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Discoveries and Research Prospects from 6- to 10-Meter-Class Telescopes II
Editor(s): Puragra Guhathakurta
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Volume Number: 4834
Date Published: 13 February 2003
Softcover: 38 papers (410) pages
ISBN: 9780819446138

Table of Contents
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The challenge to large optical telescopes from x-ray astronomy
Author(s): Ann E. Hornschemeier
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The synergy between the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and large telescopes
Author(s): Michael A. Strauss
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Bright lights, big city: massive galaxies, giant Ly-alpha nebulae, and protoclusters
Author(s): Willem JM van Breugel; Michiel Armijn Reuland; Willem H. de Vries; Adam Stanford; Arjun Dey; Jaron Kurk; Bram Venemans; Huub J. A. Roettgering; George Miley; Carlos De Breuck; Mike Dopita; Ralph Sutherland; Jonathan Bland-Hawthorn
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Molecular material within 100 pc around the AGN in NGC1068 from ISAAC/VLT observations
Author(s): Emmanuel Galliano; Danielle Alloin
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Dynamical masses of young star clusters in interacting galaxies
Author(s): Sabine Mengel; Matthew D. Lehnert; Niranjan A. Thatte; Reinhard Genzel
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The stellar content of nuclear star clusters in spiral galaxies
Author(s): Torsten Boeker; Roeland P. van der Marel; Joris Gerssen; Jakob Walcher; Hans-Walter Rix; Joseph C. Shields; Luis C. Ho
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Preliminary abundance analysis of Galactic bulge main sequence, subgiant, and giant branch stars observed during microlensing with Keck/HIRES
Author(s): Robert M. Cavallo; Kem Holland Cook; D. Minniti; T. Vandehei
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Probing the phyics of high-z galaxies with the VLT
Author(s): Massimo Stiavelli
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Review of published adaptive optics science: a bright future for adaptive optics
Author(s): Laird Miller Close
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Science at mid-infrared wavelengths with large telescopes
Author(s): Charles M. Telesco; David Ciardi; Chris C. Packham
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Near-infrared spectroscopic survey of brown dwarfs using NIRSPEC on the Keck II Telescope
Author(s): Ian S. McLean
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Evolution of circumstellar disks: lessons from the VLT and ISO
Author(s): Wolfgang Brandner; Andrea Moneti; Hans Zinnecker
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VLT-ISAAC spectroscopy of H2 pure rotational lines: a new tool for investigating protostellar jets
Author(s): Dario Lorenzetti; Teresa Giannini; Brunella Nisini; Fabrizio Vitali; Alessio Caratti o Garatti
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Keck AO observations of Io in and out of eclipse
Author(s): Imke de Pater; Franck Marchis; Bruce A. Macintosh; Henry G Roe; David Le Mignant; James R. Graham
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The EXPLORE project: a deep search for transiting extrasolar planets
Author(s): Howard K. C. Yee; Gabriela Mallen-Ornelas; Sara Seager; Michael Gladders; Timothy X. Brown; Dante Minnitti; Sara Ellison; Guillermo Mallen-Fullerton
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Science objectives and early results of the DEEP2 Redshift Survey
Author(s): Marc Davis; Sandra M. Faber; Jeffrey Newman; Andrew C. Phillips; Richard S. Ellis; Charles C. Steidel; C. Conselice; Alison L. Coil; D. P. Finkbeiner; David C. Koo; Puragra Guhathakurta; B. Weiner; Ricardo Schiavon; C. Willmer; Nicholas Kaiser; Gerard Anthony Luppino; Gregory Wirth; Andrew Connolly; Peter Eisenhardt; M. Cooper; B. Gerke
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Virmos-VLT deep survey (VVDS)
Author(s): Oliver Le Fevre; Gianpaolo Vettolani; Dario Maccagni; D. Mancini; Alain Mazure; Yannick Mellier; Jean Pierre Picat; M. Arnaboldi; S. Bardelli; E. Bertin; G. Busarello; A. Cappi; S. Charlot; Guido Chincarini; S. Colombi; M. Dantel-Fort; S. Foucaud; Bianca Garilli; Luigi Guzzo; A. Iovino; C. Marinoni; G. Mathez; Henry McCracken; Roser Pello; Mario Radovich; V. Ripepi; P. Saracco; Roberto Scaramella; M. Scoreggio; Laurence Tresse; Alessandro Zanichelli; G. Zamorani; E. Zucca
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The K20 survey: new light on the evolution of massive galaxies from deep VLT spectroscopic observations
Author(s): Emanuele Daddi; Andrea Cimatti; Lucia Pozzetti
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Ultradeep near-infrared imaging of HDF-south: rest-frame optical properties of high redshift galaxies
Author(s): Ivo Labbe; Marijn Franx; Gregory Rudnick; Alan F. M. Moorwood; Natascha Foerster Schreiber; Hans-Walter Rix; Lottie van Starkenburg; Peter van Dokkum; Paul P. van der Werf; Huub J. A. Roettgering; Konrad Kuijken
