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Superconducting and Related Oxides: Physics and Nanoengineering V
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Volume Number: 4811
Date Published: 7 November 2002
Softcover: 28 papers (306) pages
ISBN: 9780819445797

Table of Contents
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Theory of high-Tc superconductivity in layered cuprates
Author(s): Alexei A. Abrikosov
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Enhanced superconductivity near the metal-insulator transition
Author(s): Michael S. Osofsky; Robert J. Soulen; J. H. Claassen; Huengsoo J. Kim; James S. Horwitz
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Energy scales of the excitations associated with superconductivity: an analysis of the infrared and visible in-plane response of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8
Author(s): A. F. Santander-Syro; Ricardo P. S. M. Lobo; Nicole Bontemps; Z. Z. Konstantinovic; Z. Z. Li; H. Raffy
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Count rates and structure factors in anomalous soft x-ray scattering from cuprate superconductors
Author(s): Peter M. Abbamonte; L. Venema; A. Rusydi; G. Logvenov; Ivan Bozovic; George A. Sawatzky
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Probing the limits of superconductivity
Author(s): Douglas R. Strachan; Matthew C. Sullivan; Christopher J. Lobb
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Ferroelasticity and disorder in HTSC
Author(s): Jan Alexander Jung; M. Abdelhadi
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Nanostructure in the La2CuO4-based superconductors
Author(s): Edward A. Stern; Daniel Haskel
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Electronic properties of high-temperature superconducting thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
Author(s): M. Abrecht; Daniel Ariosa; D. Cloetta; Giorgio Margaritondo; Davor Pavuna
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Ferromagnetic superconducting thin films: physics and technological aspects
Author(s): Hanns-Ulrich Habermeier; G. Cristiani
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Artificial high-temperature superconducting structures
Author(s): C. Aruta; Giusepe Balestrino; S. Lavanga; P. G. Medaglia; P. Orgiani; Antonello Tebano
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(119) Bi-2223 thin films grown by MOCVD on (100) NdGaO3 and (110) SrTiO3
Author(s): Kazuhiro Endo; P. Badica
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Phase control in La-214 epitaxial thin films
Author(s): Michio Naito; Akio Tsukada; Tine Greibe; Hisashi Sato
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Epitaxial strain effects on superconducting and transport properties of La2-xSrxCuO4+deltasign
Author(s): Xiaoxing Xi; Weidong Si; X. H. Zeng; A. Soukiassian; C. L. Jia; K. Urban
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Carrier relaxation dynamics in high-temperature superconductors
Author(s): Jure Demsar; Dragan Mihailovic; Viktor V. Kabanov
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Femtosecond optical studies of cuprates
Author(s): Michael L. Schneider; S. Rast; Marshall Onellion; Jure Demsar; Antoinette J. Taylor; Yu D. Glinka; Norman H. Tolk; Yuhang Ren; Gunter Luepke; A. Klimov; Ying Xu; Roman Sobolewski; Weidong Si; X. H. Zeng; A. Soukiassian; Xiaoxing Xi; M. Abrecht; Daniel Ariosa; Davor Pavuna; Recardo Manzke; J. O. Printz; D. K. Parkhurst; K. E. Downum; P. Guptasarma; Ivan Bozovic
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Local and global effects of quantum impurities on the quasi particle tunneling spectra of p-type and n-type cuprate superconductors
Author(s): Nai-Chang Yeh; Ching-Tzu Chen; Richard P. Vasquez; Chang Uk Jung; J. Y. Kim; Min-Seok Park; Heon-Jung Kim; Sung-Ik Lee; K. Yoshida; Setsuko Tajima
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Tunneling studies on the energy gap evolution of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+8
Author(s): Migaku Oda; Naoki Momono; Masayuki Ido
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Phonon contribution to high-Tc superconductivity: tunneling study of slightly overdoped Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8
Author(s): Nobuo Tsuda; Makoto Saitoh; Daisuke Shimada
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Spin-polarized currents in superconducting films
Author(s): Milos Bozovic; Zoran Radovic
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Example of how an unconventional order parameter symmetry may open new perspectives in the design of HTS Josephson junctions
Author(s): Francesco Tafuri; Filomena Lombardi; F. Miletto Granozio; F. Carillo; Fabrizio Riccia; U. Scotti di Uccio; A. C. Barone; J. R. Kirtley
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Field effect and ferroelectric field effect in correlated oxide films
Author(s): D. Matthey; S. Gariglio; C. H. Ahn; Jean-Marc Triscone
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Atomic scale structure-property relationships of defects and interfaces in novel oxide thin films
Author(s): Susanne Stemmer
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New magnetic semiconductors CuCr1.5+xSb0.5-xS4 (0< x <0.3)
Author(s): Dilaram Saifullaeva; Shahlo Solieva; Asamat Muminov
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Nanoscale study of polarization phenomena in Pb(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O3 thin films
Author(s): Thomas Tybell; Patrycja Paruch; Charles H. Ahn; Jean-Marc Triscone
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Thermoelectric power of Pr0.5Sr0.5MnO3 with Ru substitution at the Mn site
Author(s): Jun Sung Kim; Dong Chul Kim; G. C. McIntosh; B. J. Kim; Y. C. Kim; A. Maignan; Bernard Raveau; YungWoo Park
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Fabrication and femtosecond photoresponse studies of MgB2 superconducting thin films
Author(s): Ying Xu; Marat Khafizov; Andrej Plecenik; Peter Kus; Leonid Satrapinsky; Roman Sobolewski
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Nature of vortex pinning in the MgB2 superconductor
Author(s): Kijoon H.P. Kim; Mun-Seog Kim; C. U. Jung; Min-Seok Park; Won Nam Kang; Sung-Ik Lee
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Coexistence of superconductivity and weak ferromagnetism in Eu2-xCexRuSr2Cu2O10-y
Author(s): Israel Felner
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