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Polarization Measurement, Analysis, and Applications V

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Volume Number: 4819
Date Published: 25 September 2002

Table of Contents
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Stokes polarimeter using two photoelastic modulators
Author(s): Baoliang Bob Wang; Jennifer List; Richard R. Rockwell
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Characterization of linear diattenuator and retarders using a two-modulator generalized ellipsometer (2-MGE)
Author(s): Gerald E. Jellison; C. Owen Griffiths; David Eugene Holcomb; Christopher M. Rouleau
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Measurement of small birefringence in sapphire and quartz plates
Author(s): Dennis H. Goldstein; Lynn L. Deibler; Baoliang Bob Wang
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Angular distribution of Zeeman photon pairs in a highly scattering medium
Author(s): Hsiu-Fong Chang; Yi-Shin Chan; Jenq-Nan Yih; Hon-Fai Yau; Jen-Chuen Hsieh; Chien Chou
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Experimental and numerical analysis of polarized light through random distributed spherical particles
Author(s): Urachada Ketprom; Yasuo Kuga; Sermsak Jaruwatanadilok; Akira Ishimaru
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E-type polarizers and retarders
Author(s): Pavel I. Lazarev; Michael Paukshto
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Extending optimization to active Mueller polarimeters
Author(s): J. Scott Tyo
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Wavelet image processing applied to laser beam propagation in polarized optical waveguides
Author(s): Katharine J. Jones
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Imaging techniques through discrete scattering media by polarized pulse waves
Author(s): Sermsak Jaruwatanadilok; Akira Ishimaru; Yasuo Kuga
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Use of detectors with photoelastic modulators
Author(s): Theodore C. Oakberg; Amanda J. Bryan
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Automated registration of polarimetric imagery using Fourier transform techniques
Author(s): Christopher M. Persons; David B. Chenault; Michael W. Jones; Kevin Deane Spradley; Michael G. Gulley; Craig Alan Farlow
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Polarization measurements of the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) emission following excitation and ionization-excitation of helium by fast electron, proton, and molecular hydrogen (H2+ and H3+) impact
Author(s): Hocine Merabet; Reinhard F. Bruch; Stephan Fuelling; K. Bartschat; Alexander Godunov; James H. McGuire; A. N. Grum-Grzhimailo
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Infrared polarization in the natural Earth environment
Author(s): Joseph A. Shaw
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First results derived with a new sensor module for hyperspectral polarimetric measurements
Author(s): Thomas Ruhtz; Eyk Boesche; Marc Schroeder; Juergen Fischer
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Passive IR polarization measurements applied to rough surfaces consisting of cenosphere particles covered with gold
Author(s): Goeran Forssell; Eva Hedborg-Karlsson
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Polarization-entangled twin-photon ellipsometry
Author(s): Kimani C. Toussaint; Ayman F. Abouraddy; Matthew T. Corbo; Alexander V. Sergienko; Bahaa E. A. Saleh; Malvin C. Teich
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Surface plasmon resonance imaging system with Mach-Zehnder phase-shift interferometry for DNA micro-array hybridization
Author(s): Feng-Ming Hsiu; Shean-Jen Chen; Chien-Hung Tsai; Chia-Yuan Tsou; Y.-D. Su; G.-Y. Lin; K.-T. Huang; Jin-Jung Chyou; Wei-Chih Ku; S.-K. Chiu; C.-M. Tzeng
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Multi-experiment linear data analysis for ATR biosensors
Author(s): Jin-Jung Chyou; Shean-Jen Chen; Chih-Sheng Chu; Chien-Hung Tsai; Fan-Ching Chien; G.-Y. Lin; K.-T. Huang; Wei-Chih Ku; S.-K. Chiu; C.-M. Tzeng
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Polarization transfer function in scope of the Mueller matrix formalism: properties and measurement
Author(s): Sergey N. Savenkov
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Sensitive measurements of two-dimensional birefringence distributions using near-circularly polarized beam
Author(s): Michael I. Shribak; Rudolf Oldenbourg
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Polarimetric characterization of gold and silver mirrors
Author(s): Judy A. Fennelly; James A. McAdoo; Dennis H. Goldstein; David B. Chenault
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