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Evolution of optically and IR-selected galaxies from deep multicolor surveys
Author(s): Emanuele Giallongo; Stefano Cristiani; Sandro D'Odorico; Adriano Fontana; N. Menci; M. Nonino; F. Poli; P. Saracco; E. Vanzella
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Spectromorphology: quantitative multiwavelength classification of galaxies
Author(s): Denis Burgarella; Sebastian Lauger; Veronique Buat
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Observations of faint galaxies with adaptive optics
Author(s): Richard I. Davies; Matthew D. Lehnert; Andrew Baker; Niranjan A. Thatte; Alvio Renzini; Domenico Bonaccini
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Prospects for weak lensing/cosmic shear with the VLTs
Author(s): Yannick Mellier; L. van Waerbeke; Etienne Bertin; I. Tereno; P. Schneider; F. Bernardeau; T. Erben
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The cosmic gamma-ray bursts and their host galaxies in a cosmological context
Author(s): Stan G. Djorgovski; Shrinivas R. Kulkarni; Dale A. Frail; Fiona A. Harrison; Joshua S. Bloom; Edo Berger; P. A. Price; D. Fox; A. M. Soderberg; Titus J. Galama; D. E. Reichart; Re'em Sari; S. A. Yost; Ashish Mahabal; S. M. Castro; Robert Goodrich; Frederic H. Chaffee
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Science with the VLT
Author(s): Hans-Walter Rix
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Science with IMACS on Magellan
Author(s): Alan M. Dressler; Brian M. Sutin; Bruce C. Bigelow
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Science drivers and first-generation instrumentation for the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT)
Author(s): David A. H. Buckley; John B. Hearnshaw; Kenneth H. Nordsieck; Darragh O'Donoghue
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Science capabilities of the VERITAS array of 10-m imaging atmospheric Cherenkov gamma-ray detectors
Author(s): David Kieda; S. D. Biller; Patrick Boyle; I. H. Bond; S. M. Bradbury; James H. Buckley; D. A. Carter-Lewis; Stephen Criswell; W. Cui; P. Dowknott; C. Duke; A. Falcone; D. J. Fegan; S. J. Fegan; John P. Finley; L. Fortson; J. A. Gaidos; S. Gammell; K. Gibbs; A. H. Hillas; J. Holder; D. Horan; M. Kertzman; J. Knapp; F. Krennrich; S. LeBohec; J. Lloyd-Evans; P. Moriarity; D. Moeller; P. Ogden; Rene A. Ong; D. Petry; J. Quinn; P. T. Reynolds; H. J. Rose; M. Schroedter; J. D. Smith; G. H. Sembrowski; Simon P. Swordy; V. V. Vassiliev; Scott P. Wakely; G. Walker; Trevor C. Weekes; J. Hall
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Scientific results with the Subaru Telescope
Author(s): Masanori Iye
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AO observations of three powerful radio galaxies
Author(s): Willem H. de Vries; Willem JM van Breugel; Andreas Quirrenbach
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Io: the movie
Author(s): David Le Mignant; Franck Marchis; Shui Hung Kwok; Paola Amico; Randy D. Campbell; Frederic H. Chaffee; Albert Conrad; Adam R. Contos; Robert Goodrich; Grant M. Hill; David Sprayberry; Paul J. Stomski; Peter L. Wizinowich; Imke de Pater
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When did the Hubble sequence appear?: Subaru observations of distant field and cluster galaxies
Author(s): Toru Yamada
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VLT-ISAAC observations of massive star-forming regions
Author(s): Bringfried Stecklum; Thomas F. E. Henning; Daniel Apai; Hendrik Linz
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Searching high-z Ly alpha emitters
Author(s): Jean Gabriel Cuby; Oliver Le Fevre; Henry McCracken; Jean-Charles Cuillandre; Eugene Magnier; Roberto Gilmozzi; Alan F. M. Moorwood; Paul P. van der Werf; Baptiste Meneux
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Phoenix spectrograph at Gemini South
Author(s): Kenneth Harry Hinkle; Robert D. Blum; Richard R. Joyce; Nigel Sharp; Stephen T. Ridgway; Nicole S. van der Bliek; B. Rogers; V. Smith; J. Valenti
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Keck near-infrared observations of the Orion proplyds: initial results
Author(s): Ralph Y. Shuping; Jennifer Patience; John Bally; Mark Morris; James E. Larkin; Bruce A. Macintosh
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The TOOT survey and the largest structure in the universe
Author(s): Gary J. Hill; Joseph R. Tufts; Marcel Bergmann; Steve Rawlings; Katherine Brand
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Physical studies of Kuiper-Belt objects: an ESO VLT/NTT large program
Author(s): Hermann Boehnhardt; A. Barucci; A. Delsanti; Elisabetta Dotto; M. Lazzarin; G. P. Tozzi; J. Romon; A. Doressoundiram; N. Peixinho; John K. Davies; Olivier Hainaut; C. de Bergh; L. Barrera; K. Birkle; K. Meech; J. L. Ortiz; P. Rousselot; T. Sekiguchi; Nicolas Thomas; J. Watanabe; Richard M. West; Marcello Fulchignoni
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