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Quantum Optics in Computing and Communications
Editor(s): Songhao Liu; Guangcan Guo; Hoi-Kwong Lo; Nobuyuki Imoto
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Volume Details

Volume Number: 4917
Date Published: 13 September 2002
Softcover: 24 papers (158) pages
ISBN: 9780819447067

Table of Contents
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Quantum computation based on linear optics
Author(s): Timothy C. Ralph; W. J. Munro; Gerard J. Milburn
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Experimental investigation of pulsed entangled photons and photonic quantum channels
Author(s): Yoshihiro Nambu; Koji Usami; Akihisa Tomita; Satoshi Ishizaka; Tohya Hiroshima; Yoshiyuki Tsuda; Keiji Matsumoto; Kazuo Nakamura
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Long-distance free-space quantum cryptography
Author(s): Christian Kurtsiefer; P. Zarda; M. Halder; Ph. M. Gorman; Paul R. Tapster; J. G. Rarity; Harald Weinfurter
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Differential phase-shift quantum key distribution
Author(s): Kyo Inoue; Edo Waks; Yoshihisa Yamamoto
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Practical quantum key distribution
Author(s): Hugo Zbinden; Sylvain Fasel; Nicolas Gisin; Olivier Guinnard; Gregoire Ribordy; Andre Stefanov; Damien Stucki
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Multiphoton entanglement
Author(s): Mohamed Bourennane; Manfred Eibl; Sascha Gaertner; Nicolai Kiesel; Christian Kurtsiefer; Marek Zukowski; Harald Weinfurter
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New efficient quantum key distribution protocol
Author(s): Ching-Nung Yang; Chen-Chin Kuo
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Squeezed thermal radiation state
Author(s): Ze Cheng
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Experimental quantum cryptography distribution system
Author(s): Zhengfu Han; Youzhen Gui; Xiaofan Mo; Guangcan Guo
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Properties of light group velocity in ultracold atom gas
Author(s): Zheng-Feng Hu; Daijun Li; C. G. Du; Shiqun Li
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Low-loss transmission of quantum bits by wavelets
Author(s): Changjun Liao; Songhao Liu
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Sending quantum bits with rotating photons
Author(s): Songhao Liu; Changjun Liao
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Experimental study of private communication by laser system in chaos
Author(s): Hanwei Yi; Ruiyan Sun; Qingchao Meng; Hengsan Lai; Fengdong Zhang
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Secure bit commitment based on quantum one-way function
Author(s): Bo Yu; Zheng-Wei Zhou; Jian Li; Guang-Can Guo
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Extended BB84 protocol for repeatable quantum key distribution system
Author(s): Li Yang; Ling-An Wu; Songhao Liu
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Quantum secret sharing
Author(s): Guo-Ping Guo; Guangcan Guo
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Teleportation of an arbitrary two-particle state via entanglement swapping
Author(s): Jianxing Fang; Xianfeng Chen; Rong Zhang; Shiqun Zhu
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Can copies of linearly independent quantum states be deleted?
Author(s): Jian Feng; Jisuo Wang; Yun-Feng Gao; Ming-Sheng Zhan
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Experimental study of response of Bragg acousto-optic bistable system to rectangular wave signals
Author(s): Hanwei Yi; Ruiyan Sun; Hengsan Lai; Qingchao Meng; Fengdong Zhang
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Quantum logic operation with single trapped ion by two pairs of laser beams
Author(s): Rong Zhang; Jianxing Fang; Shiqun Zhu
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Experimental investigation of absorption and dispersion in multi-V-type cesium atomic system
Author(s): Jian-ming Zhao; Yanting Zhao; Lirong Wang; Liantuan Xiao; Suotang Jia
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Quantifying the entanglement of quantum Gaussian state
Author(s): Xiaoyu Chen; Peiliang Qiu; Hong-liang Ge; Li-Zhen Jiang; Zhong-ping Qiu
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Simulation of quantum cryptolographic key distribution
Author(s): Zi Lin; Haiyan Wang; Caibin Lu
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Quantum three-pass cryptography protocol
Author(s): Li Yang; Ling-An Wu; Songhao Liu
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