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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 4858

Particle Astrophysics Instrumentation
Editor(s): Peter W. Gorham
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Volume Number: 4858
Date Published: 3 March 2003
Softcover: 37 papers (380) pages
ISBN: 9780819446374

Table of Contents
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Ultrahigh-energy neutrino at GZK energy: Z-WW showering in dark halo and tau airshowers emerging from the Earth
Author(s): Daniele Fargion
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The LAAS network observation for studying time correlations in extensive air showers
Author(s): Nobuaki Ochi; A. Iyono; Hitoomi Kimura; Takeharu Konishi; Toru Nakamura; Takao Nakatsuka; Soji Ohara; Nobuharu Ohmori; Katsuhiko Saito; Nobusuke Takahashi; Shuhei Tsuji; Tomonori Wada; Isao Yamamoto; Yoshihiko Yamashita; Yukio Yanagimoto
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Search for large-scale coincidences in network observation of extensive air showers
Author(s): Nobuaki Ochi; A. Iyono; Hitoomi Kimura; Takeharu Konishi; Takao Nakatsuka; Soji Ohara; Nobusuke Takahashi; Shuhei Tsuji; Tomonori Wada; Isao Yamamoto; Yoshihiko Yamashita; Yukio Yanagimoto
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Cosmic-ray air-shower thickness timing analyses: expanding a small array's acceptance
Author(s): Michael A. DuVernois
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KASCADE extensive air shower experiment
Author(s): Harald Schieler; T. Antoni; W. D. Apel; F. Badea; K. Bekk; A. Bercuci; M. Bertaina; H. Bulmer; H. Bozdog; I. M. Brancus; C. Buttner; A. Chiavassa; K. Daumiller; C. Marco de Vos; P. Doll; J. Engler; H. Falcke; F. Fessler; P. L. Ghia; H. J. Gils; R. Glasstetter; R. Haeusler; A. Haungs; D. Heck; J. R. Horandel; A. Horneffer; T. Huege; A. Iwan; Karl-Heinz Kampert; G. W. Kant; H. O. Klages; Gert Maier; H. J. Mathes; Helmut J. Mayer; J. Milke; C. Morello; M. Muller; G. Navarra; R. Obenland; J. Oehlschlager; S. Ostapchenko; Mihai Petcu; H. Rebel; M. Risse; M. Roth; G. Schatz; J. Scholz; T. Thouw; G. C. Trinchero; Hermann Ulrich; J. H. Weber; A. Weindl; J. Wentz; J. Wochele; J. Zabierowski; S. Zagromski
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California High School Cosmic Ray Observatory (CHICOS)
Author(s): Robert D. McKeown; J. Gao; M. B. Larson; R. Seki; A. Shoup; Gaurang B. Yodh
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NEMO: a project for the construction of a km3-scale high-energy neutrino telescope in the Mediterranean Sea
Author(s): Antonio Capone
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A search for astronomical neutrino sources with the Super-Kamiokande detector
Author(s): Shigenobu Matsuno
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The Pierre Auger project: an overview
Author(s): Paul M. Mantsch
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Optical calibration of the Auger Fluorescence Telescopes
Author(s): John A. J. Matthews
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The Pierre Auger Observatory surface detector array
Author(s): James J. Beatty
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Pierre Auger Observatory hybrid events: design, analysis, and preliminary results
Author(s): Michael A. DuVernois; Chihwa Song
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Microwave properties of rock salt and limestone for detection of ultrahigh-energy neutrinos
Author(s): Toshio Kamijo; Masami Chiba
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Testbed for measurements of coherent radio Cherenkov emission from cosmic-ray-induced cascades
Author(s): Radovan Milincic; Peter W. Gorham; Shigenobu Matsuno; M. Rosen; David Saltzberg; Gary S. Varner
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Status of goldstone lunar ultrahigh-energy neutrino experiment (GLUE)
Author(s): Peter W. Gorham; Kurt M. Liewer; Radovan Milincic; Charles J. Naudet; David Saltzberg; Dawn Williams
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Limits on the diffuse flux of ultrahigh-energy neutrinos from the RICE experiment
Author(s): J. Adams; Chris Allen; A. Bean; David Z. Besson; D. J. Box; R. Buniy; J. Drees; George M. Frichter; Igor Kravchenko; D. McKay; J. Meyers; T. Miller; L. Perry; L. Piccirillo; John Peter Ralston; S. Razzaque; D. W. Schmitz; David Seckel; S. Seunarine; G. M. Spiczak
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Monte Carlo design studies for a next-generation UHE neutrino observatory located in a large rock salt formation
Author(s): David Saltzberg; David Z. Besson; Peter W. Gorham; Allen C. Odian; Radovan Milincic; Dawn Williams
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Maximizing the information content in thin calorimeters for space and balloon applications
Author(s): Alan Sill; Vladimir Nagaslaev; Richard Wigmans; Nural Akchurin; Ulisse Bravar; Steven Stochaj
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Extreme Universe Space Observatory (EUSO): an innovative space mission target-oriented to extreme energy cosmic ray and neutrino detection
Author(s): Osvaldo Catalano
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Focal surface for the EUSO telescope
