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Remote Sensing of the Ocean and Sea Ice 2002

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Volume Number: 4880
Date Published: 14 February 2003

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Scatterometer ground processing review for gyroless operations
Author(s): Xavier Neyt; Pauline Pettiaux; Marc P. J. Acheroy
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Validation of the ERS-2 scatterometer ground processor upgrade
Author(s): Pauline Pettiaux; Xavier Neyt; Marc P. J. Acheroy
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Tracking a tropical cyclone with ERS-SCAT: a CMOD4 model review
Author(s): Giovanna de Chiara; Raffaele Crapolicchio; Maurizio Migliaccio; Pascal Lecomte
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New inversion procedure for wind scatterometer data
Author(s): Maurizio Migliaccio; Stefania Marsili; Maurizio Sarti; Massimo Marrazzo
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A European radar altimeter calibration and sea-level monitoring site for Jason-1 and ENVISAT at the island of Gavdos, Crete, Greece
Author(s): Stelios P. Mertikas; Erricos C. Pavlis; Panos Drakopoulos; Kirill Palamartchouk
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Evidence of different regional behaviours in the oceanic response to atmospheric pressure variations and their departures from the hypothetical isostatic response
Author(s): Jesus Gomez-Enri; Pilar Villares; Rafael Jimenez-Garay; Manuel Catalan-Perez-Urquiola; Jerome Benveniste
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Oil spill detection: SAR multiscale segmentation and object features evaluation
Author(s): Kostas Topouzelis; Vassillia Karathanassi; Petros Pavlakis; Dimitris Rokos
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High-resolution lidar fluorescence spectra for the characterization of phytoplankton
Author(s): Iacopo Mochi; Marco Bazzani; Giovanna Cecchi; Costanza Cucci; David Lognoli; Luca Pantani; Valentina Raimondi; Daniele Tirelli; Giancarlo Valmori; Marinella Abbate; Sonia Fontani
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Ocean lidar instrument and measurements
Author(s): Chung San Lin
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Seasonal behavior of the ocean color and its correlation with the physical environment in the West Indian Ocean
Author(s): Giovanni Laneve; Francesco Longo; Carlo Ulivieri; Marco M. Castronuovo
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Spatial dynamics of chlorophyll-a and sea surface temperature in a coastal zone as revealed by high-resolution remote sensing
Author(s): Richard D. Hedger; Tim J. Malthus; Andrew M. Folkard
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Remote sensing of phytoplankton with neural networks
Author(s): Bruno Pelletier
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Retrieval of sea ice geophysical parameters using remote sensing data fusion
Author(s): Mohammed Shokr
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Use of passive remote sensing system for optimum measurement of physical properties for oceans with foam
Author(s): Graciela Velasco Herrera; Victor Manuel Velasco Herrera; Antonio H. Barosio; Valerii K. Volosyuk
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Satellite observations of Saharan dust events in the Mediterranean and its effect on surface phytoplankton biomass
Author(s): Gianluca Volpe; R. Sciarra; G. Liberti; Fabrizio D'Ortenzio; Rosalia Santoleri; A. Papadopopulos; P. Katsafados; G. Kallos
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Synthetic image generation of shallow waters using a parallelized hyperspectral Monte Carlo and analytical radiative transfer model
Author(s): Charles R. Bostater; Gen-Tao Chiang; Lisa H. Huddleston; Manuel Gimond
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Water and land surface satellite-based data for use in the UTC-M mesoscale planetary boundary layer atmospheric model: sea breeze predictions along central Florida using a thermal submodel
Author(s): Charles R. Bostater; Jerome King; Lisa H. Huddleston
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Satellite observation of sharp frontal shear instabilities and surface jets in the Mediterranean Sea
Author(s): R. D'Archino; Francesco Bignami; Emanuele Boehm; E. D’Acunzo; Ettore Salusti
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An iterative algorithm for layered optical remote sensing reflectance modeling of natural waters with depth-dependent aquatic constituent concentrations
Author(s): Charles R. Bostater; Lisa H. Huddleston; Carrie Semmler; John Mieles
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