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Specialized Optical Developments in Astronomy
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Volume Number: 4842
Date Published: 30 January 2003
Softcover: 42 papers (424) pages
ISBN: 9780819446213

Table of Contents
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Post-polishing VPH gratings for improved wavefront performance
Author(s): Samuel Charles Barden; Al Camacho; Heidi Yarborough
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Fabrication and testing of large-area VPH gratings
Author(s): Richard D. Rallison; Ruth W. Rallison; LeRoy D. Dickson
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VPHG in the cold
Author(s): Andrea Bianco; Emilio Molinari; Paolo Conconi; Giuseppe Crimi; Enrico Giro; Claudio Pernechele; Filippo Maria Zerbi
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Large-scale DCG transmission holographic gratings for astronomy
Author(s): Pierre-Alexandre Blanche; Serge LM Habraken; Philippe C. Lemaire; Claude A. J. Jamar
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Volume phase holographic (VPH) grisms for optical and infrared spectrographs
Author(s): Gary J. Hill; Marsha J. Wolf; Joseph R. Tufts; Erin C. Smith
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Interference filters and coatings for mid-infrared astronomy (8-30 um)
Author(s): Gary John Hawkins; Roger Hunneman; Richard Sherwood; Barbara M. Barrett
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Fabrication of silicon grisms
Author(s): Fabrizio Vitali; Elena Cianci; Vittorio Foglietti; Dario Lorenzetti
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Grism development for EMIR
Author(s): Ana Belen Fragoso-Lopez; Antonio Manescau; Francisco Garzon; Jesus Patron
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Development of immersion grating for mid-infrared high-dispersion spectrograph for the 8.2-m Subaru telescope
Author(s): Noboru Ebizuka; Shin-ya Morita; Tomoyuki Shimizu; Yutaka Yamagata; Hitoshi Omori; Moriaki Wakaki; Hideomi Kobayashi; Hitoshi Tokoro; Yasuhiro Hirahara
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Characterization of UV-visible filters for the Wide Field Camera 3 of the Hubble Space Telescope
Author(s): Nasrat A. Raouf; John T. Trauger
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Development of a volume phase holographic (VPH) grism for visible to near-infrared instruments of the 8.2-m Subaru telescope
Author(s): Noboru Ebizuka; Keiko Oka; Akiko Yamada; Mami Watanabe; Kayo Shimizu; Kashiko Kodate; Masami Kawabata; Takashi Teranishi; Koji S. Kawabata; Masanori Iye
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Optical glasses and glass ceramics for large optical systems
Author(s): Thorsten Doehring; Peter Hartmann; Hans F. Morian; Ralf Jedamzik
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Recent developments in astronomy at SAGEM
Author(s): Roland Geyl
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Precessions process for efficient production of aspheric optics for large telescopes and their instrumentation
Author(s): David D. Walker; A. T. H. Beaucamp; Richard G. Bingham; David Brooks; Richard Freeman; Sowoon Kim; Andrew King; Gerry McCavana; Roger Morton; David Riley; John Simms
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Development of the SiC ultralight mirror for large space telescope and for extremely huge ground-based telescope
Author(s): Noboru Ebizuka; Yutang Dai; Hiroaki Eto; Weimin Lin; Toshikazu Ebisuzaki; Hitoshi Omori; Thoshikazu Handa; Hideki Takami; Yoshiyuki Takahashi
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Rewritable photochromic focal plane masks
Author(s): Emilio Molinari; Chiara Bertarelli; Andrea Bianco; Fabio Bortoletto; Paolo Conconi; Giuseppe Crimi; Maria Carla Gallazzi; Enrico Giro; Andrea Lucotti; Claudio Pernechele; Filippo Maria Zerbi; Giuseppe Zerbi
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Deposition of durable wideband silver mirror coatings using long-throw low-pressure DC-pulsed magnetron sputtering
Author(s): Jesse D. Wolfe; David M. Sanders; Steve Bryan; Norman L. Thomas
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Prime focus corrector for the Lowell 4-m telescope
Author(s): Daniel R. Blanco; Gordon Pentland; Craig H. Smith; Ted Dunham; Robert L. Millis
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Optical design concept of the 4-m visible and infrared survey telescope for astronomy
Author(s): Eli Atad-Ettedgui; Susan P. Worswick
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Clavius: an operational concept in relay telescopes
Author(s): Michel Paramythioti; Paul-Louis Vinel
