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Lidar Remote Sensing for Industry and Environment Monitoring III
Editor(s): Upendra N. Singh; Toshikasu Itabe; Zhishen Liu
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Volume Number: 4893
Date Published: 21 March 2003
Softcover: 64 papers (554) pages
ISBN: 9780819446794

Table of Contents
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CALIPSO mission: spaceborne lidar for observation of aerosols and clouds
Author(s): David M. Winker; Jacques R. Pelon; M. Patrick McCormick
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Urban aerosol spatial variations using a slant-angle scanning Mie lidar system
Author(s): Andrew Y. S. Cheng; Andrew Walton; Johnny C. L. Chan
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Bistatic lidar observation of maritime water cloud particle size
Author(s): Nobuo Sugimoto; Atsushi Shimizu; Ichiro Matsui; Kengo Iokibe; Ryuji Koga
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Lidar measurement of aerosol, ozone, and clouds in Beijing
Author(s): Liquan Yang; Jinhuan Qiu; Siping Zheng; Qilin Xia; Qirong Huang; Wenming Wang; Jidong Pan
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Multiwavelength scanning lidar measurements of the effect of wind speed on marine aerosol fields generated by breaking waves
Author(s): Shiv K. Sharma; Barry R. Lienert; John N. Porter
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Application of Raman lidar advancements in meteorology and air quality monitoring
Author(s): C. Russell Philbrick
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30-km distributed optical fiber Raman photon temperature lidar
Author(s): Zaixuan Zhang; Honglin Liu; Ning Guo; Jianfeng Wang; Xiaobiao Wu; Xiangdong Yu; Haiqi Feng; Insoo S. Kim
Recent upgrades of the rotational vibrational-rotational Raman lidar of RASC, Kyoto University, Japan: first results
Author(s): Andreas Behrendt; Takuji Nakamura; Michitaka Onishi; Toshitaka Tsuda
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Lidar measurements of airborne particulate matter
Author(s): Guangkun Li; C. Russell Philbrick
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Design and laboratory characterization of a highly efficient all-solid-state 200-mJ UV light source for ozone DIAL measurements
Author(s): Darrell J. Armstrong; Arlee V. Smith
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Measurements of liquid water content and trace species in the atmosphere using differential absorption lidar
Author(s): Sohan Lal Jain; B. C. Arya; Arun Kumar
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Development of DIAL for CO2 and CH4 in the atmosphere
Author(s): Michihiro Uchiumi; Nilesh J. Vasa; Makoto Fujiwara; Shigeru Yokoyama; Mitsuo Maeda; Osamu Uchino
Mobile lidar system for air pollution measurement
Author(s): Yinchao Zhang; Huanling Hu; Kun Tan; Shisheng Shao; Xiaoqin Liu; Gaochao Yang; Min Deng; Gaoyong Zhang
Laser risk reduction technology program for NASA's Earth Science Enterprise
Author(s): Frank Peri; William S. Heaps; Upendra N. Singh
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Parametric generation of tunable infrared radiation for remote sensing applications
Author(s): Jirong Yu; Norman P. Barnes; Keith E. Murray; Hyung R. Lee; Yingxin Bai
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Recent advances in solid state lasers and nonlinear optics for remote sensing
Author(s): Peter F. Moulton; Alex Dergachev; Yelena Isyanova; Bhabana Pati; Glen Rines
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High-energy diode-pumped Ho:Tm:LuLiF4 laser for lidar application
Author(s): Mulugeta Petros; Jirong Yu; Songsheng Chen; Upendra N. Singh; Brian M. Walsh; Yingxin Bai; Norman P. Barnes
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Power amplifier for a Q-switched solid state diode-pumped laser operating at 0.946 um
Author(s): Theresa J. Axenson; Norman P. Barnes; Donald J. Reichle
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Double-pass Tm:Ho:YLF amplifier at 2.05 um for spaceborne eye-safe coherent Doppler wind lidar and CO2 differential absorption lidar (DIAL)
Author(s): Songsheng Chen; Jirong Yu; Mulugeta Petros; Upendra N. Singh; Yingxin Bai
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Pole-to-pole: lidar observations of middle and upper atmosphere temperature and polar mesospheric clouds over the North and South Poles
Author(s): Xinzhao Chu; Chester S. Gardner
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Propagation directions of the mesospheric monochromatic inertial gravity waves observed with a lidar at Starfire Optical Range, New Mexico
Author(s): Xiong Hu; Chester S. Gardner; Alan Z. Liu; Gary R. Swenson
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Annual mesospheric midnight winds observed with a lidar at Starfire Optical Range, New Mexico
Author(s): Zhen Zeng; Xiong Hu; Xinzhao Chu; Chester S. Gardner; Alan Z. Liu; Gary R. Swenson
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Long-term DIAL monitoring of the stratospheric ozone vertical distribution
Author(s): Sophie M. Godin-Beekmann; Taejoon Song; Birgit Heese
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Climatology of the upper troposphere with lidar
Author(s): Philippe Keckhut; Gerard Ancellet; Leah Goldfarb; Alain Hauchecorne; Emmanuel Riedinger; Jean-Luc Baray; Bertrand Cadet; Jean Leveau; Tantely Randriambelo; Anne Rechou; Laurent Robert
Sum frequency generation of sodium D2 resonance line for the lidar application of mesopause temperature measurements
Author(s): Takuya D. Kawahara; Tsukasa Kitahara; Fumitoshi Kobayashi; Joji Yamashita; Yasunori Saito; Akio Nomura
