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Astronomical Data Analysis II
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Volume Number: 4847
Date Published: 19 December 2002
Softcover: 47 papers (474) pages
ISBN: 9780819446268

Table of Contents
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Observed correlations, evolution, and environment dependence of 9000 early-type galaxies in the SDSS
Author(s): Mariangela Bernardi
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Planck data processing centers
Author(s): Fabio Pasian; Jean-François Sygnet
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Spatial statistical analysis of large astronomical datasets
Author(s): Istvan Szapudi
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Detection of compact sources with multifilters
Author(s): D. Herranz; Jose Luis Sanz; R. B. Barreiro; M. Hobson; Enrique Martinez-Gonzalez; J. M. Diego
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Tools to detect non-Gaussianity in nonstandard cosmological models
Author(s): Julio E. Gallegos; Enrique Martinez-Gonzalez; Francisco Argueso; Laura Cayon; Jose Luis Sanz
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Curvelet and wavelet performances to detect cosmological non-Gaussian signatures
Author(s): Jean-Luc Starck; Nabila Aghanim; Olivier Forni
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Clustering statistics in cosmology
Author(s): Vicent Martinez; Enn Saar
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Multiscale geometric analysis for 3D catalogs
Author(s): David L. Donoho; Ofer Levi; Jean-Luc Starck; Vicent Martinez
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Wide-field cosmic shear surveys
Author(s): Yannick Mellier; L. van Waerbeke; Etienne Bertin; I. Tereno; F. Bernardeau
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New algorithms and technologies for the unsupervised reduction of optical/IR images
Author(s): Benoti Vandame
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Multiwavelength data mining of the ISOPHOT serendipity sky survey
Author(s): Manfred Stickel; Dietrich Lemke; Ulrich Klaas; Oliver Krause; R. Vavrek; L. Viktor Toth; Stephan Hotzel
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ISO long-wavelength spectrometer parallel mode
Author(s): Tanya L. Lim; Florence Vivares; Bruce Miles Swinyard; Emmanuel Caux
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Analysis of the galaxy distribution using multiscale methods
Author(s): Philippe Querre; Jean-Luc Starck; Vicent J. Martinez
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Deconvolution of astronomical data: What for and where do we go?
Author(s): Eric Pantin
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Super-Nyquist sampling strategies
Author(s): Barry F. Madore; Wendy L. Freedman
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Deconvolution with a spatially variant PSF
Author(s): Tod Lauer
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Optimization issues in blind deconvolution algorithms
Author(s): Eric Thiebaut
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Monte Carlo methods for x-ray dispersive spectrometers
Author(s): John R. Peterson; J. Garrett Jernigan; Steven M. Kahn
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The MATPHOT algorithm for digital point spread function CCD stellar photometry
Author(s): Kenneth J. Mighell
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Pattern and Transient Removal Algorithms
Author(s): Francisco G. Valdes
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Proper handling of random errors and distortions in astronomical data analysis
Author(s): Nicole Cardiel; Javier Gorgas; Jess Gallego; Angel Serrano; Jaime Zamorano; Maria-Luisa Garcia-Vargas; Pedro Gomez-Cambronero; Jose Manuel Filgueira
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Automatic processing method for astronomical CCD images
Author(s): Binhua Li; Lei Yang; Wei Mao
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Comparison of algorithms for the efficient approximation of heterogeneous multidimensional scientific data
Author(s): Immanuel Freedman
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Toward accurate radial velocities with the fiber-fed GIRAFFE multi-object VLT spectrograph
Author(s): Frederic Royer; Andre Blecha; Pierre North; Gilles Simond; Sebastien Baratchart; Veronique Cayatte; Laurent Chemin; Ralf Palsa
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DASH--distributed analysis system hierarchy
Author(s): Masafumi Yagi; Mizumoto Yoshihiko; Ryusuke Ogasawara; George Kosugi; Tadafumi Takata; Yasuhide Ishihara; Yasunori Yokono; Yasuhiro Morita; Hiroyuki Nakamoto; Noboru Watanabe; Kentaro Ukawa
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Analysis of multispectral radiometric signatures from geosynchronous satellites
