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Future Research Direction and Visions for Astronomy
Editor(s): Alan M. Dressler
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Volume Number: 4835
Date Published: 16 December 2002
Softcover: 21 papers (214) pages
ISBN: 9780819446145

Table of Contents
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Science enabled by a 30-m telescope
Author(s): Joan Najita; Stephen E. Strom
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Scientific potential for interferometric observations of the Galactic Center
Author(s): Andreas Eckart; Nelly Mouawad; Melanie Krips; Christian Straubmeier; Thomas Bertram
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Accretion history of supermassive black holes
Author(s): Amy J Barger
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Mapping the entire universe: a goal for gigapixel arrays, 3D spectro-imagers, and large telescopes
Author(s): John Bally; Steven Kilston
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Abundances in the galactic spheroid from UVES spectra
Author(s): Raffaele G. Gratton
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Steller populations in the nearby universe
Author(s): Wendy Freedman
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Science with Euro50
Author(s): Ralph C. Snel; Arne L. Ardeberg
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Spectra of irradiated giant planets
Author(s): Adam Burrows; David Sudarsky
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Characterizing Earth-like planets with Terrestrial Planet Finder
Author(s): Sara Seager; E. B. Ford; E. L. Turner
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Imaging survey for faint companions with shaped pupil masksl masks
Author(s): Jian Ge; John H. Debes; Anne Watson; Abhijit Chakraborty
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Potential paths in space astronomy over the next 50 years
Author(s): Steven Kilston; John Bally
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Anarctica as a launchpad for space astronomy missions
Author(s): John W. V. Storey; Michael G. Burton; Michael C. B. Ashley
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Selected mission architectures for the Terrestrial Planet Finder (TPF): large, medium, and small
Author(s): Charles A. Beichman; Daniel R. Coulter; Chris Lindensmith; Peter R. Lawson
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NGST and GSMT: first cousins or distant relations?
Author(s): Alan M. Dressler
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Overview of the SuperNova/Acceleration Probe (SNAP)
Author(s): Greg Aldering; Carl W. Akerlof; R. Amanullah; Pierre Astier; E. Barrelet; Christopher Bebek; Lars Bergstrom; John Bercovitz; Gary M. Bernstein; Manfred Bester; Alain Bonissent; Charles Bower; William C. Carithers; Eugene D. Commins; C. Day; Susana E. Deustua; Richard S. DiGennaro; Anne Ealet; Richard S. Ellis; Mikael Eriksson; Andrew Fruchter; Jean-Francois Genat; Gerson Goldhaber; Ariel Goobar; Donald E. Groom; Stewart E. Harris; Peter R. Harvey; Henry D. Heetderks; Steven E. Holland; Dragan Huterer; Armin Karcher; Alex G. Kim; William F. Kolbe; B. Krieger; R. Lafever; James C. Lamoreux; Michael L. Lampton; Michael E. Levi; Daniel S. Levin; Eric V. Linder; Stewart C. Loken; Roger Malina; R. Massey; Timothy McKay; Shawn P. McKee; Ramon Miquel; E. Moertsell; N. Mostek; Stuart Mufson; J. A. Musser; Peter E. Nugent; Hakeem M. Oluseyi; Reynald Pain; Nicholas P. Palaio; David H. Pankow; Saul Perlmutter; R. Pratt; Eric Prieto; Alexandre Refregier; J. Rhodes; Kem Edward Robinson; N. Roe; Michael Sholl; Michael S. Schubnell; G. Smadja; George F. Smoot; Anthony Spadafora; Gregory Tarle; Andrew D. Tomasch; H. von der Lippe; D. Vincent; J.-P. Walder; Guobin Wang
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Scientific promise of the new generation of radio/millimeter/submillimeter ground-based telescopes
Author(s): Robert L. Brown
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Future x-ray missions: the extragalactic perspective
Author(s): Richard F. Mushotzky
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High-resolution IR spectroscopic surveys for protoplanetary systems with silicon immersion gratings
Author(s): Jian Ge; Daniel McDavitt; Shane Miller; Abhijit Chakraborty
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All-sky Doppler extrasolar planet surveys with a multi-object fixed-delay interferometer
Author(s): Jian Ge; Suvrath Mahadevan; Julian C. van Eyken; Curtis DeWitt; Stuart Shacklan
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A new 30 cm three-reflection telescope for wide-field Astronomy on the Antarctic Plateau
Author(s): Domenico Nanni; Roberto F Viotti; M. Badiali; Andrea M. Di Lellis; Marc Ferrari
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Exploring the cosmic dark ages with the next generation of space and ground-based facilities
Author(s): Massimo Stiavelli
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