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Lidar activity at Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, China
Author(s): Shunsheng Gong; Guotao Yang; Haolin Yang; Xuewu Cheng; Faquan Li; Yang Dai; Xiaoyin Li
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Performance validation and error analysis for a direct-detection molecular Doppler lidar
Author(s): Bruce M. Gentry; Huailin Chen
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Preliminary results of wind measurements by GLOW system in field campaigns
Author(s): Huailin Chen; Bruce M. Gentry
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Development of coherent Doppler lidar at CRL
Author(s): Kohei Mizutani; Toshikasu Itabe; Shoken Ishii; Masahiko Sasano; Tetsuo Aoki; Yuichi Ohno; Kazuhiro Asai
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GroundWinds 2000 field campaign: demonstration of new Doppler lidar technology and wind lidar data intercomparison
Author(s): James G. Yoe; M. K. Rama Varma Raja; R. Michael Hardesty; W. Alan Brewer; Berrien Moore; James M. Ryan; Paul B. Hays; Carl Anthony Nardell; Bruce M. Gentry; Michelle Day; Kenneth Rancourt
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Performance and comparison of 532-nm and 355-nm groundwinds lidars
Author(s): Michael T. Dehring; Carl Anthony Nardell; Jane C. Pavlich; Paul B. Hays; Ivan Dors
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Frequency locking of diode-pumped Nd:YAG lasers with the digital PID method at 532-nm iodine lines in incoherent wind lidar
Author(s): Songhua Wu; Dapeng Sun; Zhishen Liu
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Effect of atmospheric turbulence on laser radar
Author(s): Xiping Cai; Li Ding; Jianbo Liu; Libao Liu; Kexiang Zhang
Aerosol and cloud optical properties measured by a Raman lidar
Author(s): Yonghua Wu; Huanling Hu; Shunxing Hu; Jun Zhou; Guming Yue; Fudi Qi
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Conceptual solutions for optical scanning lag angle of scanning ladar
Author(s): Jianzhong Su; Yuping Cui; Zengzhi Li; Ri Wang; Jinwen Tian
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Fuzzy model for the identification of spilled oils by laser-induced fluorescence
Author(s): Jubai An; Hande Zhang; Carl E. Brown
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Optimization of a CW-pumped passively Q-switched intracavity frequency-doubled solid state laser for micropulse lidar
Author(s): Junqing Meng; Weibiao Chen; Ting Yu; Junwen Cui
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Data processing of laser airborne depth mapping
Author(s): Hongyan Jian; Weibiao Chen; Ying Wang; Chunlin Chu
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Developing of laser airborne depth mapping in China
Author(s): Weibiao Chen; Yutian Lu; Jinxian Li; Hongyan Jian; Xuemei Cui; Shuyong Yin; Ying Wang; Chunlin Chu
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Thulium-doped gadolinium vanadate single crystals for efficient 2-um source of practical use
Author(s): Yoshiharu Urata; Hiroshi Machida; Mikio Higuchi; Kohei Kodaira; Satoshi Wada
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Pulse lidar and preliminary results at ORSI, Qingdao
Author(s): Jinshan Zhu; Xiaoquan Song; Jinjia Guo; Zhishen Liu
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Influence of iodine filter temperature on accuracy of incoherent Doppler lidar measuring wind speed
Author(s): He Yan; Dong Wu; Zhi-Shen Liu
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Continuous lidar observations of Asian dust in Beijing, Nagasaki, and Tsukuba
Author(s): Atsushi Shimizu; Nobuo Sugimoto; Ichiro Matsui; Kimio Arao; Yan Chen
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Quantitative analytical monitoring of aquatic and terrestrial targets with multiwavelength FLS lidars
Author(s): Sergey M. Babichenko; Alexander E. Dudelzak; Larissa Poryvkina
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Aerosol detected by AML-1 mobile lidar system
Author(s): Lujun Yang; Yinchao Zhang; Huanling Hu; Kun Tan; Xiaoqin Liu; Shisheng Shao; Gaochao Yang; Gaoyong Zhang
Atmospheric ozone measured by differential absorption lidar over Hefei
Author(s): Shunxing Hu; Huanling Hu; Yonghua Wu; Jun Zhou; Fudi Qi; Guming Yue
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Coherent Doppler lidar system for airborne measurement: a ground-based experiment of atmospheric wind profiling
Author(s): Shoken Ishii; Kohei Mizutani; Masahiko Sasano; Toshikasu Itabe; Kazuhiro Asai
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Enhancement of aerosols near the cold tropopause in summer over Tibetan Plateau: lidar and balloonborne measurements in 1999 at Lhasa, Tibet, China
Author(s): Yoon-Suk Kim; Takashi Shibata; Yasunobu Iwasaka; Guangyu Shi; Xiuji Zhou; Keiichiro Tamura; Tetsuya Ohashi
Polar mesospheric clouds at the South Pole
Author(s): Xinzhao Chu; Chester S. Gardner; Raymond G. Roble
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Shipborne laser bathymetric system for shallow water depth precision measurement
Author(s): Jianguo Liu; Wen Qing Liu; Fengzhong Dong; Qingnong Wei; Zhicheng Cui
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Application of clock distributor in SLR system
Author(s): You Zhao; Peter Sperber; Tanqiang Wang; Cunbo Fan; Chengzhi Liu; Xinwei Han
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Wind measurement accuracy with incoherent Doppler lidar using an iodine vapor filter
Author(s): Yasukuni Shibata; Chikao Nagasawa; Makoto Abo; Tomohiro Nagai
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Lidar system for investigation of aerosols and cirrus clouds near the equator
Author(s): Stuart McDermid; Thomas J. McGee
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