Author(s): Tamara E.W. Payne; Stephen A. Gregory; Nina M. Houtkooper; Todd W. Burdullis
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Physical and Statistical Modeling of Saturn's Troposphere
Author(s): Padmavati A. Yanamandra-Fisher; Amy J. Braverman; Glenn S. Orton
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Real-time detection of optical transients with RAPTOR
Author(s): Konstantin N. Borozdin; Steven P. Brumby; Mark C. Galassi; Katherine McGowan; Daniel Starr; Thomas Vestrand; Robert White; Przemek Wozniak; James A. Wren
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Multiresolution filtering and segmentation of multispectral images
Author(s): Fionn D. Murtagh; Christophe Collet; Mireille Louys; Jean-Luc Starck
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Statistical methodology for massive datasets and model selection
Author(s): G. Jogesh Babu; James P. McDermott
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Second-order bibliometric operators in the Astrophysics Data System
Author(s): Michael J. Kurtz; Guenther Eichhorn; Alberto Accomazzi; Carolyn S. Grant; Stephen S. Murray
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Knowledge discovery in bibliographic collections using concept hierarchies and visualization tools: application to the astronomy domain
Author(s): Josiane Mothe; Daniel Egret; Claude Chrisment; Karl-Hans Englmeier; Taoufiq Dkaki; Soizick Lesteven
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New automated classification technique of galaxy spectra with Z<1.2 based on PCA-ODP
Author(s): Dongmei Qin; Zhanyi Hu; Yongheng Zhao
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Classification of AGNs from stars and normal galaxies by surport vector machines
Author(s): Yanxia Zhang; Chenzhou Cui; Yongheng Zhao
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Steps toward the development of an automatic classifier for astronomical sources
Author(s): Carole Thiebaut; Michel Boer; Sylvie Roques
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Bayesian model selection for spatial clustering in 3D surveys
Author(s): Fionn D. Murtagh; C. Donalek; Giuseppe Longo; Roberto Tagliaferri
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Analysis and visualization of multiwavelength spectral energy distributions in the NASA/IPAC extragalactic database (NED)
Author(s): Joseph M. Mazzarella; Barry F. Madore; Judy Bennett; Harold Corwin; George Helou; Anne Kelly; Marion Schmitz; Brian Skiff
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Data mining of large astronomical databases with neural tools
Author(s): Giuseppe Longo; Ciro Donalek; Giancarlo Raiconi; A. Staiano; Roberto Tagliaferri; Salvatore Sessa; Fabio Pasian; Riccardo Smareglia; Alfredo Volpicelli
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Data reduction pipeline for EMIR: a near-IR multi-object spectrograph for the Spainish 10-m telescope
Author(s): Jesus Gallego; Nicolas Cardiel; Angel Serrano; Javier Gorgas; Jaime Zamorano; Francisco Garzon; Cesar-Enrique Garcia-Dabo; Armando Gil de Paz
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Specview: a Java tool for spectral visualization and model fitting of multi-instrument data
Author(s): Ivo Busko
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AIPS++ and the GBT: a layered approach to processing and analysis of single-dish data
Author(s): James Braatz; Joseph McMullin; Robert Garwood; Athol Kemball
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AQUA: a very fast automatic reduction pipeline for near-real-time GRB early afterglow detection
Author(s): Andrea Di Paola; Lucio Angelo Antonelli; Vincenzo Testa; Giorgio Patria
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ISO long-wavelength spectrometer interactive analysis system
Author(s): Tanya L. Lim; Gerard Hutchinson; Sunil D. Sidher; Sergio Molinari; Josephine Chan; Christopher J. Lloyd; Sarah J. Leeks; Edward T. Polehampton; A. S. Harwood; Bruce Miles Swinyard
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New image compression capabilities in CFITSIO
Author(s): William D. Pence
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Data reduction pipeline for OSIRIS, the new NIR diffraction limited imaging field spectrometer for the Keck adaptive optics system
Author(s): Alfred Krabbe; Thomas M. Gasaway; Jason Weiss; James E. Larkin; Matthew Barczys; Andreas Quirrenbach; David LaFreniere
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Sloan digital sky survey 1D spectroscopic pipeline
Author(s): Mark SubbaRao; Josh Frieman; Mariangela Bernardi; Jonathon Loveday; Bob Nichol; Francisco Castander; Avery Meiksin
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Spatial clustering of galaxies in large datasets
Author(s): Alexander Szalay; Tamas Budavari; Andrew Connolly; Jim Gray; Takahiko Matsubara; Adrian Pope; Istvan Szapudi
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