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Optical Components and Transmission Systems
Editor(s): WeiSheng Hu; Shoichi Sudo; Peter Kaiser
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Volume Number: 4906
Date Published: 23 August 2002
Softcover: 88 papers (592) pages
ISBN: 9780819446954

Table of Contents
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Phase shift keying (PSK & DPSK) techniques for long-haul wavelength division multiplexing systems over standard single-mode fiber
Author(s): Jochen Leibrich; Christoph Wree; Werner Rosenkranz
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Space-time modulation and coding for long-haul and metro optical networks
Author(s): Victor Yeeman Lo
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High-capacity 40-Gb/s DWDM transmission for ultralong-haul terrestrial networks
Author(s): Benyuan Zhu
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Performance analysis of nonlinear optically amplified IM/DD systems with forward error correction
Author(s): Juanjuan Yan; Yi Dong; Minghua Chen; Shizhong Xie; BingKun Zhou
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Pump-to-signal crosstalk in Raman amplifier systems using polarization-multiplexed pump lasers
Author(s): Eui Seung Son; Yun Chur Chung
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Investigation of Raman fiber amplifier with all-optical gain clamping ring
Author(s): Yandong Gong; Ping Shum; Chao Lu; Tee Hiang Cheng; Xiang Zhou; Y. X. Wang
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Performance requirements of Raman pumps in Raman-amplified transmission systems
Author(s): Leah Wang
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Raman amplification in terrestrial DWDM systems
Author(s): Lufeng Leng
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Interleaver technology review
Author(s): Wei-Zhong Li; Qing-Dong Guo; Shijie Gu
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Demultiplexing using an arrayed-waveguide grating for frequency-interleaved DWDM radio-on-fiber systems with 25-GHz channel spacing
Author(s): Hiroyuki Toda; Tsukasa Yamashita; Ken-ichi Kitayama; Toshiaki Kuri
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10-Gbps uncooled DFB LD module by the optimal EOTM design
Author(s): Janam Ku; Eungyeoul Yoon; JongHwa Won; Iljong Song; Donghoon Chang; SeongMo Hwang; Moonkyu Park; Dongsoo Bang; Minsik Um; Sangmin Park; Sangmoon Lee; Donghoon Jang
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Widely tunable lasers enabling efficient and intelligent optical networks
Author(s): Rang-Chen Yu
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Operation stability of an actively mode-locked fiber ring laser
Author(s): Yandong Gong; Ping Shum; Qi Wen; Ding Yuan Tang
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Tunable single-mode fiber laser with a low-cost active Fabry-Perot filter of ultranarrow-linewidth and high side-mode-suppressing ratio
Author(s): Gong-Ru Lin; Jung-Rung Wu
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Optical packaging activities at Institute of Microelectronics (IME), Singapore
Author(s): Keng-Hwa Teo; Krishnamachari Sudharsanam; Ramana Venkata Pamidighantam; Yongkee Yeo; Mahadevan K. Iyer
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Liquid crystal technologies for optical networking
Author(s): Jung-Chih Chiao
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Gain flattening erbium-doped fiber amplifier in L-band using a dual-core fiber
Author(s): Yi Bin Lu; Pak Lim Chu
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Dynamic optical fiber amplifier for metro-networking applications
Author(s): Feng Pan; Joe Zou; HongLei Fan; Richard Williams; Stephen Arleth; Baocheng Bai; Garry Yuhas; Mikhael Kozlov; KaoYang Huang
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Raman tilt and nonideal tilt control function of C-band erbium-doped fiber amplifiers
Author(s): Yihong Chen; Leda M. Lunardi; Daniel Al-Salameh; Stan Lumish
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All-optical clock recovery and regeneration
Author(s): Guifang Li
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Numerical study of 40-Gbit/s optical soliton transmission system employing all optically regenerative repeater using properly designed nonlinear optical loop mirror
Author(s): Pasu Kaewplung; Puttarak Thipchatchawanwong
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158-fs ultrashort soliton pulse from NPR fiber laser
Author(s): Ping Shum; Yandong Gong; Ding Yuan Tang
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Compound pulse solitons in a passively mode-locked fiber laser
Author(s): Bin Zhao; Ding Yuan Tang; Deyuan Shen; C. Lu; Wai S. Man; Hwa-Yaw Tam
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Performance of cascaded filters with group delay ripples in 40-Gbit/s WDM transmission system
Author(s): Lin Zhu; Minghua Chen; Yejin Zhang; Shizhong Xie
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155-Mb/s CMOS post amplifier for optical-line-terminal receiver in ATM-PON system
