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Atmospheric Radiation Measurements and Applications in Climate
Editor(s): Joseph A. Shaw

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Volume Number: 4815
Date Published: 5 September 2002

Table of Contents
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Ground- and aircraft-based cirrus cloud measurements using lidar and high-spectral-resolution FTS during the AFWEX 2000 field campaign
Author(s): Daniel H. DeSlover; David Turner; David N. Whiteman; William L. Smith
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Signature of cloud-base-height skewness in ARM microwave water radiometer data: implications for cloud radiative parameterizations in GCMs
Author(s): Christopher A. Jeffery; Anthony B. Davis
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Measuring Arctic clouds with the infrared cloud imager
Author(s): Joseph A. Shaw; Erik Edqvist; Hector E. Bravo; Kohei Mizutani; Brentha Thurairajah
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Development of optical MEMS CO2 sensors
Author(s): Mark P. McNeal; Nicholas Moelders; Martin U. Pralle; Irina Puscasu; Lisa Last; William Ho; Anton C. Greenwald; James T. Daly; Edward A. Johnson; Thomas George
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Measurements of atmospheric water vapor above Mauna Kea using an infrared radiometer
Author(s): David A. Naylor; Ian M. Chapman; Bradley G. Gom
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Unattended spectrometer and lidar for measuring atmospheric radiation at Mauna Loa, Hawaii
Author(s): Joseph A. Shaw; John J. Bates; Raul J. Alvarez; Hector E. Bravo; Janet M. Intrieri; Brandi McCarty; Scott Sandberg; L. Larrabee Strow
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Variability across the ARM SGP area by temporal and spatial scale
Author(s): Charles N. Long; Thomas P. Ackerman; Jason E. Christy
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Data and signal processing of rotating shadowband spectroradiometer (RSS) data
Author(s): Piotr W. Kiedron; Lee Harrison; Joseph J. Michalsky; James A. Schlemmer; Jerry L. Berndt
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Blue twilight in a simple atmosphere
Author(s): Philip A. Ekstrom
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Experimental errors in sun-sky radiometer measurements
Author(s): Monica Campanelli; Claudia Di Carmine; Bruno Olivieri
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Improving multichannel radiometer calibration and data quality
Author(s): Susana B. Diaz; Charles Rockwell Booth; Guillermo Deferrari; Carolina Camilion; James Robertson
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Arctic climate and its change revealed by surface and cloud properties and radiation fluxes based on the AVHRR Polar Pathfinder data set
Author(s): Xuanji Wang; Jeffrey R. Key
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Long-term monitoring of surface reflectance, NDVI, and clouds from space: What contribution can we expect due to the effect of instrument spectral response variations?
Author(s): Alexander P. Trishchenko; Josef Cihlar; Zhanqing Li; Byongjun Hwang
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Monitoring atmospheric ozone during a vehicle-free day with a mid-infrared CO2-TEA laser-dial system
Author(s): Taieb Gasmi
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Active probing of cloud multiple scattering, optical depth, vertical thickness, and liquid water content using wide-angle imaging lidar
Author(s): Steven P. Love; Anthony B. Davis; Charles A. Rohde; Larry Tellier; Cheng Ho
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Some results of turbulence structure in the atmospheric boundary layer by remote sensing
Author(s): Ningquan Weng; Liming Xiao; Yingjian Wang; Zhiben Gong
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