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Ultraviolet Ground- and Space-based Measurements, Models, and Effects II
Editor(s): Wei Gao; Jay R. Herman; Guangyu Shi; Kazuo Shibasaki; James R. Slusser
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Volume Number: 4896
Date Published: 1 July 2003
Softcover: 28 papers (270) pages
ISBN: 9780819446824

Table of Contents
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Influences of tropospheric ozone and aerosols on satellite-derived UV
Author(s): Richard McKenzie
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Effect of aerosol on UV radiation: an overview
Author(s): N. Christina Hsu; Jay R. Herman; Brent Holben
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Possible changes in reflectivity of the Earth at 360 nm: 1980-2001
Author(s): Jay R. Herman
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Deriving actinic flux and photolysis rates from spectral and multiband measurements of UV irradiance
Author(s): Ann Ruth Webb; Richard Kift; Abdulaziz Seroji
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Spectral measurements of vertically and horizontally polarized UV sky distribution
Author(s): Mario Blumthaler; Martin Huber; Josef Schreder
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Spatial correlations of daily and weekly maximum day exposure of solar UV radiation in the continental United States
Author(s): Richard H. Grant; James R. Slusser
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Solar ultraviolet-B radiation in urban environments: Baltimore, Maryland
Author(s): Gordon M. Heisler; Richard H. Grant; Wei Gao; James R Slusser; Corinne Ehrlich
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Spectrally resolved comparison of TOMS estimates of surface UV irradiances with those of ground-based measurements at time of overpass
Author(s): Michael G. Kimlin; Thomas E. Taylor; Jay R. Herman; John E. Rives; Blake Cannon; Richard Stephen Meltzer
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The quality of data from the National Science Foundation's UV monitoring network for polar regions
Author(s): Germar Bernhard; Charles Rockwell Booth; James C. Ehramjian
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Modeling and measurements of UV-B irradiance in cloudy conditions
Author(s): Manuel Nunez; Kurt Fienberg; Christopher P. Kuchinke
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Calibration improvement of the IAI Network for the measurement of UVR: multichannel instruments
Author(s): Susana B. Diaz; Charles Rockwell Booth; Roy Armstrong; Sergio Cabrera; Claudio Cassiccia; Humberto Fuenzalida; Charlotte Lovengreen; Alejandro Paladini; Jorge Pedroni; A. Rosales; Horacio Zagarese; Claudio Brunat; Guillermo Deferrari; Carolina Camilion; Maria Vernet
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A submersible radiometer for measuring solar UV irradiance over a wide dynamic range
Author(s): John H. Morrow; Thomas P. Comer; Randall N. Lind; James Robertson; Charles R. Booth
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Intra- and inter-specific comparisons of leaf UV-B absorbing-compound concentration of southern broadleaf trees in the United States
Author(s): Yadong Qi; Shuju Bai; Wei Gao; Gordon M. Heisler
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Growth analytic simulation of soybean and winter wheat crops under different doses of UV-B irradiance
Author(s): Youfei Zheng; Wei Gao; James R. Slusser; Yuhong He; Richard H. Grant
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Short-term responses of barley to changes in ambient levels of UV-B radiation and their role in UV protection
Author(s): Joseph H. Sullivan; Dennis C. Gitz; Ann E. Stapleton; Wei Gao; James R. Slusser
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Duality of solar UV-B radiation and relevant dosimetry: vitamin D synthesis versus skin erythema
Author(s): Irina P. Terenetskaya
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Determination of the received daily visible and UV radiation dose as a function of weather, environment, and activity
Author(s): Katja Huber; Philipp Weihs; Wolfgang Laube; Guenther Schauberger; Alois W. Schmalwieser; Franz Holawe
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Impact of enhanced ultraviolet-B irradiance on maize yield and its seed qualities: a field evaluation
Author(s): Wei Gao; Youfei Zheng; James R. Slusser; Gordon M. Heisler; Douliang He; Jianqiang Xu
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The character of total solar and ultraviolet radiations over Nanjing area
Author(s): Yuhong He; Youfei Zheng; Yangzong Deji; Zhanqing Li
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UV irradiance monitoring and effects of aerosol optical depth on the ground-based measurement of ultraviolet irradiance at Kwangju, Korea
Author(s): Young Joon Kim; Jeong Eun Kim; Seong Yun Ryu; Kehinde Olufunso Ogunjobi
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Feasibility study for joint retrieval of ozone and air density profiles in the mesosphere and upper stratosphere using an ultraviolet limb-scan technique
Author(s): Xia Guo; Daren Lu
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Simultaneous measurements of atmospheric trace gases and atmospheric visibility by DOAS system
Author(s): Jeong Soon Lee; Young Joon Kim
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Tropospheric constituents from direct sun and sky radiance measurements: preliminary results on measurement feasibility
Author(s): Donald F. Heath; David E. Flittner
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Effects of cadmium combined with ultraviolet-B radiation on growth, gas exchange, and stable carbon isotope value (δ13C) in soybean (Glycine max L.)
Author(s): Tuo Chen; Weiya Qiang; Lizhe An; Xunling Wang
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Responses of winter wheat growth and production under subambient UV-B irradiance
Author(s): Chuanhai Wang; Youfei Zheng; Wei Gao; James R. Slusser; Douliang He
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The effects of enhanced UV-B radiation on growth, stomata, flavonoid, and ABA content in cucumber leaves
Author(s): Lizhe An; Jianhui Wang; Yanhong Liu; Tuo Chen; Shijian Xu; Huyuan Feng; Xunling Wang
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Quality assurance of spectral ultraviolet measurements in Europe through the development of a transportable unit (QASUME)
Author(s): Alkiviadis F. Bais; Mario Blumthaler; Julian Gröbner; Gunther Seckmeyer; Ann Ruth Webb; Peter Gorts; Tapani Koskela; Diana Rembges; Stelios Kazadzis; Josef Schreder; Peter Cotton; Peter Kelly; Natalia Kouremeti; Kimo Rikkonen; H. Studemund; Rick Tax; Sigrid Wuttke
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Use of the moving time-window technique to determine surface albedo from TOMS reflectivity data
Author(s): Aapo Tanskanen; Antti Arola; Jukka Kujanpaa
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