Author(s): Saekyoung Kang; Sung-Hwan Hwang; Ki-Sung Park; Hyo-Hoon Park
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Perform qualify reliability-power tests by shooting common mistakes: practical problems and standard answers per Telcordia/Bellcore requests
Author(s): Zheng Yu
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Temperature dependence of insertion loss and bias drift of Ti:LiNbO3 optical external modulator
Author(s): Hyung-Do Yoon; Woo-Seok Yang; Han-Young Lee; Dae-Won Yoon
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Optical sampling-step and effective resolution bandwidth: a fundamental aspect of component testing
Author(s): Normand Cyr; Francois Babin; Bernard Ruchet; Andre Girard
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Dispersion management for the transmission of mixed data rates of 40 Gb/s and 10 Gb/s in the same fiber
Author(s): Gottfried Lehmann; Eckhard Meissner
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Transmission of 40-Gb/s x 8-WDM channels with 0.4-(bits/s)/Hz spectral efficiency using short-period dispersion-managed fiber
Author(s): Hwan-Seok Chung; Dae-Won Kim; Yun Chur Chung
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Reduction of pulse-to-pulse interaction of optical RZ pulses in dispersion-managed fiber
Author(s): Hiroyuki Toda; Shoji Kobayashi; Ippei Akiyoshi
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Design of dispersion slope compensator using tapered fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Jing Zhang; Ping Shum; Nam Quoc Ngo; XiaoCong Yuan
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High-order-mode fiber-based dispersion management technology yields full-slope match, high power tolerance, and low loss
Author(s): Uri Levy; Kejian Wang
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Novel method of solving PMD problem
Author(s): Jian Wang; Jinlong Yu; Jianfei Liu; Hao Hu; Enze Yang
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Effect of polarization-dependent loss on polarization-shift-keying transmission system
Author(s): Ho-Chul Ji; Jun Hee Lee; Yun Chur Chung
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Detection of high-PMD sections along installed fibers by means of a polarization OTDR
Author(s): Andre Fougeres; Andre Girard; Michel LeBlanc
FBG load sensing: an investigative experiment
Author(s): Jingren Qian; Ming Liang
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Elongation characteristics of fused taped optical fiber loop reflectors
Author(s): Jingren Qian; Jiatong Luo
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Performance analysis of an actively mode-locked fiber laser
Author(s): Qi Wen; Ping Shum; Yandong Gong
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Characteristics of an EDFA gain flattening filter formed after a double exposure
Author(s): Hyung-Do Yoon; Jong-Hwa Park; Kyung-Seo Park; Joon-Yong Cho; Hyun Soo Jang; Kyung-Shik Lee
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Regenerative erbium-doped fiber ring amplifier
Author(s): Hongyun Meng; Weiqing Gao; Yange Liu; Shuzhong Yuan; Xiaoyi Dong
Novel design method for birefringent interleaver
Author(s): Haitao Guo; Lutang Wang; Zhaoming Huang; Yichao Meng; Ying Ruan
Optimization of 40-Gb/s amplified dispersion-managed system for various launch power and fiber length
Author(s): Minhui Yan; Jianping Chen; Gang-Ding Peng
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Simulation studies on the effect of positioning tolerances on optical coupling efficiency
Author(s): Ramana Venkata Pamidighantam; Yongkee Yeo; Krishnamachari Sudharsanam; Sik Pong Lee; Mahadevan K. Iyer
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Pump optimal configuration algorithm for the multipumped sources of distributed Raman fiber amplifiers
Author(s): Pengcheng Xiao; QingJi Zeng; Jun Huang; Jimin Liu
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Bulk optical interleaver with flat passband using cascaded Mach-Zehnder interferometers
Author(s): Feng Liang; Heping Zeng; Li Wu; Jiwu Ling
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Method to calculate penalty caused by OADM/OXC nodes in WDM networks
Author(s): Wei Zhao; Xiaoping Zheng; Yuanliang Chu; Hanyi Zhang
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Stability analysis of the fiber ring mode-locked laser with a SOA
Author(s): Can Peng; Minyu Yao; Qianfan Xu; Hongming Zhang
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System approach to MEMS commercialization
Author(s): Vladimir Vaganov
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High-precision mechanical variable optical attenuator
Author(s): Liguo Zhang; Daqing Zhu; Zhene Xu; Dongsheng Lu
Amplification of optical pulse signal using chirped fiber grating
Author(s): Weihai Ni; Li Zhan; YuXing Xia
Design of Gires-Tournois resonator dispersion compensator
Author(s): Yonghong Shao; Yaoliang Jiang; Quan Zheng; Longsheng Qian

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