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MEMS/MOEMS Technologies and Applications
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Volume Number: 4928
Date Published: 10 September 2002
Softcover: 46 papers (312) pages
ISBN: 9780819447173

Table of Contents
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Novel device of passive and fixed alignment of optical fiber using SU-8 photoresist
Author(s): Jingquan Liu; Bingchu Cai; Jun Zhu; Di Chen; Yigui Li; Jiliang Zhang; Guipu Ding; Xiaolin Zhao; Chunsheng Yang
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Optical MEMS for high-end microspectrometers
Author(s): Rainer Riesenberg; Andreas Wuttig; Guenter Nitzsche; Bernd Harnisch
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Intelligent vision systems
Author(s): Natalie Clark; Upendra N. Singh
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Subwavelength antireflection structure for optical detector fabricated by fast atom beam etching
Author(s): Yoshiaki Kanamori; Masahiro Ishimori; Kazuhiro Hane
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Micro translation table for near-field data storage using inverted-scratch-drive actuators
Author(s): Yoshiaki Kanamori; Hiroto Yahagi; Minoru Sasaki; Takahito Ono; Kazuhiro Hane
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Optical-electromechanical performance of MEMS tilting micromirrors for AON communication system
Author(s): Dachao Li; Wen-Gang Wu; Shijiu Jin; Jinjie Shi; Yilong Hao
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Nano-stepper-driven optical shutter for applications in free-space micro-optics
Author(s): Justyna Zawadzka; Lijie Li; Anartz Unamuno; Deepak G. Uttamchandani
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Error-compensation technology to deal with axis misalignment of multi MEMS sensors
Author(s): Rong Zhu; Zhaoying Zhou
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Microgripper for handling and assembly in MEMS produced by SU-8 technology
Author(s): Dragan Petrovic; Gordana Popovic; Tatjana Petrovic; Andreas Schneider; Ejaz Huq; Helmut Detter; Friedrich Franek
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Fabrication of 1.3-μm Si-based MEMS tunable optical filter
Author(s): Yuhua Zuo; Changjun Huang; Buwen Cheng; Rongwei Mao; Liping Luo; Junhua Gao; Y. X. Bai; Liangchen Wang; Jinzhong Yu; Qiming Wang
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Microfabrication of color filter for liquid crystal display by inkjet-based method
Author(s): Chin-Tai Chen
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Fabrication of integrated microlens array mold and mold insert for mass production
Author(s): Ruey Fang Shyu; Feng-Tsai Weng; Chengtang Pan; Hsiharng Yang
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Laser fabrication technology for micromachines
Author(s): Jiming Chen; Tao Chen; Xubao Wang; Tiechuan Zuo
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Excimer laser micromachining technology in biochip
Author(s): Tao Chen; Jiming Chen; Yu Zhang; Bohua Ying; Tao Jing; Tiechuan Zuo
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Fabrication of reflective micromirror in micromechanical optical switches
Author(s): Wei Dong; Weiyou Chen; Han Yang; Long Zhang; Ping Ji; Wenbin Guo; Caixia Liu; Xindong Zhang; Dongming Sun; Cuiping Jia; Jianxuan Pan
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Laterally driven variable capacitor for displacement measurement of microactuators
Author(s): Qingquan Liu; Qing-An Huang
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Optimum design of levitating coil and stability coils in the micromachined gyroscope of electromagnetic levitated rotor
Author(s): Xiaosheng Wu; Wenyuan Chen; Weiping Zhang
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Design and simulation of integrated CMOS-compatible capacitive absolute pressure-sensing microsystems
Author(s): Minxin Zhou; Qing-An Huang; Ming Qin
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Development of microvision system for manipulation robot
Author(s): Lining Sun; Li guo Chen; Weibin Rong
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Micro mobile robot system for inspection between pipes
Author(s): Faming Liu; Jiapin Chen; Jianghua Liu; Junshi Cheng; Chen Zhang
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MEMS microrotor technology and aerodynamics for a hovering micro air vehicle
Author(s): Yang Liu; Jiapin Chen; Yongli Xiao
