colonial cyanobacteria of the genus Ostiana (microcystis) from the Upper Vendian of the Arkhangelsk region
Author(s): A. L. Ragozina; A. F. Weis; S. A. Afonin
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Evolution of the morphology of ancient cyanobacteria and its significance for biostratigraphical compositions in the Late Precambrian
Author(s): Galina B. Volkova
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Problematic microfossils in ancient (Paleozoic) rocks of the Urals
Author(s): L. V. Leonova; E. I. Soroka
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Cambrian calcareous algae and bacteria
Author(s): Veronica A. Luchinina; A. A. Terleev
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Phosphatized algal-bacterial assemblages in Late Cretaceous phosphorites of the Voronezh Anteclise
Author(s): Svetlana Yu. Maleonkina
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Some problems of bacterial mineralization and sedimentation
Author(s): Alexei Yu. Rozanov
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Bacteriomorph structures in Mesozoic lake deposits
Author(s): A. G. Ponomarenko
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Biomorphic microstructures in the Sinsk formation (Lower Cambrian of the Siberian platform)
Author(s): Marina M. Astafieva
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Laboratory observation on a culture of cyanobacteria and the problem of stromatolites morphogenesis
Author(s): Eugenia L. Sumina
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Proposed role of bacteria in volkonskoite formation
Author(s): Y. S. Simakova
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The nature of siderite and phosphate in concretions from the Upper Jurassic sediment of the Viatka-Kama basin (northeast of the Russian plate)
Author(s): Olga S. Vetoshkina
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Micro-organisms and exogenous ore genesis as shown by studies of phosphorite, bauxites, and manganese ores
Author(s): Emil L. Shkolnik; Elena A. Zhegallo; Eric A. Eganov; B. A. Bogatyryov; Yu. Yu. Bugelskii; V. M. Novikov; A. D. Slukin
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Biomarkers in organic matter of ancient salt deposits
Author(s): Svetlana N. Shanina
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Analysis of lipid biomarkers in rocks of the Archean crystalline basement
Author(s): Nina V. Shekhovtsova; George A. Osipov; Nadejda V. Verkhovtseva; Lev A. Pevzner
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Extrasolar planets and planets of the solar system: looking for life beyond the Earth
Author(s): Leonid V. Ksanfomality
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Study of the micro-organisms preserved in the central Antarctic glacier in connection with the problems of astrobiology
Author(s): Irina N. Mitskevich; Margarita N. Poglazova; Sabit S. Abyzov
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Micro-organisms and nano-organisms in the ocean and the example of the Barents Sea
Author(s): Irina E. Mishustina; Olga N. Baitaz; Maria I. Moskvina; Tatyana I. Shirokolobova
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Hydrothermal endobiosphere in the Miocene-Pliocene lava piles of Iceland as evidenced by mineral structures
Author(s): Alfred R. Geptner; Hrefna Kristmannsdottir
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Formation of resting cells by non-spore-forming micro-organisms as a strategy of long-term survival in the environment
Author(s): Andrei L. Mulyukin; Vera S. Soina; Elena V. Demkina; Alla N. Kozlova; Natalia E. Suzina; Vladimir V. Dmitriev; Vitalii I. Duda; Galina I. El'-Registan
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Detection of microbial cells and preliminary estimation of their physiological state by x-ray microanalysis
Author(s): Vladimir V. Sorokin; Andrei L. Mulyukin; Elena A. Vorobyova; Natalia E. Suzina; Vitalii I. Duda; Galina I. El-Registan
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Biogenic marine bacteria of the Siderococcus genus from paleontological and astrobiological points of view
Author(s): A. I. Gorshkov; A. V. Sivtsov; I. K. Sheglova; V. V. Balashova
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New approaches in organic molecule synthesis simulation by observing conditions complying with gas-dust interstellar clouds
Author(s): Vladimir A. Alekseev; Vladimir A. Otroshchenko
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Psychrophiles and astrobiology: microbial life of frozen worlds
Author(s): Elena V. Pikuta; Richard B. Hoover
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Products of micritization: evidences of microbial activity at and below the seafloor of the Upper Moscovian epicontinental basin of central European Russia
Author(s): P. B. Kabanov
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Microfossils, biominerals, and chemical biomarkers in meteorites
Author(s): Richard B. Hoover; Alexei Yu. Rozanov
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