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Analysis of scattered light for VISTA
Author(s): Brett A. Patterson; Martyn Wells
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Stray light analysis of the Apache Point Observatory 3.5-m telescope system
Author(s): Stephen M. Pompea; Richard N. Pfisterer; Jeffrey S. Morgan
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Gallery of datacubes obtained with the Livermore imaging Fourier transform spectrometer
Author(s): Ronald E. Wurtz; Edward H. Wishnow; Sebastien Blais-Ouellette; Kem Holland Cook; Bradford P. Holden; Dennis J. Carr; Christopher W. Stubbs
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Preliminary optical design for a 4.0-m f/2.19 prime focus field corrector with a 2.0-degree field of view
Author(s): Harland W. Epps; Michael DiVittorio
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Development of a zodiacal light observation system: WIZARD
Author(s): Masateru Ishiguro; Munetaka Ueno; Fumihiko Usui; Ryosuke Nakamura; Tadashi Mukai; Suk Minn Kwon; Akihiko Miyashita; Kazuhiro Sekiguchi; Masao Nakagiri
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High-S/N high-resolution image slicer observations with UVES
Author(s): Hans Dekker; Poul E. Nissen; Andreas Kaufer; Francesca Primas; Sandro D'Odorico; Reinhard W. Hanuschik
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Cryogenic image slicing IFU for UKIRT: manufacture, alignment, laboratory testing, and data reduction
Author(s): Stephen P. Todd; Martyn Wells; Suzanne K. Ramsay Howat; Peter R. Hastings
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Design, prototypes, and performance of an image slicer system for integral field spectroscopy
Author(s): Christophe Bonneville; Eric Prieto; Pierre Ferruit; Francois Henault; Jean-Pierre Lemonnier; Florence Prost; Roland Bacon; Oliver Le Fevre
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Microslices and low-cost spectrographs for million-element integral field spectroscopy
Author(s): Robert Content; Simon L. Morris; Marc Dubbeldam
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PMAS telescope module: optomechanical design and manufacture
Author(s): Martin M. Roth; Uwe Laux; Andreas Kelz; Frank Dionies
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PMAS fiber module: design, manufacture, and performance optimization
Author(s): Andreas Kelz; Martin M. Roth; Thomas Becker; Svend-Marian Bauer
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System-level simulation of micromirrors for adaptive optics
Author(s): Julien Charton; Zoltan Hubert; Eric Stadler; Wilfrid Schartz; Jean-Luc Beuzit
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Retrofitting focal reducer spectrographs with removable integral field units
Author(s): Ruben Mazzoleni; Filippo Maria Zerbi; Enrico V. Held; Stefano Ciroi; Paolo Conconi; Alberto Fernandez-Soto; Alberto Franceschini; Luigi Guzzo; Emilio Molinari; Piero Rafanelli; Davide Rizzo; Luca Rizzi
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SPIFFI image slicer: high-precision optics at cryogenic temperatures
Author(s): Matthias Tecza; Frank Eisenhauer; Christof Iserlohe; Niranjan A. Thatte; Roberto Abuter; Claudia Roehrle; Juergen Schreiber
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Design and construction of a multiple integral-field unit for 8-m telescopes
Author(s): Deqing Ren; Jeremy R. Allington-Smith; Ray M. Sharples; George N. Dodsworth
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Development of an imaging Fourier transform spectrometer for astronomy
Author(s): Frederic Grandmont; Laurent Drissen; Gilles Joncas
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Analysis of curvature sensing for VISTA
Author(s): Brett A. Patterson; Will J. Sutherland
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Vibration-insensitive interferometric measurements of mirror surface figures under cryogenic conditions
Author(s): James E. Millerd; Neil J. Brock; James W. Baer; Peter T. Spuhler
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Real-time technique for optical alignment of telescopes with segmented optics
Author(s): Michael DiVittorio; John Gathright
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Design of a cryogenic high-accuracy absolute prism refractometer for infrared through far-ultraviolet optical materials
Author(s): Douglas B. Leviton; Bradley J. Frey
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Ritchey-Common test used for measurement of astronomical optic
Author(s): Sen Han; Erik Novak; Mike Schurig
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Optical glasses with high NIR transmission
Author(s): Wenli Xu; Walter Seifert
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