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Designing, fabrication, and test of a MEMS colloid thruster
Author(s): Zhaoying Zhou; Jijun Xiong; Xiongying Ye; Xiaohao Wang; Yanyin Feng
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Wafer lever packaging for gyroscope by Au/Si eutectic bonding
Author(s): Yong Ruan; Dacheng Zhang; Zhenchuan Yang; Xiang Wang; Xiaomei Yu
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Design optimization and fabrication process of MEMS micro-magnetometer based on tunneling effect
Author(s): Zhaoying Zhou; Xing Yang; Junhua Zhu; Xiongying Ye
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Reduction of thermal nonreciprocity in fiber-optic Sagnac interferometer via hybrid winding pattern
Author(s): Xuhan Dai; Xiaolin Zhao; Bingchu Cai
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Three-degrees-of-freedom precision stage
Author(s): Yingfei Wu; Zhaoying Zhou
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Comparison of theoretical and experimental determination of the flexing of scratch drive actuator plates
Author(s): Lijie Li; James Gordon Brown; Deepak G. Uttamchandani
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Important theory of array microjet based on MEMS
Author(s): Songmei Yuan; Zhaoying Zhou; Guohui Wang; Changgeng Liu
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Pd/Ni bilayer electrochemical microactuator
Author(s): Jinyuan Yao; Guifu Ding; Ying Cao; Chunsheng Yang; Tianhui Shen
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Microstructures of PMMA sheet fabricated by RIE
Author(s): Longwang Huang; Chunsheng Yang; Guifu Ding
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Optimal design for the alignment of single mode-fibers using thermal microactuators
Author(s): Jun Yao; Deepak G. Uttamchandani
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Low-voltage micromachining-based scalable optical switch
Author(s): Junfeng Bao; Ye Yuan; Zhonghui Cao; Xiaodong Wu
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Micromechanical variable optical attenuator based on EDM micromachining
Author(s): Zhonghui Cao; Ye Yuan; Junfeng Bao; Xiaodong Wu
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Optimization and simulation of the surface acoustic wave motor
Author(s): Xiquan Cui; Lan Wu; Hai-jun Zhang
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Silicon microchannel array based on MEMS process
Author(s): Qingduo Duanmu; Ye Li; Delong Jiang; Yanjun Gao; Lichen Fu; Jingquan Tian
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Error analysis of micro strain gauge with a mechanical amplifier
Author(s): Zutao Liu; Qing-An Huang; Yanfeng Jiang
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Capacitive rf MEMS switch with composite beam
Author(s): Min Miao; Zhiyong Xiao; Guoying Wu; Yilong Hao; Haixia Zhang
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Equivalent circuit macromodel for a beam-structure electromechanical system in F-I analogy
Author(s): Hua Rong; Qing-An Huang; Weihua Li
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Silicon micromechanical accelerometer using an optical fiber
Author(s): Tongyu Wang; Shuren Zhang
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New test structure for measuring thermal conductivity of polysilicon thin films
Author(s): Gaobin Xu; Qing-An Huang; Yanfeng Jiang
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Design and simulation of a bulk micromachined relay with lateral contact
Author(s): Zhenchuan Yang; Zhihong Li; Yilong Hao; Guoying Wu
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Simulation and optimization of dynamic passive valve micropump
Author(s): Weiping Zhang; Wenyuan Chen; Xiaomei Chen; Xiaosheng Wu; Zhengfu Xu
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Structural design of novel low-actuation MEMS switches for X-band application
Author(s): Weibin Zheng; Qing-An Huang; Fu-Xiao Li
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Designing a diffractive optical element used as a ring-beam convertor to control the wavefront propagation in a three-dimensional space
Author(s): Junfeng Lu; JingJuan Zhang; Yan Zhang; Guo Hai Situ
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Novel structure of passive ring waveguide resonator on silicon substrate
Author(s): Wei Guo; Huilian Ma; Zhonghe Jin; Yanzhe Tang; Yuelin Wang
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Microfluidics-related research and applications
Author(s): Zhaoying Zhou; Yanyin Feng
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