Author(s): Hirohiko M. Shimizu; M. Ameri; F. Cadoux; Osvaldo Catalano; C. Chapron; S. Cuneo; Toshikazu Ebisuzaki; Flavio Fontanelli; Valerio Gracco; Philippe Gorodetzky; Yoshiya Kawasaki; P. Musico; Patric Nedelec; T. Patzak; M. Pallavicini; Alessandro Petrolini; E. Plagnol; F. Pratolongo; Mario Sannino; Naoto Sakaki; Yoshiyuki Takahashi; M. Takeda; Yoshiyuki Takizawa; Masahiro Teshima
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Optics for the Extreme Universe Space Observatory (EUSO)
Author(s): Roy M. Young; Yoshi Takahashi
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UV and optical characterization of the EUSO focal plane detectors
Author(s): Emanuele Pace; Gianni Corti; Piero Mazzinghi
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The Cosmic Ray Energetics and Mass (CREAM) experiment timing charge detector
Author(s): James J. Beatty; H. S. Ahn; P. S. Allison; M. J. Choi; N. Conklin; Stephane Coutu; Michael A. DuVernois; O. Ganel; S. Jaminion; K. C. Kim; M. H. Lee; L. Lutz; Pier Simone Marrocchesi; S. Minnick; S. I. Mognet; Kyung-wook Min; S. L. Nutter; H. Park; I. H. Park; K. Petska; E. Schindhelm; Eun-Suk Seo; Simon P. Swordy; J. Wu; J. Yang
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A nw transition radiation detector to detect heavy nuclei around the knee
Author(s): Patrick J. Boyle; Simon P. Swordy; Scott P. Wakely
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Overview of the ANITA project
Author(s): S. W. Barwick; James J. Beatty; David Z. Besson; John M. Clem; Stephane Coutu; Michael A. DuVernois; Paul Arthur Evenson; Peter W. Gorham; Francis L. Halzen; Abram Jacobson; David Kieda; John G. Learned; Kurt M. Liewer; Stephen T. Lowe; Charles J. Naudet; Allen C. Odian; David Saltzberg; David Seckel
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Antarctic impulsive transient antenna (ANITA) instrumentation
Author(s): S. W. Barwick; James J. Beatty; David Z. Besson; John M. Clem; Stephane Coutu; Michael A. DuVernois; Paul Arthur Evenson; Peter W. Gorham; Francis L. Halzen; David Kieda; John G. Learned; Kurt M. Liewer; Shigenobu Matsuno; Charles J. Naudet; David Saltzberg; David Seckel; Gary S. Varner
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Monolithic multichannel GSa/s transient waveform recorder for measuring radio emissions from high-energy particle cascades
Author(s): Gary S. Varner; Peter W. Gorham; Jing Cao
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The FORTE VHF instrument as a high-energy cosmic ray detector
Author(s): Nikolai G. Lehtinen; Peter W. Gorham; Abram R. Jacobson; Robert A. Roussel-Dupre
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Wide-field large-aperture Schmidt camera for the detection of high-energy cosmic rays from space
Author(s): Piero Mazzinghi; Vojko Bratina; Bruno Tiribilli
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MAGIC 2: an ultimate imaging Cherenkov Telescope
Author(s): Martin H. Merck; Eckart Lorenz; Razmik Mirzoyan
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High-resolution charge measurements of UH cosmic ray nuclei using a direct imaging Cherenkov ground-based observatory
Author(s): David Kieda; Simon P. Swordy; Scott P. Wakely; A. Virshup
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Performance of the 10- to 100-GeV gamma ray camera for SUBARU optical-infared telescope
Author(s): Akihiro Asahara; Y. Komiyama; G. Kosugi; Hidetoshi Kubo; S. Miyazaki; M. Mori; M. Nakagiri; D. Nishida; R. Ogasawara; R. Orito; K. Sakurazawa; T. Takata; Toru Tanimori; T. Usuda
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Advanced transient waveform digitizers
Author(s): Stuart Kleinfelder
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The Milagro all-sky TeV gammy ray observatory
Author(s): Constantine Sinnis
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Physics and operation of the AMANDA-II high energy Neutrino Telescope
Author(s): S. W. Barwick; J. Ahrens; X. Bai; T. Becka; K.-H. Becker; D. Bertrand; F. Binon; A. Biron; S. Boser; O. Botner; O. Bouhali; T. Burgess; S. Carius; T. Castermans; D. Chirkin; J. Conrad; J. A. Cooley; D. F. Cowen; A. Davour; C. De Clercq; T. DeYoung; P. Desiati; J.-P. Dewulf; P. Doksus; P. Ekstrom; T. Feser; T. K. Gaisser; M. Gaug; L. Gerhardt; A. Goldschmidt; A. Hallgren; Francis Halzen; K. Hanson; R. Hardtke; T. Hauschildt; M. Hellwig; P. Herquet; G. C. Hill; P. O. Hulth; K. Hultqvist; J. Hundertmark; Janet Jacobsen; A. Karle; L. Kopke; M. Kowalski; Kyler William Kuehn; J. Lamoureux; H. Leich; M. Leuthold; P. Lindahl; J. Madsen; P. Marciniewski; Howard S. Matis; C. P. McParland; Y. Minaeva; P. Miocinovic; R. Morse; R. Nahnhauer; T. Neunhöffer; P. Niessen; David Robert Nygren; Hakki Ogelman; Ph. Olbrechts; C. Pérez de los Heros; A. C. Pohl; P. Buford Price; G. T. Przybylski; K. Rawlins; E. Resconi; W. Rhode; M. Ribordy; S. Richter; J. Rodríguez Martino; D. Ross; H. G. Sander; T. Schmidt; D. Schneider; R. Schwarz; A. Silvestri; M. Solarz; G. M. Spiczak; C. Spiering; D. Steele; P. Steffen; R. G. Stokstad; P. Sudhoff; K. H. Sulanke; I. Taboada; L. Thollander; S. Tilav; C. Walck; C. Weinheimer; C. H. Wiebusch; C. Wiedemann; R. Wischnewski; H. Wissing; K. Woschnagg; Gaurang B. Yodh; S. Young
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The High-Resolution Fly's Eye: status and preliminary results on cosmic ray compositition above 10 (18) eV
Author(s): Pierre Sokolsky
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The ANTARES experiment
Author(s): Teresa Montaruli
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