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Sol-Gel Optics VI
Editor(s): Edward J. A. Pope; Helmut K. Schmidt; Bruce S. Dunn; Shuichi Shibata

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Volume Number: 4804
Date Published: 23 October 2002

Table of Contents
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Effect of annealing tmeperature on physical properties of thin epitaxial PZT films on STO/Si substrates
Author(s): Steven M. Smith; A. A. Talin; Steven Voight; Andy Hooper; Diana Convey
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BaTiO3 thin films fabricated by sol-gel process
Author(s): Daniel Hernandez Cruz; Roger A. Lessard
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Influence of water on the electrochemical properties of CeO2-TiO2 sol-gel coatings and electrochromic devices
Author(s): Dong Lan Sun; Joerg Puetz; Sabine Heusing; Michel Andre Aegerter
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Thick CeO2-TiO2 sol-gel coatings for Li-ion storage electrode in electrochromic devices
Author(s): Kyo-Sook Choi; Sabine Heusing; Michel Andre Aegerter
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Characterization of nonsensitized and Ru(II)-sensitized sol-gel Nb2O5 electrodes by impedance spectroscopy
Author(s): Ye Ping Guo; Sabine Heusing; Michel Andre Aegerter
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Photostability of laser emission from dye-doped spherical particles
Author(s): Shuichi Shibata; Akinori Araya; Tetsuji Yano; Masayuki Yamane
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High photoluminescence in a new nanocrystalline active phase: YETO
Author(s): Pierre Rene Jenouvrier; Michel Langlet; Jochen Fick
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Stimulated emission from spherical particles: thermal stability of PTES-derived hybrid materials
Author(s): Tetsuji Yano; Takahiro Kitajima; Akinori Araya; Shuichi Shibata
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Sol-gel antireflective spin-coating process for large-size shielding windows
Author(s): Philippe F. Belleville; Philippe Prene; Francoise Mennechez; Christian Bouigeon
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Transparent conducting coatings on glass tubes
Author(s): Joerg Puetz; F. N. Chalvet; Michel Andre Aegerter
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Investigation of zirconia-germania glasses and solids prepared by sol-gel technique
Author(s): Elena V. Frolova; Valerij S. Gurin; Lyudmila S. Ivashkevich; Vadim V. Sviridov
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Sol-gel films doped with semiconductor nanocrystals for optical applications
Author(s): Alessandro Martucci; Massimo Guglielmi; Jochen Fick; Mike L. Post
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Enzyme-doped thin films and optical fiber sensors for glutamate
Author(s): Jenna L. Rickus; Allan J. Tobin; Jeffrey I. Zink; Bruce S. Dunn
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Fabrication and characterization of Sb-doped Sn02 thin films derived from methacrylic-acid-modified tin(IV)alkoxides
Author(s): Terho K. Kololuoma; Ari Tolonen; Leena-Sisko Johansson; Joseph M. Campbell; Ari H. O. Karkkainen; Marianne Hiltunen; Tomi Haatainen; Juha T. Rantala
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Spectral hole-burning of rare-earth ions doped in AL2O3-SiO2 glass
Author(s): Masayuki Nogami; Kazuhiro Suzuki
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Rare-earth-doped synthetic opals and inverse opals
Author(s): Luciano A. Bueno; Roberto Bertholdo; Djalma A. Barros Filho; Younes Messaddeq; Sidney J. L. Ribeiro
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